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As a restaurant owner, you probably know how critical it is to provide quality food on a consistent basis for word of mouth advertising. But if you aren’t using the wealth that you get from SEO, then you are doing your business a significant disservice. After all, you probably put a considerable amount into your website design. Both time and resources were spent making it look appetizing, both figuratively and literally. But the bad news is if you don’t use SEO to drive traffic to your website, no one is going to see it!

Since you have already invested so much in making your webpage look attractive, it makes sense that you would want to put in the additional effort to use SEO! Quality content is the best way to signal Google to get your page seen. And most importantly, it will help to get a return on your website investment by driving traffic.

How Effective is an Idle Salesforce?

Imagine that you have a sales force, but instead of sending them out into the field to advertise for you, you had them sitting in a room waiting for the customer to come to them? They aren’t going to make many sales if they sit back and wait. Well, if you aren’t using SEO, that is what your website is doing, idly sitting waiting for people to find it. When it comes to your website, content is king, and the right content will get your target audience to see your site and to ultimately choose your restaurant for the “best restaurants near me”.

If You Aren’t on Page One, You Might as Well Not be There at all!

Statistics say that approximately 90% of all internet users won’t go to page two of an organic search. When people are looking for a restaurant, they use predictable words to find one that matches what they want. If they are searching and you don’t come up on page one, but your competition does, nine times out of ten, they are more likely to go elsewhere. SEO is key to getting to page one of a search and beating other similar restaurants in your area.

It Can Help Highlight What You Specialize in

If you are an Italian restaurant with homestyle cuisine, that is your “brand”. So if someone is searching for the best Italian restaurant in your area, you want to ensure that you have the right keywords and key phrases to help them find you. You also want to make sure your food and restaurant pictures are appetizing and inviting! That is where the content on your blog and website works. You have to use content to make sure that when someone is searching for your brand, they can find it easily. If you don’t, your competitors probably will. And guess where your customers will likely go if that is the case?

To gain the most traffic, post content to your website that your audience will be looking for or that they will find useful. For instance, give away some of your cooking secrets, recipes, or news and special events information. If you want to continually drive them to your site, give them something that they will find helpful. It isn’t just content for content’s sake; it is content for the customer’s benefit.

Consistent Content as a Tool to Drive Traffic

SEO is a tool that helps to drive traffic. As you are sitting here reading this, Google is updating, organizing, reclassifying, and sorting through websites to make sure that users can find what they need. It isn’t a one and done proposition, but a continual one. So every time that you use the right keywords and key phrases on your site, it helps to push you ahead of your competitors who are not. That is why having a blog is key, but so is updating it on a continual basis. The more that you strengthen your tie to specific words, the higher Google ranks you on an organic search. And it is also necessary to have consistent and great content to leave a favorable impression to have them coming back for more, and Google ranking you high for credibility and reliability of information.

Quality Content is Relatively Inexpensive But Highly Effective!

Word of mouth will always help to aid a restaurant to thrive, but in the new age of the internet, it isn’t enough. The world has gotten a whole lot bigger, and that means that finding your target market is not as easy as it used to be. The good news is that you don’t have to find your audience. If you use content as a tool to further your SEO, they will find you! Content is a highly effective, very inexpensive, and proven way to push your beautiful website to number one so that it can be seen and do what it was intended to, bring people through your restaurant doors!

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Ben Capa is the founder and president of Fu Dog Media, a digital marketing agency based in Charleston, SC. Through his agency, he helps small businesses build a digital marketing strategy that drives lead generation, improves overall web presence, and solidifies his customer’s companies as leaders in their marketplace.