Recently, a study by True Influence has revealed that email marketing and online video are going to rule this year. Simultaneously, mobile email opens have seen a spike. According to the US Consumer Device Preference Report, “68% emails were opened on a mobile device and 52% on smartphones.” Putting these facts together, marketers should put their best foot forward to generate more conversions from mobile email opens.

Emails have become personalized to the point where it is much like having a one-on-one conversation. As more and more people make a shift to mobile devices, marketers are roping in all the resources they have to send out mobile-optimized emails. The need to get everything on-the-go has increased, and so has the demand for responsive design. If you search the internet, it is already flooded with information, tips, and tricks on how to optimize your email campaigns for mobile devices, why you should do so, and what is the future of mobile emails.

Don’t just take our word for it, the cold, hard statistics speak for themselves. The infographic below provides statistics on email open rates, specifically analyzing five categories: device usage, desktop vs. mobile email open, desktop vs. mobile email conversion, open email share based on devices, and email friendliness with mobile.

The Ultimate Mobile Email Open Statistics.

Mobile Email Open Statistics

Author: Chandana is a digital marketer at EasySendy Pro – a hybrid email marketing solution provider for B2B and B2C businesses. She is a passionate blogger and an enthusiastic youtuber. You can follow her on Twitter and Youtube for her explainer videos about email marketing.