According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “The automotive industry includes industries associated with the production, wholesaling, retailing, and maintenance of motor vehicles.” Based on that description of the industry, people hold many different positions within the automotive industry.

From automotive technicians to salespeople, manufacturers, dealership managers and more, the automotive industry presents a wide range of employment opportunities for millions of people throughout the United States. As of September, 2017, the BLS estimates that 939,600 people were employed in motor vehicle and parts manufacturing and 2,012,900 individuals worked as motor vehicle and parts dealers.

In August, 2017, approximately 556,600 people were employed by auto parts, accessories and tire stores. At the same time, about 922,600 individuals worked in the field of automotive repair and maintenance.

Marketing Podcasts for the Automotive Industry

Just as there are many types of jobs involved in the automotive industry, the industry also includes an assortment of business types, such as car dealerships, auto supply stores, repair shops and manufacturing plants. What all of these businesses have in common is the need to market themselves.

If you work in the automotive industry and you’re looking for ways to market your business more effectively, here are some podcasts that you’ll want to check out:

The Dealer Playbook

Created by Michael Cirillo, The Dealer Playbook is an invaluable podcast for people working in car dealerships. Every week, the podcast features an interview with an industry expert who provides meaningful, actionable insights about marketing, sales and leadership. The broadcast is available for dealership professionals located in more than 55 countries around the world.

You can find episodes of The Dealer Playbook on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Last FM and YouTube. Once a show is live on those outlets, the podcast’s producers send a summary of the episode to the broadcast’s subscribers. This makes it easy for busy professionals to incorporate the show’s tips into their daily routine as quickly as possible even if they won’t have time to listen to the show for several days.

The Motorcar Marketing Podcast

This intriguing podcast presents interviews with auto industry experts that are intended to help you sell more vehicles. As you listen to past episodes, you’ll pick up timeless tips that can help you market your inventory more successfully and maximize your return on investment. While new shows haven’t been shared for the past few years, The Motorcar Marketing Podcast is still worth listening to if you want to move more of the cars in your inventory in the short and long-term.


The TrafficBuilders podcast offers expert advice from Chuck and Tricia Patton. The duo discusses the best mobile apps for car dealerships, how to evaluate your service center’s marketing strategy at the mid-point of the year and how to adapt to new challenges in the increasingly technical vehicular marketplace.

If you want marketing advice from people who genuinely want you to succeed in the automotive industry, listen to shows from the TrafficBuilders podcast today.

MarketPunch Podcast’s Jason Stum is the host of the MarketPunch Podcast. If you’re in charge of a dealership’s or automotive group’s digital marketing campaign, you’ll want to listen to every episode this podcast has to offer to get information you can put to use as early as today. Offering interviews with industry experts, the MarketPunch Podcast answers questions such as why you need third-party leads.

Auto Dealer Live

Auto Dealer Live is a podcast that is unabashedly made by automotive dealers for their industry brethren. A new episode of this insightful podcast is available on Blog Talk Radio at 3:30 ET every Thursday. Past broadcasts of Auto Dealer Live are available on demand online.

Think Bigger Podcast

Hosted by Jason Stum, the Think Bigger podcast is a must-listen for any automotive group or car dealership that wants to improve their digital marketing efforts. While every episode is worth a close listen, you should start with episode 11 and pay close attention to the next eight broadcasts if you only have a limited amount of time. Those episodes break down Google’s Dealer Playbook, which is intended to teach you how to use Google’s platforms to drive your business in the right direction effectively.

AutoSuccess Podcast

While the AutoSuccess podcast isn’t devoted to marketing exclusively, it does have many relevant episodes that can help you fine tune your marketing strategy and increase sales. Some recent topics include “Moving Customers from Online to In-Store,” “Putting Your Service Department Ahead of the Competition” and “Redefine Your Marketing Message.” Whether your commute is 30 minutes or an hour, listening to the AutoSuccess podcast is a great way to pass the time.

30 Days to Sell Cars

Sean Cassey is the host of this podcast, which is designed to help you learn innovative ways to sell and market automobiles. Cassey is exceptionally well qualified to share advice in this arena. Cassey has successfully created more than 1,800 automotive sales funnels and edited thousands of automotive videos. Cassey currently acts as the number one designer for a publicly traded organization that has an estimated worth of $2.25 billion and operates 100 websites in more than 180 different countries.

Be Less Typical in Car Sales

One thing that can jeopardize your marketing campaign is the perception that some consumers have of car salespeople and dealerships. The Be Less Typical in Car Sales podcast provides free sales training that can help your sales team shed a negative image and transform your salespeople into effective marketers in your showroom. Some of the latest episodes in the Be Less Typical in Car Sales series include “Steps to Get Your Footing Online” and “Leveraging Service to Grow Your Commercial Sales Production.”

Outsell is a great source for information about improving your automotive marketing efforts. You’ll find videos and white papers loaded with tons of useful, actionable information when you visit this website. While you won’t find a traditional podcast at Outsell, you will discover a webinar series that covers meaningful topics, such as “Key Strategies to Effectively Measure Marketing” and “Maximize Customer Retention and Expand Reach with Marketing Automation.”

Dealer Talk

Dealer Talk is a series that discusses various topics that you can use to improve your marketing techniques. While some of the broadcasts are a bit dated, they still provide meaningful insights into automotive marketing that are still relevant today. When you watch the webinars that make up the Dealer Talk series, you’ll learn about topics that range from “Content and Conversion Landing Pages” to “Online Automotive Sales Techniques” and more.

Autoblog Podcast

In order to market in the automotive industry successfully, you need to be on top of the latest industry news. While the Autoblog Podcast isn’t dedicated to discussing marketing tips, it is a fantastic source to learn what’s going on in the auto industry overall. Hosted by Dan Roth, the Autoblog Podcast is worth a listen.

Hard Core Closer Podcast

While the Hard Core Closer Podcast is geared toward professionals across industries, the tips that are included in this series are particularly relevant to salespeople and marketers in the automotive industry. Hosted by Ryan Stewman, a man who’s gone from having nothing to being a successful millionaire, the Hard Core Closer Podcast provides raw, unfiltered information you can use to bring your marketing efforts to the next level.

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Although this podcast isn’t specifically for people working in the auto industry, it still offers insightful tips for using social media to market your automotive business. Hosted by Michael Stelzner, the Social Media Marketing Podcast includes interviews with social media experts and social media marketing professionals. To learn new social media marketing strategies and techniques that can help your business thrive, tune into the Social Media Marketing Podcast now.

Social Media Pubcast

Hosted by Jon Loomer, the Social Media Pubcast is your source for everything you want to know about marketing on Facebook. Loomer is one of the world’s top thought leaders when it comes to marketing on the popular social media platform. If you want to know about the most recent updates to Facebook’s Ad Manager, Power Editor or algorithms, the Social Media Pubcast is a must for you.

If you’re an auto dealer looking to reach more customers online, consider partnering with a top automotive marketing agency near you. They have the resources to help you quickly connect with buyers via SEO, social media, and PPC campaigns.