I’m extremely excited to announce that UpCity has purchased StreamScience, a UK based solution to help marketers create, curate and share content via social media. The StreamScience technology has been integrated into the UpCity platform to provide our agency partners an all-in-one local inbound marketing solution to help our clients effectively scale SEO, local and now social for their small business customers.

StreamScience was founded in 2012 by Brian Marin and Adam Wynne, who have had extensive histories and success in digital marketing and technology. Brian Marin, StreamScience CEO said: “The deal was a match made in heaven. It’s not often that you find an opportunity to merge two great products with no overlapping functionality resulting in something very powerful indeed.” As part of the acquisition, Brian Marin and Adam Wynne, StreamScience founder and CTO, have steered the integration project and will be advisors to the business going forward.

There are a number of features related to the new release but the three of the biggest items are listed below:

Connecting Your Social Profiles:

Within UpCity, customers can now easily connect their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and publish social posts and content in a few clicks.

Screenshot 2015-06-08 18.20.47


Suggested Content to Share

In addition to creating your own posts, UpCity has a very powerful content suggestion engine that allows you to search and pull in any RSS feeds from around the web. You can then filter, sort, search and share extremely easily.

Optimized Schedules for Delivery

The new social content feature also makes it very easy to manage publishing schedules for your clients. The messages are then published based on the analyses of historical user engagement and thus determining the optimal times to post messages.

Screenshot 2015-06-08 18.34.01

For a full list of features and functionality, you can see find them all here.

Combining this social content release with the Reputation Management and Custom Tasks that were all rolled out earlier this year, you can see we’re extremely focused on providing a comprehensive all-in-one solution for the agencies that are working with small businesses. We’ve got even more exciting things to come and look forward to getting everyone’s feedback.