UpCity Growth Hacking Giveaway

Enter today for a chance to win a 12-month agency marketing program worth more than $30,000.

Submissions are closed!

Thank you to all agencies who submitted to our Growth Hacking Giveaway. The winner will be announced on November 8th. Check back for updates!

What is the Growth Hacking Giveaway?

UpCity’s Growth Hacking Giveaway gives our agency partners a chance to win up to $30,000 worth of (free!) marketing over the next 12 months. Our growth marketing professionals will work with the winning agency to develop a funnel of engaged customers and, ultimately, drive new sales.

Is My Agency Eligible?

The giveaway is available to all UpCity Top Local Agency partners who meet the following criteria:

Agency Focus

At least 50% of your business must be small & medium businesses.

At least 50% of your business must be local clients.

Agency Location

You must be in a market with a population greater than 100,000.

You must be based in the United States.

Agency Size & History

Your agency must have at least 1 dedicated sales resource.

Your agency must have at least one year of established business history.

Agency Services

Your agency must offer at least one digital marketing service.

These can include SEO, PPC, Web Design, etc.

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What Does the Program Include?

We have a lot of tools in our growth marketing toolbox. That said, not every tool is right for every situation. We will work with the winning agency to develop a custom marketing plan designed to find engaged customers and drive revenue.

Here are a few of the strategies we’re likely to employ:

Search Engine Optimization

Pay Per Click Advertising

Conversion Optimization

Content Marketing

Lead Management


Social Media Marketing


UpCity will also feature the winning agency on our blog monthly, following your story and sharing your successes and triumphs as the growth program progresses.

What's the Deadline to Apply?

Take note of the following important dates for our Growth Hacking Giveaway Program:

November 1: Deadline for Entry

In order to be considered for the drawing, your completed entry form must be submitted by the end of October.

November 2-7: Application Review

Our team will verify all entries to ensure they fit all of the qualifications outlined above.

Note: This may include an interview phone call to gather further information.

November 8: Agency Drawing

An agency will be selected at random from the applicants who fit our guidelines, and the winner will be announced on the UpCity blog.

December 1: Campaign Begins

The winning agency's growth hacking campaign will officially begin on December 1, 2017.