Photo: Someone typing on a computerTGIF! Google released it’s latest algorithm update and Panda 28 has the industry buzzing. We have some great insight on what to expect with this release. Are you overwhelmed just thinking about social media? Not quite sure where to start? We have a great cheat sheet of top sites and services to help you build out your social media strategy. Finally, the holidays are around the corner and marketers are scrambling to get their plans executed. We have some great tips to help you improve your mobile rankings before the holidays rush. Read below for more inbound marketing news.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Google’s Panda 28, has arrived. Sheridan Orr emphasizes the need to create unique content that matches customers searches to succeed in the post-Panda 28 world.
  • SEO links are dead, long live SEO links! Tim Kelsey argues that the SEO link building pendulum may have swung from one extreme to the other – that’s marketers are staying away from link building. Learn how link building, when done correctly, can still be a safe and effective strategy to improve search presence.
  • Markerle Davis provides you with a checklist of do’s and don’ts for your SEO techniques and campaigns in 2016. Check it out and be armed!
  • Are your blogs struggling to get rankings and drive traffic? You are not alone. Blogs fail more than succeed. Eric Sharp cites 6 SEO reasons why your blogs aren’t ranking and driving traffic and what you can do about them.
  • Keywords remain one of the foundational elements of good SEO, says Jennifer Van Iderstyne. She provides guidance on ways to build a keyword-driven site architecture based on user intent rather than word strings.

Social Optimization:

  • Social media runs on content, including articles, images, videos and comments, says Heidi Cohen. She outlines 5 ways social media boosts your content marketing. She provides actionable tips that help you unlock the power of content marketing on social media.
  • Do you find it challenging to make sense of the hundreds of active social networks, Are you trying to know where to start? Shannon’s blog provides you with a cheat sheet of top sites and services to build out your social media strategy.
  • Tweets available on mobile devices are now available on Google desktop search results. Learn tips and techniques from Maya Roeland, on how you can leverage this new feature to boost your Twitter presence on Google Search.
  • Interested in Facebook Marketing? You have reasons to be, as Facebook wants to make businesses more profitable by offering an enriched brand experience. George’s blog explains the new features that Facebook plans to add to help businesses increase sales.
  • What’s the key to making a lot of money from social media websites? Neil Patel illustrates how a few companies are making money leveraging popular social profiles that aren’t monetizing, but are willing to promote your products.

Local Optimization:

  • Learn how Google’s recent changes to the Google Local Pack affect local business listings on its results page. Pete Prestipino provides easy to follow tips to enhance your presence on the local results page.
  • If you are a local business, then listing your business on Google Maps helps you a great deal. Catherine Schutten denotes that using a well defined content marketing strategy, online directory listing, customer reviews, link building and use of Google My Business are key ways to get listed well on Google Maps.
  • Are you finding it difficult to get your business listed in local search? If so, Courtney Grogan identifies the common issues faced by local businesses to get listed.

Email Marketing:

  • Sending messages continually to old or outdated email addresses can hurt one’s overall email marketing efforts. Read Brendan Matthews’ blog that covers the best practices for creating legitimate email lists and eliminating spam traps.
  • Are you a small business investing in email marketing? If so, get smart tips to reach potential customers from Susan Tucker’s She explains the work needed and things to keep in mind for creating your email marketing strategy.
  • There is something wrong if you do not see any value anymore in running email campaigns. Eric Krattenstein offers a few quick fixes for your email marketing strategy that can get you started.
  • Email marketing helps businesses but, people are not clear about using it in the right way to achieve success. Jessa Barron mentions key points that people must pay attention to cater to their marketing audiences.
  • Email marketing is one of the least expensive, yet an effective channel to drive revenue. Aleksandr Peterson offers 5 tips on effectively using email marketing to get consumers engaged, and drive conversions and loyalty.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Companies continue to increase their budgets for Landing Page Optimization to improve conversion rates. But, increasingly the field seems to be more driven by myths than reality. Bernard Mokua highlights the myths and debunks them while offering valuable tips to increase your conversion rates.
  • In today’s digital world, a high bounce rate is undesirable and disadvantageous. Online marketers want to decrease bounce rates, but what is the ideal way to do it? Get smart tips on decreasing bounce rates from Noumaan Yaqoob’s

Mobile Optimization:

  • Google stresses the importance of providing a good user experience on mobile devices and plans to penalize unfriendly mobile websites in the future. Christian Kunz explains how marketers must get going with mobile optimization for their websites.
  • Do you want the highest possible mobile rankings during the holiday season? If so, read Brian Klais’s blog, as it offers professional tips to create a positive impact on Mobile SEO, during this holiday season.
  • Though Google hasn’t officially stated that responsive design helps boost a website’s SEO ranking, having a responsive website is advantageous. Learn from John Lewis’s blog about the inherent benefits that responsive web design offers websites for SEO.

Content Marketing:

  • “Build it and they will come’ seems to be the prevailing strategy in the content marketing world. Jeff Bullas debunks this myth and several others to provide you with a roadmap to content marketing success.
  • Content marketing has become a highly effective marketing tool, but takes a lot more time and effort than other forms of digital advertising. Mark Zeni explains what makes content marketing work, and what tools and tips are needed to make it even more effective.
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