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Are you wondering how to make your website more compelling for your visitors? Considering that a website is the number one tool for connecting and nurturing relationships with your customers, who doesn’t want to know how to get more traction out of their website design?

There are plenty of strategies that can be leveraged to accomplish this, but some are exponentially more powerful than others – like video. Incorporating video into your website design can be an incredibly effective way of building your presence in the digital landscape, demonstrating your value and fostering customer engagement.

That said, including video in web design is still somewhat of an uncharted territory for many businesses. At first glance, video might seem like it can drain your resources and maybe even be a little intimidating. We’re going to prove that neither of these things is true and show how easy it is to up the performance of your website with high-quality video.

How Video Performs for Your Website

Video has become so important for digital marketing that there’s a seemingly endless amount of information out there about why you need it and how to optimize it. Maybe you’ve already heard all the statistics about the amount of time that internet users spend watching video on social media, including the massive video platform that we know as YouTube.

This has all been important for conveying how important video is for the modern consumer, but it’s also left many businesses with a bit of tunnel vision about how to optimize video content. While branching out with your video is a great marketing strategy, we don’t want to forget that it should all start at your home base – otherwise known as your website.

To illustrate, adding just one video to a landing page can increase conversions rates by 80%. This is a significant number, especially once you start calculating how that impacts the overall ROI of your website design. Video is also more memorable. While a visitor might come along and scroll through your images and text-based content, video can help keep your brand on their minds. In fact, an overwhelming majority of your visitors will be able to recall a video from your website 30 days later. The same can’t be said for other types of content.

5 Reasons Why

So, we have the numbers that illustrate the value of video for your website, but that doesn’t say much about the “why”. You can have all the tools of video optimization at your disposal, but without a solid understanding of why video works for your audience, your efforts might all be in vain. Before getting into a few tactics for optimizing video content, let’s talk about 5 reasons why video is a crucial element for connecting with the modern consumer.

Your Audience Loves a Story

The internet has changed how consumers connect businesses with value. The fact is that they can find anything they want online in a matter of seconds – and this includes other businesses who are competing for their attention. With so many options, consumers are looking deeper than just the products or services you offer. They’re also looking at your story and video is the ultimate vehicle for delivering it.

Video Is Measurable

Video analytics are an amazing thing that can tell you volumes about your audience. For example, you might be able to measure how many people click on a page or piece of content, but you can never really be sure how much of it they consumed. Video analytics can show you if you’re maintaining your audience’s attention all the way through or where their exit points are. This is invaluable information for learning more about your audience’s behaviors.

Mobile Perfection

More of your audience is coming to you through mobile devices. It isn’t always optimal to read strings of text on a mobile device, but video translates beautifully to the limited space of smartphone screens. If there’s a choice between text and video, the majority of mobile users are going to pick vide – hands down.

SEO Bonus

Video provides multiple elements that are bonuses to your SEO. For starters, search engines have become more intelligent about showcasing video content in search results, but video also elevates the user experience, which is huge for SEO.

Video Generates Brand Awareness

Video is highly engaging, which means it’s the type of content that users are more likely to share. When a visitor engages with compelling video content they’re more likely to share on social media – which means an instant boost in traffic back to your site.

How to Incorporate Video in Your Web Design

If we were only able to give one piece of advice here, it wouldn’t be about how to do video but rather how not to do it. The last thing you want to do is include video on your website just for the sake of doing it. Video content without a defined purpose can be worse for your web performance than no video at all.

That said, here are a few ideas for getting maximum traction from the video you build into your website.

  • Use background video to set the tone. Background video instantly grabs a visitor’s attention and gives them something to look at and a reason to stay around a little longer. New Rhein Healthcare provides a great example of using background video in an unobtrusive, yet effective manner.
  • Demonstrate a new product with video. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service that they’ve seen in action – video makes it easy for them to envision your product’s true value. A great example of this type of video can be found on the product page for Intrinsics Pillowettes. With a basic product video, you’re able to distinguish your product from your competition and truly demonstrate its unique value.
  • Let them get to know you with a brand story. Video provides a way for audiences to associate a face with your brand and feel as though they know you on a personal level.
  • Provide validation with a testimonial video. Reviews and testimonials are essential for establishing authenticity and video brings them to life. The testimonial videos we incorporated into Lexington Square’s website help display the diverse group of people served by our client. They’ve been effective in promoting their credibility and promoting their brand values.
  • Landing page deal makers. Using video instead of blocks of text on your landing pages generates more leads, which translates to a great ROI.

This is only the beginning of how video works to produce results with your web design. If you’re considering adding video elements to your design, always work with a professional video production company that understands how video affects user experience and SEO. It’s a competitive digital world out there, invest in video now to carry your business into the future.

Diona Kidd
Diona Kidd

Co-founder of Knowmad Digital Marketing, an Internet Marketing agency located in Charlotte, NC, Diona posts about Internet marketing strategies and tactics.