Insurance is a tightly competitive industry. Insurance agencies often require the help of a marketing professional to gain visibility and traction in the market. When they’ve grown tired of stale growth projectiles, who do they turn to?

You. But are you prepared with the right tools and insights to put them on the path of growth? No matter how experienced you are, we can all benefit from the help of our peers and thought leaders in the industry. We’ve tracked down six influential voices on social media for you to follow and gain new insights and inspiration from. The next time you’re scrolling through social media, take a minute to connect with these industry leaders.

Minh Q. Tran

Minh Q. Tran is a leading influencer with a reputation in Insurtech investing. As founder of Insurtech Capital and Seed Founders, he’s well versed in the needs of insurance industry startups. His CV is long and impressive, but it’s more than just his list of accomplishments that have earned him an impressive following on social media.

Take one scroll through his Twitter feed and you’ll soon discover the appeal for his 31k followers. His tweets show the technology side of the industry and he has mass appeal to anyone in the industry who might consider themselves a “tech geek” or is interested in cutting edge innovations in the field.

Elana Jefferson

Elana Jefferson brings her Ivy League education and accolades as a communication professional to the table at Carrier Innovations, where she is the face behind the company’s Twitter account. Aside from her experience in the industry, a major part of the appeal to more than 4k followers is that her advice and insights offered are focused on many of the pain points that insurance customers face in today’s marketplace. From insurance technologies to helping clients understand how the insurance industry operates to best suit their needs, Elana Jefferson and Carrier Innovations give us plenty to dig into.

Rick Morgan

Rick Morgan is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at WAHVE, a company that helps transition those in the pre-retirement phase of their careers into work at home environments by matching their experience and valuable skillsets to the businesses that need their talent. The goal is to keep mature individuals productive and working as they approach retirement age, by providing opportunities for them to exit the traditional workforce, especially in the insurance industry. His innovation and branding expertise could be the reason why the Insurance Media Association named him as one of the 100 most Powerful People in Insurance in North America.

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson is known as one of the leading authorities on insurance technology. He takes to his blog and social media to help those in the industry better understand how emerging technologies can help agencies establish themselves by increasing revenue and meeting new consumer demands. As a speaker, he has appeared at key industry events. He intuitively understands the questions insurance agents have and helps them overcome the challenges to building their online presence. Join nearly 6k followers on Twitter where you can witness his three decades of insurance experience in action.

Colin Halliday

With more than 15k followers, it’s hard to ignore the appeal of Glasgow based Colin Halliday. Halliday is an independent insurance broker whose goal is to help small, growing businesses with their insurance needs. While not specifically a marketing professional, there are some key things about Colin Halliday that put him on our list. First, he knows how to generate a following. This is a major accomplishment in an industry that can sometimes be viewed as a bit “dry”. Secondly, he seems to be intuitively in touch with the brand building and marketing tactics that speak to his audience’s key needs. He’s quite active on Twitter, with many of his Tweets diverting from industry talk. Check him out and learn a trick or two of your own from this master.

Insurance Advisor

To round off our list, we turn to another member of the insurance industry that seems to have the golden touch when it comes to social engagement. Let us introduce you to Insurance Advisor, David Thompson. His professional attributes include work as a benefits specialist, IRA rollovers, and annuities – pretty typical stuff for the insurance industry. But, it doesn’t take more than a glance at his nearly 32k followers on Twitter to understand that there’s something exceptional going on here. For him, the magic seems to be in his ability to share content that’s interesting to a large target market. From industry news to personal Tweets, he makes his presence known and capture massive attention.

Leveling Up in the Insurance Marketing Industry

Are you reaching your full potential as an insurance marketing professional? The thought leaders on our list can help you to discover new insights and develop a fresh perspective on what you can do to push past your current barriers and reach the level of success you know you’re capable of. We’ve built a community of digital agencies, just like yours, with the goal of putting them in contact with the right clients. Contact UpCity today to learn more about our community and how it can help you.