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Lead generation is essential to insurance based businesses. Without it, you’re left with no avenue for creating and nurturing the relationships that are so valuable to your agency. The problem is that lead generation isn’t always an easy task. In fact, sometimes it’s the most complicated aspect of running a successful agency. It’s ok to admit this, after all you’re in insurance instead of marketing because you think insurance is exciting and it’s what you do best.

Still, the need for some solid lead generation skills is very real. To help ease you through the pain and struggles of lead generation and bring you to the point that attracting quality leads seems almost effortless, we’re here to offer a little advice. Here’s a few key tips for successful in lead generation for insurance agencies.

Leverage Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation has been moving along at a steady upward curve for at least a decade. Last year, the marketing automation industry in the United States had reached $3.3 billion – a number that represents an 30% annual increase. This is because businesses today have needed to become adept at meeting the immediate, but constantly shifting demands of their market. Automation helps to make this easy. With each year of continued growth comes advancements in technology of marketing automation tools, and today they’re a practically non-negotiable asset for generating leads for your insurance agency.

What this also means is that there’s a lot of competition brewing between marketing automation providers, and with so many to choose from it can be difficult to narrow down the best one to fit your needs. Top marketing automation tools like Ontraport, Clickfunnels, Infusionsoft and Marketo provide incredible benefits when it comes to fueling the lead generation process. Let’s take a minute and break down some of the advantages of using a top rated marketing automation tool to start generating serious leads for your insurance business.

Marketing Automation Saves Time and Increases Productivity

In the day to day operations of running a successful insurance agency, the tasks you perform can be broken up into two different categories – high impact and low impact.

High impact tasks are the ones that really matter to growing your agency, like taking the time to go the extra mile with customer service. Low impact are those pesky, repetitive tasks – such as certain elements of marketing – that basically anyone can do. So why put them on the shoulders of a team member that can offer so much value in other areas of the business?

Marketing automation saves resources, including time so that you or your team can focus on increased productivity in the areas where you really shine. This is something that you’ll notice almost immediately in the ROI of staffing and marketing costs.

Top Tools Streamline Marketing Processes

Many insurance agencies are surprised by how much they’re able to streamline their marketing processes with marketing automation tools. Let’s look at Ontraport as an example.

For starters, Ontraport allows you to combine all of your marketing efforts into one convenient app. Meaning there’s no more lost time jumping from application to application. Plus, you’re also able to store detailed CRM data about each of your contacts, making it easy to access  just the right information that’s needed to move them a little further along your funnel.

Features like this are great, but what really streamlines the marketing process is the ability to gather new lead contacts through landing page forms, and then build automated campaigns with smooth, intuitive workflows that include emails, SMS messages and more. You can even build membership sites that integrate seamlessly with WordPress. All the tasks that would typically eat up hours of a work week are suddenly not even a blip on the radar because they’re all taken care of so effortlessly.

Marketing Automation Creates More Points of Connection

You know those leads that you have within your reach, but then they just seem to slip right through your fingertips. Every business, including insurance agencies, have them and they’re near impossible to recapture because it feels like you’ve already touched on every possibility.

Here’s where marketing automation comes in. Some businesses wonder if it’s really worth investing in an automation tool if all it’s going to do is help out with some of things they’ve already become efficient at out of necessity. The truth is, a great tool fills in the gaps and accomplishes things that might have previously been out of your reach, including capturing the lead at those moments when you might otherwise lose them. This is especially true if your marketing campaign is bigger than your small team can handle. Improved scalability means less lost leads and more revenue coming through your door.

Strategies That Turn New Leads into Clients

Capturing the lead is only half the battle, it’s what you do with them once you’ve gotten their attention that matters. An insurance agency can have leads pouring through their door, but if they don’t have the right strategies in place to move them further along the funnel, then what’s the point? Let’s talk about a few of the best strategies for insurance agencies that want to turn those hard won leads into true clients.


Many think that email marketing is a lost art, but the truth is it’s still alive and more effective than ever. Email offers a way for you to communicate with leads in a way that feels more personal than other marketing strategies, which is something that’s incredibly important for need based services like insurance.

Catering to the Customer Journey

Not all of your leads are at the same place at the same time, in fact, there’s a good chance that they’re scattered about along the various stopping points of your sales funnel. It’s important to have a strategy in place that meets them where they are. For example, how you approach a new lead who’s unfamiliar with your agency should be entirely different than your communications with one that’s on the fence and just needs a nudge to move to full on conversion.

Put Some Effort into Your Landing Page

Landing pages are where the magic happens. They’ve taken the initiative to show up, now it’s entirely up to you to provide them with a landing page experience that makes the next step easy. A landing page building tool can help make sure your landing pages have all the right elements to bring a new lead in through your door.

Whether you’re a new insurance agency looking for that first big boost, or a seasoned insurance business that’s looking for ways to attract a new client base, a solid marketing plan and the right tools are key to success.

Charles Musselwhite
Charles Musselwhite

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