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Background on Symbols of Trust

If customers are going to subscribe, purchase, or share information, they need to know that you a reputable and trustworthy company. Make them as comfortable as possible by incorporating “Trust Symbols” to your website. Trust symbols are forms of review or accreditation on your site that demonstrate the quality of your product or service. Adding these symbols help in establishing a positive reputation for your business, especially when coming from third-party authority figures.

Trust Symbols aren’t going to automatically increase sales or subscription rates upon implementation, but will go a long way towards establishing trust with your customers. It is important to remember that reputation management is both passive and active for businesses.  Things like an accreditation badge or a high quality website are just a couple of many top examples of trust symbols.

Here are five forms of trust symbols you can incorporate into your website:

  1. Business – These trust symbols mostly revolve around various business groups with which you can be involved. Although Better Business Bureau is one of the most significant, be sure to join other relevant business groups for additional influence.

  2. SecurityVerisign, Truste, and McAfee Secure are some of the top online security authorities on the web. In these cases, you might have to apply for a badge. Displaying these badges demonstrates that you are using these tools and actively protecting your customers’ information.

  3. Customer Reviews –  Customer reviews and testimonials are some of the most common forms of establishing trust online. Whether they are from a third-party website like Yelp, or messages sent to you by customers, it’s beneficial to emphasize them for your business.

  4. Awards – These badges specifically promote the quality of your product or service. Include valuable awards and honors that highlight the strides your business has made thus far.

  5. Client Logos – Have you helped anyone notable within your industry? If you’ve provided significant results to past clients, include their logos on your website.

Best Practices for Adding Symbols of Trust

– Look at competitor sites and your own online shopping behavior to determine what ‘symbols’ make you feel better about submitting personal information and buying online.

– Are you affiliated with Better Business Bureau? Verisign? Paypal? Be sure to include the logos of these companies to put your customers at ease. A great article on “symbols of trust” can be found here.

Some services will provide embeddable HTML code for you to copy onto a specific section of your site. Make sure to copy this source code for speedy implementation.

UpCity members, please follow the pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Convert > Conversion Basics > Measure & Convert 101: Key Items.

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