It’s been another busy month at UpCity, and in November we’ve added even more to our Top Local Agency Marketplace to continue making the marketplace the best possible resource for small business owners to connect with high-quality digital service providers in their local area. Here’s what’s new in the Top Local Agency Marketplace this month!

Top Local Agency Marketplace Expands to 17 New U.S. Markets

Since the launch of our Marketplace, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of feedback from both agencies and small business owners on how we can continue to improve. One of the most common requests we receive from agencies is for the creation of new lists in smaller markets around North America. You’ve asked, we’ve listened, and today we’re launching new Web Design lists in 17 new markets:

We encourage agencies across North America to continue to provide feedback on other markets for expansion in the future, so don’t be shy! If you’d like to see a marketplace list for your city, drop us a note at

More Than 1,000 New Profiles

Since launching the Top Local Agency Marketplace, we’ve seen an unprecedented response from agencies submitting their profiles for consideration in our marketplace. In October alone, we’ve added more than 1,000 new agencies and profiles to the marketplace, giving small business owners more choices than ever when it comes to choosing a local digital marketing vendor they can trust.

Coming Soon: Agency Reviews

Anyone who has shopped online can tell you: online reviews are one of the most important factors taken into consideration when making a purchasing decision. We’ve worked to improve our marketplace with the inclusion of our ranking algorithm and methodology to ensure we’re putting the best agencies possible in front of small business owners, and we believe adding the ability to leave and assess reviews from real, verified customers is another great step towards making our marketplace even smarter. We are working to have reviews incorporated by the end of Q4 2016, just in time for the new year!

Nominate An Agency for our Top Local Agency Marketplace

Are you interested in getting your agency listed in our Top Local Agency Marketplace, or are you a small business owner looking to nominate an agency you know and trust? Begin the nomination process and profile creation below!


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