The internet has changed the landscape of the customer journey, and trends in social media and digital communications are shaping how retail brands are reaching out and captivating their audiences. With the intense amount of competition in the retail industry, brands need a powerful, innovative strategy for standing out in the crowd.

In an industry where many of the old stand-by tactics often fall flat, how are retail marketing professionals keeping pace with the changes? To help you elevate your retail marketing success, we’ve composed a list of six of the most influential voices in retail marketing that are making waves on social media. If It’s time to level up your own skillset, these are the innovators who will lead the way.

Richard Lazazzera

Richard Lazazzera is the Founder of A Better Lemonade Stand – an e-commerce blog and platform that serves more than 250k entrepreneurs each month. His blog at A Better Lemonade Stand is focused on providing those starting and growing their own businesses with the real tools that entrepreneurs need to succeed. Mr. Lazazzera is also a well reputed contributor to the Shopify blog.

With his extensive experience in entrepreneur and retail marketing, it’s no wonder that this Toronto base retail thought leader has a Twitter following of more than 12k people. Check out his Twitter feed, where he shares his blog from A Better Lemonade Stand and throws in a healthy dose of personal tweets and questions to charge your creative marketing juices.

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a marketing Guru who has worked with some of the biggest retail brands in the industry. Does the Coca-Cola Company, Sony USA or GM ring a bell?  He’s also an accomplished author and one of the most sought after speakers in the industry. As if all of this wasn’t enough, he’s also president of Chris Brogan Media – a company that offers business and marketing solutions for small to medium sized brands. It isn’t a surprise that his social media following is massive, with 345k following along for his engaging insights on Twitter.

Nicole Reyhle

Nicole Reyhle is the Founder of Retail Minded, a valuable resource for small and locally focused retail businesses. With articles like “Shelf Appeal: Making High Margin Products Irresistible On and Offline” and “5 Ways Predicative Analysis Helps Retailers With Back to School”, it’s obvious why Retail Minded has become the small businesses owner’s best friend. As a successful entrepreneur herself, Nicole Reyhle has a first-hand perspective on the best practices for marketing success. 21.5k followers on Twitter can’t be wrong, but we encourage to discover her powerful voice for yourself.

Toby Desforges

Toby Desforges brings his experience of more than two and a half decades in the consumer goods business to social media where he has become a leading, globally recognized voice in shopper marketing. As an author, speaker and business consultant he has an instinctual understanding of the pain points that brands experience in the realm of shopper marketing.

As a true innovator in the industry, he encourages brands to push aside outdated thought processes about reaching out to their markets and embrace creativity and innovation in its place. Follow along to discover why retail brands across the globe – including Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific – can’t get enough of his insightful advice and tactics.

Michael S. La Kier

Michael S. La Kier is the Founder and Principal of What Brands Want, a consulting firm that focuses on building brands by developing more meaningful relationships with their audiences. He is a top-notch expert in everything that’s important to the digital consumer and helps brands develop customer loyalty through powerful marketing strategies.

Dig around a little into his professional background and you’ll discover that he spent time as the Corporate Lead for Shopper Marketing and Retail Strategy at Gannett/USA Today Network, was the SVP of Strategy and Multichannel Marketing for Neiman Marcus and had a lengthy 17 year career with the Coca-Cola Company. Oh, and did we mention that he’s a regular contributor to Forbes? Follow along with him on social media and learn more than a few things about the power of brand building along the way.

Deborah Weinswig

To be honest, we’re not really sure if there’s anything that Deborah Weinswig can’t accomplish. She’s CEO and Founder of Coresight Research – a globally located firm that provides advisory services to firms bridging the gap between retail and technology. She’s an award wining global retail analyst and is a leading, influential voice in retail technology. She’ has also earned the status of being ranked as one of the top in her field by leading influential publications, including Business Insider. We could go on and on with her impressive list of accomplishments and accolades, but we suggest you join her more than 39k followers and see for yourself.