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I had the privilege of observing Alex's outstanding service to the board of directors and audiences of the International Association of Business Communicators' London Chapter (IABC London) in my capacity as the 2019-2020 chapter President. Alex reported to the board as our in-house Digital Content Liaison. To say that Alex positively transformed the online and social media presence of IABC London is selling him short. I speak with no hyperbole in stating that Alex was absolutely essential to the success of our chapter this year. In just one year, Alex helped us grow our total audience size by 16%! In addition to managing the chapter's social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, he successfully launched an engaging Instagram account for us, which almost instantly gained nearly 250 followers. He also successfully implemented a social media scheduling plan using Hootsuite as a platform. Over and above the call of duty, Alex volunteered to film interviews this year with IABC's past presidents in celebration of the chapter's 40th anniversary. Alex ended up filming more than 20 interviews: a significant contribution of time and skill. On top of his skill and service, Alex's collegiality and very friendly demeanor have been a refreshing pleasure to work with this year. He has served as a trusted brand ambassador both in our online sphere and in person at events as well. He demonstrated the utmost professionalism in his role, and could be trusted with the keys to our online brand voice. He is a deeply committed professional with skills and personality to match. I enthusiastically endorse Alex and wish him success in future endeavors. ~Andrew Kaszowski
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Business Summary:
AL Media provides murals and video services to medium-sized social enterprises and environmental organizations that are struggling to expand their positive impact through marketing efforts. Through our Creative Storytelling Process, we're able to bring your company's unique mission to life!
Business Services | E-Commerce | Entertainment | Non-Profit | Startups | Travel
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