We’re thrilled to announce our latest enhancement to our already popular task engine, our new Custom Task Manager, activated exclusively for all Agency ProPlus and Enterprise clients (UpCity Dashboard shown below).

Based on the feedback we received from our partners, we noticed a growing need for agencies to acquire, scale, and drive business results for their small business customers and do it profitably. As a result our new Custom Task Manager, along with our full services SEO service solutions and white glove-onboarding process are perfect compliments for agencies looking to scale their business and generate new revenue.

The new Custom Task Manager offers the flexibility to “bake in” custom tasks, creating a project plan that is unique to each customer – a great way to take the best of what UpCity offers and make it their own. Agencies who leverage this feature will have the advantage of refining their current tasks process, seamlessly optimizing each campaign and staying organized, and, most importantly, reporting on success.

“The task functionality was a major factor when sourcing new SEO applications. The UpCity SEO customer task manager has been a huge time saver for my team. With an in-house team we were able to get organized and stay on top of the tasks that needed to be completed for our clients, streamlining our process and creating even greater value for our customers.”  

– Alex Miranda (Project Manager at MarkNet Group)

Inside the App

As you navigate through the dashboard, you will see all of your pre-existing tasks associated with each campaign. For each category listed, you will now be able to add additional tasks by clicking on the “New Task” button located on the lower right-hand corner for each section.

When creating a new task, you will be asked to input additional information pertaining to each task. Some of these inputs and settings (shown below) include:

  • Task title & description about the task
  • Estimated minutes to complete
  • Cost to complete task
  • Select specific campaign(s) this task will be tied to (yes, you can build out one task that covers all your current active campaigns!)
  • Choose the industries (if any) you would like the task to be tied to
  • and much more

With Custom Task Manager and our rules engine, you’re in control of your tasks; how and when they get created, managed, distributed and tracked within the UpCity application across your entire agency is up to you! Simply input your data, adjust your settings and make visible to your team.

To upgrade today please contact us at marketing@upcity.com or call your sales/account manager directly.

Also stay tuned for many great new features, including a Reputation Management module which will allow you to track and manage your reviews across 15+ sites in the weeks to come.

Thank you to all our customers who help us raise the bar in the industry!