In marketing, we pay a lot of attention to consumer behaviors, no matter what the industry. But, when it comes to the finance, the micro differences in the ways consumers think and behave can tip the industry upside down at the drop of a hat. This is why it’s so important to keep a finger on the pulse of trends and behaviors, and there’s no better way of doing this than paying attention to the industry’s most influential motivators on social media. We’ve gathered seven of the top social influencers for finance marketing today.

Mike Quindazzi

Mike Quindazzi is the Managing Director for US Digital Services and the Southwest area of PwC. His experience in finance spans more than 28 years of learning and growing in the industry. Today, he has taken all this experience and transformed it into incredible success. As a keynote speaker on topics that fuel financial growth for businesses, like global megatrends, his line of vision is focused on financial success and he shows other businesses how to make it happen. With over 91k followers on Twitter, it’s obvious that the industry is hanging on his every word.

Jim Marous

Jim Marous is considered to be among the top 5 Fintech influencers, as well as being one of the most listened to and respected people in the banking industry. He has become a prominent keynote speaker on topics of marketing strategies, digital transformation, innovation and more. Big names in media like the New York Times, CNN and The Economist have featured him and his always-on-target advice. Many of his speeches can be found on his Twitter feed where 65k followers tune in to learn from this influential industry voice.

Tiffany Hayden

Blockchain technology is a complex subject that many people want to learn more about. Unfortunately, many of the routes to Blockchain mastery are paved with even more confusion by people who take for granted that interested parties already have a foundation in finance or technology. One person who is making Blockchain easier to understand and accessible to more people is Tiffany Hayden. Her blog covers Blockchain basics with the promise of a podcast on the horizon. On Twitter, she has over 68k followers paying attention to her every post.

David M. Brear

With a CV that includes being Founder and CEO at 11:FS, FinTech and InsurTech Insider Podcast Host, and senior roles in a range of financial positions – such as banking and insurance – David M. Brear has a lot to say on the world of finance, and people are listening.  He has an audience of over 36k on Twitter, and we couldn’t help but take notice of a recent Twitter post that names “influencer” as one of the top 5 words that has lost all meaning due to misuse. While his presence on social media is “influential”, it’s his knowledge and expertise of the world of finance that make him a true influence in the industry.

Michelle Singletary

Michelle Singletary is an award winning syndicated columnist for the Washington Post and is also well known as the author of “The 21 Day Financial Fast”.  She has become well respected as someone who dishes out practical, but effective financial advice and cuts straight to the point when it comes to what needs to be done if you really want to improve your financial situation. Her Twitter feed, followed by more than 25k people, is packed with advice on everything from paying off that student loan that’s been hounding you for over a decade to questioning why women are still the minority of CEOs. She’s thought provoking and relatable enough to make her one of the biggest financial influencers today.

Neira Jones

Who makes a better social influencer than a woman who has her hands in practically all matters of finance? With more than 20 years of background in financial services and technology, Neira Jones from the United Kingdom has an influential type of power you don’t want to ignore. Her resume includes work in digital innovation, Information security, Fraud, Fintech and more, as well as being a recognized and respected speaker and advisor. Her Twitter account, with more than 11k followers, is far from being filled with the same old, stale financial advice that turns audiences off. Instead, it’s packed with interesting tidbits from blockchain to articles about hacks in medical equipment. She offers wide range appeal for varied audiences.

Mr. Money Mustache

If you’re looking for a social influencer with down to earth appeal, look no further than Mr. Money Mustache. He is a retired engineer turned financial blogger who has achieved financially independence by helping others achieve the same. You won’t find cloudy financial advice being given here. His approach is to knock down modern consumerism and maybe even revolutionize society by introducing a fresh, financial perspective. While generating traffic on his blog, he also has an impressive following on Facebook with over 100k likes and more than 92k followers on Twitter.

The Future of Financial Marketing Begins Today

Successful marketing in the world of finance involves understanding the trends that are propelling the industry into the future. It’s nuanced and complex to say the least. If you’re in the financial industry and are looking for some marketing expertise, we know just the people to help. We’ve created a community of agency partners that are waiting to generate success for you. Contact UpCity today and check out our list of financial marketing agency partners in your area.