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Congratulations, your online marketing just got a new lead to opt-in! A visitor came to your website, liked what they saw, and converted on your offer. They are loving you, they just gave you their contact details and WANT you to sell to them…

…but the only thing your Thank You page design tells them is that you’ll be in touch soon. You just took your customer to a dead end when they were most excited to hear from you.

If your page looks something like the example below, then the experience I just described is exactly why your Thank You page stinks.

Optimizing Your Confirmation Page

Let’s start by outlining the three things a Thank You or confirmation page needs to do:

  1. Confirm the conversion. The Thank You page should confirm in the mind of your new convert that they have successfully subscribed, purchased, donated, etc.
  2. Tracking goal. In your website analytics, when a visit is registered to a Thank You page, this counts as a goal met.
  3. Make another offer. The Thank You page is often the most effective place to make the next offer in your funnel.

Today we’re going to focus on #3, but #1 and #2 are clearly important as well.

The first thing you need to think through is the next step you want your visitor to take once they reach your page. If you’re in the B2B space and doing lead generation, then you likely have a lead nurturing process. The prospect probably joined your list through content marketing to get an ebook, case study, or whitepaper or got on your email list to learn about you. The next step is for them to schedule a sales call, so the download page should include an “upsell” to move through your sales funnel to that next step.

If you’re an e-commerce business, you can upsell the customer by offering additional “recommended products” to increase their cart value as well as enhance the user experience (don’t you want to be reminded to buy batteries for your new electronics purchase?). Few are better at this than Amazon; pay attention to it the next time you’re shopping there. When the customer is already in the “buying mood” with their credit card out getting them to add another item or an upgrade is much easier.

'When the customer is already in the 'buying mood' with their credit card out getting them to add another item or an upgrade is much easier.' - Ryder Meehan, Upgrow Click To Tweet

Keep social media sharing in mind for your confirmation page with one-click share buttons. The user wants to further validate their decision to connect with you; use social sharing to give them an easy way to blast it out to their network. The more followers you gain, the more social proof you have to grow even more.

Those are just a few of the common strategies for maximizing your conversion rate with Thank You page examples. To go more deeply into the specifics of a high-performing landing page, here are some great examples for inspiration to boost post-conversion conversions!

1. Net-a-Porter

Net-a-Porter uses the Thank You page for email subscribers to collect more data on them. Most users wouldn’t fill out all those fields if they asked up front, but by putting them on the confirmation page, Net-a-Porter doesn’t lose on conversion rate on the signup page but does get the user data on those willing to give it on step two. It’s a win-win!

2. use a limited time discounted offer on related products. This takes advantage of the customers “buying mood” and urgency since the offer is available only during this checkout session.

3. smartly emails the downloaded asset instead of putting it on the confirmation page. This ensures the user gives a valid email address and also allows them to present a paid offer “while you wait” to receive the email.

4. Barack Obama ‘08

Even going back to 2008, when Barack Obama famously used digital marketing very effectively. He had a strong Thank You page for users that joined the email newsletter that encouraged them to donate and campaign for him.

5. Litmus

Litmus uses the most common software upsell of turning downloaders into sales leads. Once they have the prospect’s contact details so email marketing can kick in, they go ahead and leave an easy opt-in button to start their free trial. The user already gave up their email, so what do they have to lose by starting the free trial?

Think about how you can do more with your Thank You page to promote the buyer’s journey even before your email marketing follow-up program kicks in!

Ryder Meehan
Co-Founder & CEO at

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