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In every industry, digital marketing (and social media, in particular) has allowed countless businesses to connect with their audience in a more meaningful and organic way. As an artist hoping to be successful today, you can’t neglect the power of social media. Artists need to have a social media presence because they need to be able to act accordingly to the responses and feedback from their followers. Your audience is key to getting you to the top and whenever you come up with new content, they will garner the proper response. If you provide something great, they’ll love it and promote it, whereas if you give poor content they’ll view it as a total waste of time and never bother with you again.

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Ideal Social Platforms for Artists

The Internet is huge. With websites, forums, and communities for every type of fandom or hobby you can imagine (and some you’ve never even heard of!), it’s a great place to make contact with your target audience, but first, you need to determine just who that target audience is. If your goal is to engage meaningfully with your followers and receive the most positive response to your content, you need to know who you’re creating for. Once you decide who your target audience is, the next step is determining where they interact online.

For most artists, the three main social networks they focus on are Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, though Instagram and others have grown in popularity in recent years. These platforms each have millions of everyday users, allowing artists to disperse their content to the widest range of viewers or listeners possible.


Facebook provides some of the most customizable targeting options of any social network, allowing artists to build a highly specific and incredibly focused audience. By liking your page, fans of your work essentially subscribe and ensure that they’ll always see your newest creations. It’s important to create new content regularly so that you don’t fall out of your audience’s feed and to promote interactions like likes, comments, and shares so that Facebook’s algorithm looks favorably on your posts.

For visual artists, Facebook allows easy sharing of photos and images, and it connects seamlessly with your Instagram account. For musicians and videographers, native video is a great way of exposing your fan’s to your work, but you also have the option of linking your page to your Youtube account to drive more traffic to your channel.


There’s no denying the fact that Twitter is the conversational hub of the web. For artists, having a Twitter base provides them a faster and more convenient way to connect with fans and interact in a more natural way. Reacting to the latest news and injecting yourself into Twitter conversations is a great way to not only expand your reach, but also have fun in the process. What’s the easiest way to find interesting conversations on Twitter? Hashtags!

Hashtagging, while possible on other social networks, is most at home on Twitter. Hashtags allow users to identify the core themes in their tweets and promote their content to a particular audience. By following hashtags that you care about, you can begin to grow your presence and visibility within a targeted group of like-minded individuals. Further, hashtags allow you to better visualize WHO is tweeting about a particular subject, so you can pinpoint influencers that may want to promote your work.


For video, there’s no better platform in the world than YouTube. Backed and powered by Google, YouTube has made significant updates over the last few years to allow creators of other types of content to showcase their work on the platform. From stories to paid channel subscriptions, it’s clear Google is doing what they can to provide creators the ability to share their content.

An additional benefit of Google’s ownership of YouTube is the additionally organic search visibility it affords you. YouTube videos appear in organic SERPs and can help strengthen your hold on those top spots!

Strategize Your Social Media

One prime example of an artist that has made an enormous comeback and come up on social media in recent years is Meek Mill. Over the past year, he has leveraged Instagram and the huge audiences of other artists to sky-rocket to a whole new level of fame. Via collaborations and posting with other artists Meek has been able to draw the audiences and viewers from other related accounts to his own, resulting in his position in the industry as a real influencer and artist.

Meek Mill’s example demonstrates the importance of knowing who your target audience is and knowing where they interact online. By focusing your social media on the most effective networks for your audience, your art will reach not only more people, but more interested people.

No matter which social media platform you choose, it’s crucial for you to strategize your interactions and maintain the appropriate image. From proper timing in sharing posts, writing creative headlines to creating quality video or audio content, there are so many ways that artists can optimize their social presence, there’s no excuse not to! Social media is an essential networking platform for an artist. Without it, you cannot connect with your fans or followers.

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