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Any good web design company knows there is an element of psychology behind effective design. When viewers land on your website, every designer’s goal is to captivate your audience, encourage their engagement with your brand, and lead them to take action with your company.

Effective web design is a crucial element in your online success and your business growth. And while there are many different elements that come together to create effective web design, color scheme plays a unique role in how a potential customer feels about your brand.

BragDeal works with businesses across all types of industries. Through our countless projects in web design in Vancouver, we witness the role color plays in customer behavior. We pride ourselves as a web design company who delivers the vision each client has for their business. But, we also provide quality feedback about website changes to deliver better results for our clients.

It is true that every individual has their own unique preferences when it comes to their favorite colors and styles. But, it is also true that different colors elicit different psychological responses through the subconscious mind. When you use the element of color the right way, you can shape how your customers feel about your brand.

The Psychology of Color in Web Design

The goal of any business is to create an online presence that helps influence customer behavior. Although most people think wireframe and layout are the most important parts of your web design project, any good web design company understands the psychology of color in website design. So, how can color impact customer behavior? Does it really make a difference for your business?

It is known that color provokes viewers to feel something-as sense of trust, urgency, mystery, etc. This is huge when it comes to consumer behavior. If you use the right colors on your website, you influence your customers to take action. Colors holds a unique power. Their power holds the potential to improve conversions, trigger customer action, and grab your viewer’s attention. And, color also creates a general feeling about your brand that influences your reputation over time.

Since the psychology of color plays such a role in how customers feel about your brand, it’s important to review a few questions with your web design company before you agree on a final design. What color is right for your brand? How should you incorporate different colors into your website? What color schemes deliver maximum customer impact?

It has been proven that there is a scientific connection between the color of consumer products and the urge to purchase these products. Since we know there is a scientific connection between color and customer behavior, it is without question that we use color to our benefit when we build a website. When you create a design with this connection in mind, you significantly improve conversions on your website.

Think Deeper When It Comes to Color

Of course, most business people don’t put too much thought into the element of color when they work with a web design company to create their website. Most decisions are based solely on the business leader’s preferred taste. But, a good web design company will talk to you about color in a several ways.

Since the topic doesn’t jump out at you when you first sit down to think about your website design, it’s important to look at the key areas where color makes a difference. These include:

  • The background hues of your website
  • Pop-ups, banners, and graphic design
  • The color of your text throughout your entire site
  • All borders in your design
  • Headlines or anything that is meant to stand out and catch your customer’s eye
  • Buttons, especially those that call for action

Colors produce emotions that businesses, especially those in sales, can easily capitalize on. Some common emotions created from color are:

  • Excitement
  • Desire
  • Stimulation
  • Comfort
  • Happiness
  • Honesty
  • Optimism
  • Loyalty
  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Power
  • Elegance
  • Cheerfulness

It is no coincidence that major online businesses, like PayPal, use shades of blue for their log-in pages. The psychology of the color blue, for example, inspires trustworthiness. So, it makes sense that you would want to create a sense of trust if your business is used to exchange money. Contrast and brightness play a significant role in decision-making, as well. Studies show that women prefer soft colors while men prefer bright colors. And, anything associated with children should be bright because kids are associated with vibrancy and excitement.

Breakdown of the Most Common Colors for Your Business

The colors your web design company uses when they create your website should target the type of audience that is unique to your business. Once you pick a color scheme that works for your niche market, it is important to consider contrast. Your viewers should never have to struggle to read your content.

Your color scheme greatly impacts the user experience, as well. Navigation tabs and dropdown menus should use colors that stick out. Orange, yellow, red, and blue shades are best for accessibility and usability in these areas. If you want to improve conversion rates and enhance your business through your online presence, it’s vital that you use colors to your benefit.

Let’s take a look at some of most inspirational, emotion-provoking colors in the industry of website design. Once you understand the psychology of these colors, you can talk to your web design company about which color best fits your business’ personality and is the best choice for your audience.

The Color Blue

The color blue draws out feelings of trustworthiness and creates a sense of calm. If you want to make your customers feel as though they can truly trust your company, blue is the color scheme for you. Websites that work in the financial and healthcare industries benefit from the sense of reliability signified by the color blue.

The Color Red

The color red is an attention grabber. Nothing draws in a customer like the emotions provoked by this stimulating color. Therefore, it is a great option for call to actions and anything that aims to create a sense of urgency with your customers. The color can also create a sense of passion, power, and anger. So, it can also be used to warn customers or create a sense of danger. Finally, warmer shades of red suggest strength, determination, and comfort. So, you should use shades of red if you want to deliver the feeling that your brand is strong, lasting, and of high-quality.

The Color Pink

If your target audience is mainly composed of females, pink is a good color choice. The color pink is associated with youthful femininity, playfulness, and romance. Think of what comes to mind when you think of bubble gum. Shades of pink are great if you want to portray innocence and fun.

Pink Design Example

This is is an example of a web design that utilized pink to provide a comforting and calm feeling. 

The Color Green

The color green inspires a feeling of calm, rejuvenation, optimism, peace, and tranquility. It is often associated with nature. Dark shades of green are associate with wealth, affluence, and stability. Lighter shades are associated with growth, relaxation, and honesty. Green is definitely the best choice if your business involves the outdoors or any environmental cause.

The Color Yellow

Yellow is a color filled with energy. It is widely used in the marketing industry to resolve negative thoughts and encourage a healthy mind. Since it is often associated with the sun, yellow creates a feeling of happiness, warmth, and goodness. But, yellow can also be associated with caution and a feeling of complexity. If you want your web design company to create a sense of authority, intelligence, curiosity, or cheerfulness, choose the color yellow for your design. It doubles as a great option for anything associated with children.

Web Design Example

Dark blue, yellow, and black are used accomplish trust, authority in the field, and a high end feel.

The Color Purple

The color purple produces a sense of elegance and sophistication. It is perfect for a website design that targets customers who purchase luxury products.

The Color Orange

Orange is another attention grabber, although it is not as intense as the color red. Orange is friendly and inviting. It is ideal if you want to start a movement or build energy. If your business is creative, unique, and exciting, the color orange is a great fit!

The Color Black

The color black is a bit more complicated than the other colors we’ve touched upon. Black is versatile. It goes with nearly every color, and is great for contrast. But, it can also negatively impact your brand. Black is classy. When used in the right way, the color black gives your website design a sense of elegance and helps bolder colors really pop. On the other hand, black is associated with darkness and can draw attention away from your website when it shadows important areas of content. Use this color carefully.

Logo Design Example

This example uses blue, black, and grey to illustrate trust, credibility, and loyalty.

How to Use Color to Target Your Customers

Your color scheme is an important element of your website design. Colors can target emotions, evoke actions, and inspire specific feelings about your business. If you ignore the psychology of color, you’ll create a feeling of unprofessionalism and inexperience. You will suffer from high bounce rates and limited business potential. When you use the psychology of color to your benefit, you will create a brand reputation that increases conversions and helps grow your business.

The right color scheme creates a business personality that fits your brand. A good brand personality will grab the attention of a target audience that turns potential customers into lifelong regulars who enhance your business and set you on the path to unparalleled growth.

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