Welcome to our new post series! Each week, we travel to a new city and highlight some of the best web designers for both small and medium-sized businesses. From the small independent team to the medium-sized design firm, we’ve got them covered! The next time you pass through our featured city, be sure to give these teams a look for all of your graphic design and web development needs!

Welcome to Portland, Oregon! We’re here taking in all the hip scenery, emerging artists, and excellent breweries! During our stay, we decided to pick out some of our favorite Portland web design firms for our readers. We’ve selected these firms based on how well these companies represent themselves online; their company website user experience, social media presence as well as their prominence in organic search results. We hope you enjoy our list and reach out to one or more of these design agencies for your small business website.

  • 45th Parallel Web Design – 45th Parallel Web Design is a two-person team that delivers website design, graphic design, and hosting services to small businesses no matter where you are. The designer and programmer team up for your business to produce incredible results.
  • Bitclone – Bitclone is a company with a strong foundation of responsive design, WordPress development, and dynamic website interactivity. With more than 15 years of web experience, there’s no doubt in the team building anything than your standards.
  • Blue Mouse Monkey – Blue Mouse Monkey is a branding and web design company that works organizations in the business of change! Strong in strategic planning, logo and identity design, and responsive development, the team crafts robust solutions for its clients.
  • Boing – Boing helps you imagine brilliance and insert that into your web presence. Receive logo design, web development, and SEO for improved visibility.
  • Bourke Design – Bourke Design offers tailor-made designs to help small businesses and individuals reach their needs. Get your site design, online marketing, and local design to a whole new level!
  • Bradshaw – Bradshaw is a strategic digital agency that provides an unmatched experience and laser-focused research for its clients. Brand development, public relations, and interactive design make up a large part of the firm’s competitive advantages.
  • Burnside Digital – Burnside Digital supports mobile, cloud, and web development for the masses. The team has discovered, developed, and deployed strategies for some of the most prominent business brands in the world!
  • CMD Agency – CMD Agency is the Northwest’s leading integrated marketing agency! Its digital delivery practices are second to none, especially when considering the host of other services it offers.
  • Coates Kokes – Coates Kokes is a team comprised of talented individuals in the field of marketing and advertising. Knowledgeable in brand communications, account planning, and marketing plan development, you can’t go wrong with Coates Kokes.
  • David Mihm – David Mihm offers world-class web design and local search optimization for specific brands. Medium-sized companies and nonprofits are the best candidates for working with David Mihm on website redesign, so take note of that first.
  • DHX Advertising – Deliver the right message, on the right medium, at the right time! DHX Advertising practices innovative listening, graphic web design, and business understanding that significantly boosts your level of results.
  • Dotzero Design – Dotzero Design are not only skilled at web design, but a host of other skills, including posters, illustrations, logos, and packaging. Get ready to have your business unleash an interactive experience unlike any other!
  • East Bank Communications – East Bank Communications is here to help you sell more to your customers. If you’re looking for a client-focused, brand-driven, and idea-based team, these are your guys.
  • Edge One Media – Refreshing web media at its finest, Edge One Media takes care of your website, brand development, and media production. Small and medium-sized businesses benefit immensely from the talent from this high quality team.
  • Grady Britton – Build brands that do more with the Grady Britton firm! Get creative solutions that convert, change the course of your brand, and optimize your visibility for improved marketing results.
  • GrayBox – Expect to be apart of a partnership when you work alongside the GrayBox team! The group takes pride in offering the highest quality website design, internet marketing, and print services.
  • HALF Creative – HALF Creative provides premium, responsive website design that ensures your business gets more traffic to your site. With a deep focus on small and medium-sized businesses, this team helps you reach your online goals.
  • Hanlon Brown Design – HB Design unites technology and design more a higher level of results. Let the firm tell your story through their brilliant design, and watch your visitors flow in, as a result.
  • Host Pond – Transform your existing site into something incredible with Host Pond. Buy new domain names, take classes on making your own site look graphically impressive, or have this smart team build your site for you!
  • Kosmos Central – Kosmos Central uses its vast experience in crafting websites and applications that exceed client expectations. Improve your conversion rates today when you join forces with this top firm!
  • Leopold Ketel – Leopold Ketel does masterful work on television, print, and digital media. This modern branding agency’s philosophy is to think big, be human, and expect results on every front.
  • Lucid Design – Lucid Design is a forward-thinking web design agency with a focus on product, packaging, identity and web configuration. Make your business dreams a reality when you work with such an engaging team!
  • Made by Finch – Made by Finch has expertise in graphic design, WordPress web development, and ecommerce sites. Work together with this bright firm to create something amazing!
  • Magneto Brand Advertising – Magneto Brand Advertising makes brands better by creating unique ideas and strategies for every customer. Receive a complete overhaul for your branding, and get a stunning display ready to convert your target market.
