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UpCity Agency Certification Explained

Creating and maintaining an agency profile in the UpCity Marketplace is always free. For agencies who want to get even more out of their profile and listings, including increased visibility and additional partner features, we offer agency certification at varying tiers.

What is Agency Certification?

Certification allows agencies increased visibility opportunities on lists across our Marketplace. Some of the ways an agency can benefit from certification are preferred placement on lists, and special certification badges denoting agency status on lists and profiles.

When viewing a list in our Marketplace, the default sorting you will see is 'Certified', which gives preference to agencies with a certification package. All certified agencies are denoted with the UpCity Certified Badge:

Business Owners and visitors to the Marketplace can also choose to sort our lists using one of four other sorting options: UpCity Rating, Review Count, Average Review Score, and Alphabetical.

If there are no certified agencies shown on a given list, the list sorting will always default to UpCity Rating.

How is my Agency Certification Tier Determined?

Your Agency's Certification Tier is determined by the number of lists your agency is certified for, the size of the local market your agency occupies, and the services that your agency offers.

Depending on these factors, an agency will fall into one of five certification tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, with Diamond being the highest possible tier.

All agencies listed in the UpCity Marketplace undergo the same evaluation and eligibility process, regardless of certification status. Detailed information about our evaluation can be found on our methodology page.
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Agency Certification FAQs

How long does it take to see benefits from my certified listing?

As a general rule of thumb, the longer your agency listing is certified, the more visibility and activity you will see within the marketplace.

The geographic location of your agency and the popularity of the services your agency is certified for also play a major role in the amount of activity your profile receives.

Can my agency be certified on multiple lists?

Absolutely, as long as your agency fits the editorial guidelines for the lists you wish to be certified on.

This includes, but is not limited to, a physical presence in the local market for a given list, and the offering of services pertinent to a given list.

For more details, please see our methodology page.

Does my certification level guarantee a position on a list?

Because our lists and agencies are updated periodically, we cannot predict or guarantee a specific placement on a list.

However, the certification tiers allow you visibility into what bracket your agency will fall into, with your list position falling within the tiering schedule outlined above.