There’s no shortage of marketing advice floating around on social media, but not all of it works for the restaurant industry. With trends being influenced by everything from the economy, health concerns and foodie fascinations, it takes a special kind of marketing magic to get results for many restaurants.

Sometimes, it takes a village and we’d like to introduce you to a few members of your community that are masters at generating results in marketing for restaurants and hospitality business. Set aside some time to follow these 6 thought leaders on social media and see for yourself what makes them so influential in the restaurant marketing industry.

Paul Barron

Paul Barron is a speaker, author, filmmaker, technology guru and foodie extraordinaire. As Founder of, DigitalCoCo and, it’s safe to say he has his finger on the pulse of anything and everything that’s relevant in the restaurant industry. His background includes more than 2 decades of studying the restaurant industry and the consumer behaviors that affect it. With 148k followers on Twitter, he’s a voice that the industry everyone is listening to. Check in and discover for yourself what this industry pro has to say about building brands and loyal consumers in the restaurant and hospitalities industries.

Denise Lee Yohn

Denise Lee Yohn is marketing and branding expert who also happens to be the author of a couple great books on cultivating outstanding brands – What Great Brands Do and Fusion. A stroll through her Twitter feed and it becomes obvious why she has 17k people following along for her advice and insights. Her target on social media isn’t the restaurant industry specifically, but word has it that she has a more than few big names in the restaurant industry on her list of clients – meaning she obviously knows more than a thing or two about fueling restaurant growth through targeted marketing strategies. Follow along to learn from her on cultivating the ultimate in customer experience and more.

Nate Riggs

As a blogger, podcaster, sought after speaker and marketing professor, is there anything that Nate Riggs doesn’t do? From what we know of this man that seems to always be juggling multiple balls in the air, we’re sure he can do anything he sets his mind to. Maybe his secret to success has something to do with his marketing prowess. He has a very active presence on social media, which is sure to please his 30k plus followers on Twitter. Along with his quick Tweets of inspiration, you’ll also find plenty of links to marketing blogs and news articles to sink your teeth into. There’s always something worth discovering when you follow along with him on social media.

Ellie Mirman

Ellie Mirman is CMO of Crayon, a marketing and competitive-intel company that’s focused on developing strategy and providing inspiration for growth minded businesses. She’s also the former VP of Marketing at Toast – an all-inclusive restaurant technology platform. Her professional background alone makes her worth paying attention to on social media, but if you’re not following Ellie Mirman on Twitter, then you’re missing out on some of the best marketing advice for the industry. She covers almost every relevant topic, from lead generation to leveraging market research tools and AI in leveling up your marketing performance.

Josh Martin

When you’re the guy in charge of managing the social media success of one of the largest fast food chains, you’re bound to attract a following. This is the case for Josh Martin who’s the Digital and Social Media Guru at Arby’s. If you follow along on his Twitter feed, you’ll get a refreshing glimpse of him in real life, which includes his love of sports, including a hard core fascination with golf. But, you’ll find plenty of timely, important insights about the trends and technology that are playing a big part in generating success in the restaurant industry. Follow along for the prefect mixture of high level marketing know-how with a dab of a personal touch.

Ken Burgin

Ken Burgin is from the Land Down Under, but that doesn’t mean those of us in the Northern Hemisphere can’t learn a thing or two from him with his experience in helping restaurants and other hospitality businesses become more profitable and exceed their own expectations. He leverages powerful marketing strategy along with the other elements of running successful restaurants to generate results for his clients. From mastering Instagram to fine-tuning the art of email marketing, you’ll want to follow his Twitter feed to gain the insights you need and raise the bar on your own success.

Insights That Feed the Industry

Trends in the restaurant industry change rapidly, and it’s important to know how to optimize your marketing strategy to adapt with your audience. Whether your goal is lead generation, gaining traction on social media, or anything in between – these are the six industry thought leaders who will be your inspiration. Of course, this isn’t an inclusive list but there are just too many great professionals in the industry to recognize at once.

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