  • Mambo Media – Mambo Media is a boutique agency specializing in online marketing, website design, and social/PR engagement. They work with a vast array of industries, so contact them to see what they can provide for you!
  • Media Drink – Media Drink is an inclusive ad agency concentrated on custom web design, and digital branding. For more than four years, the projects the team have had were ambitious, challenging, and most of all, exhilarating!
  • Metropolitan Group – Working with social justice organizations getting their voices heard is what Metropolitan Group does best! The group crafts strategic and creative solutions to increase participation and visibility for clients.
  • Metschan Media – Get graphic design and website management with Metschan Media! Help configure consistent messaging across several online and offline channels (print, web, and video).
  • Modern Interface – Get your internet marketing, simplified, under Modern Interface. Communicate the perfect messaging to your audience, attract visitors to your platform, and dress up your platform into the ultimate conversion tool.
  • Moore Web Exposure – Moore Web Exposure zeroes in on design and maintenance for its customers. Small and medium-sized businesses can work with the team to build a remarkable digital presentation.
  • Murmur Creative – A jack-of-all-trades in web design, SEO, and copy, Murmur Creative crafts digital solutions for your agency or business. Make use of its additional skill in photography and copywriting for a complete experience.
  • Nemo – Nemo is proficient in strategic planning, consumer research, and digital web design. The team’s work is driven by the desire to make better experiences for visitors, and ultimately, the world.
  • Nonbox – Nonbox allows you to accelerate your digital marketing using creative insights, strategic intelligence, and empowering relationships to craft the experiences you’ve always wanted! The team has worked on some of the biggest brands in the world!
  • Ovenlight Marketing – Ovenlight Marketing brings a comprehensive suite of talent in order to produce a completely revamped marketing strategy that includes digital and physical presentation. Web design, logos, and white papers: check these out and more!
  • Owen Jones & Partners – Owen Jones & Partners builds brands from the inside out to craft the best brands possible for clients. Content, design, are interactive display are among the company’s strong points in delivery.
  • Parliament – Parliament is an agency providing some of the top web work in the biz! The group works on a number of areas of expertise including digital design, brand identity, and more.
  • PixelSpoke – PixelSpoke constructs digital programs that connect you with your customers throughout the web. Let them provide the redesigns, brand identity, and microsites exactly how you want it.
  • Portland Advertising – Advertising has become more inclusive than ever, and Portland Advertising is ready provide the highest quality of services for you to use. For more than 100 years, Portland Advertising has brought interactive communication, media content, and client services to marketing professionals.
  • Rare Byrd Creative – Amy Thackery brings the world and web to life with her digital design company, Rare Byrd Creative. If you think you can handle her collaborative working style and spirit, contact her for a consultation!
  • Sasquatch Agency – Sasquatch Agency puts the hours in to get your projects done. The sharp team breaks out the tools to get your website looking fabulous on an interactive level of quality.
  • Sightworks – Sightworks consistently aims to launch excellent digital experiences. Create simple, responsive mobile sites optimized across platforms, blogs and landing pages, in addition to custom applications for your business.
  • Singlemind  – Do you have a solid, foolproof mobile strategy? Singlemind handles that for you, in addition to coding mobile applications and illustrative web experiences.
  • Smith Creative – Light the fuse and stand back; Smith Creative brings an explosion of creativity into the mix! Visit its site and check out all of the latest completed projects.
  • Studio Ridge – Studio Ridge serves up a network of talented web professionals to jumpstart your website. Everything from corporate identity to search engine strategy is covered just for you!
  • Trestle Media – At Trestle Media, this talented team of developers, designers, and strategists build innovative solutions for clients. Its small group of talent makes it simple to administer technical and creative adjustments in an instant!
  • Turtledove Clemens – Turtledove Clemens is a group of problem-solvers, communicators, and advertisers steeped in the skills of publication, media, and project consultation. The firm drives relevant campaigns and design strategy to the right channels so your presence can thrive!
  • Typethink – Branding is about creating memorable experiences and engagement with the customer. That’s why Typethink works with you extremely closely in order to gain a better understanding of your customers for powerful web strategy, branding, and social marketing.
  • Watson Creative – Watson Creative builds brands that lead. Top-tier firms, athletic organizations, and cultural icons are just a few of the partners Watson Creative has put on the map with an effective web presence.
  • Yulan Studio – Yulan Studio is a marketing communications and web design firm providing solutions for your company’s strategic needs. Get your graphic design, content, and website crafted all in one place!
  • Zoepdx – Zoepdx wants to make small business teams look professional and stunning at the same time. Through print and web design, collaborate with Zoepdx to get creative results.

We definitely enjoyed taking a look at this diverse abundance of talent from Portland. Can you think of any other design firms that we overlooked on our visit to Indianapolis that deliver great web marketing? Keep us informed in the comments section below!

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