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Everyone loves going out. From tapas, to fine dining, to the dive bar happy hour, what’s not to love? The way the food and beverage industry markets to their target audience has changed over the years. From word of mouth to newspaper ads and now to digital marketing.

Last year, online marketing influenced over a billion restaurant visits. With that being said, digital marketing has a huge influence on the way we as consumers decided where to eat every day.

Are you in the food and beverage industry and not quite sure on how to market your business online to reach your ideal target market? Don’t worry and keep reading! These are the top trends in the food and beverage industry that we expect to see this year.

Be Social!

One of the best ways to showcase your restaurant or grocery store is to share your recipes and products via social media. Just tapped a new beer? Create a new video post sharing the new seasonal brew and welcoming new customers into your place of business. Want to increase revenue? Start creating videos and sharing on social. Videos influence a 49% revenue growth for businesses faster than those who don’t share videos at all.

For example, the Instagram profile below shared a video of their new beers and it created 40,000 views and 195 comments. Comments influencing that they can’t wait to try the new beer. This creates buzz and a very inexpensive way to promote your product.

With this very accessible trend right at your finger tips (literally) what are you waiting for? Grab your smart phone and start getting creative!

#nitrorubaeus #brewedforus

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Pay Per Click to Reach Your Demographic

How can you reach your target market you may ask? Well, with dynamic search campaigns through Google AdWords, this will allow you to reach the correct age group and location of your audience. If you own a natural health food store in Indiana, but are setting your geographical radius to California, something is missing. You need to identify with your target market and core mile radius to get the highest foot traffic into your store.

Local searches influence visits to the store front by 72% within a 5-mile radius.

Searching grocery stores near me resulted in the ad below. Not only does it show the exact location, but also some products, the Google Business rating, and the store hours making it convenient to decide when to shop.

Top Digital Marketing Trends for the Food and Beverage Industry


Increase ROI with eBlasts!

With email consumer marketing increasing, the ROI can be quite inspiring. The Compounded annual growth rate of email marketing is expected to grow by nearly 20% by 2025. With the developing return rate on email, how are you managing your next email campaign?

  • Seasonal products and events
  • In- house contests and promotions
  • Personalization and exclusive “club” incentives

All the above are reasons to promote your business and create a relationship with your readers. Engage with your subscribers by offering incentives and exclusive coupons just because they are on your list. This will create a sense of “part of the club” mentality and influence your subscribers to forward to a friend!

starbucks eblast


Grow Organically

SEO has evolved over the years and don’t think 2018 will be any different. The trends are changing within search engine optimization including use of local search. Have you found yourself searching for services including the keywords “near me”? Local searches are gaining importance and have doubled in the past year.

Mobile search is also a huge factor in local search and making sure that your web content is optimized with local keywords. 40% of local searches for food and beverage were conducted on a mobile device in the past year. Are you doing your homework when it comes to local search and keywords?

Generation Z

2018 is the year that Generation Z starts to play a huge role within the economy. Who are they? Those born after 1995 who make up nearly 26% of the U.S. population.

Very few brands have started to target this generation but it is important to do so quickly and not lose momentum on the generation whom contributes 44 Billion to the U.S. economy. Start gaining their interest by showing them what you can do to help them. Collaborate with them by building a personal brand around this generation. And to show them that your brand can help influence their lives you better do it quick. Gen Z consumers only have an eight second attention span. Seems quick but if you can get your story across to them in that short of time than you have won their attention my friend.

gen z


In the next year, growth of the food and beverage vertical digital campaign will depend on the successfulness of their brand creating attractive, educational content that also offers a tailored and targeted experience. Good luck and remember, be inventive!

Ashley Minaudo
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Ashley is an entrepreneur at heart. While studying at the University of Michigan and obtaining a Bachelor of Professional Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations, she began developing her own PR firm which then lead the path to RCC Web Media where she now develops in house digital marketing strategies and lead generation goals.