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Welcome to our new post series! Each week, we travel to a new city and highlight some of the best web designers for both small and medium-sized businesses. From the small independent team to the medium-sized design firm, we’ve got them covered! The next time you pass through our featured city, be sure to give these teams a look for all of your graphic design and web development needs!

This week, we’re in Atlanta, GA, home to the world’s largest aquarium, the Fox Theatre, the Atlanta Market Place, the centennial Olympic Park, and much more! While we’re here, we decided to pick out some of our favorite Atlanta web design firms for our readers. We’ve selected these firms based on how well these companies represent themselves online; their company website user experience, social media presence as well as their prominence in organic search results. We hope you enjoy our list and reach out to one or more of these design agencies for your small business website.

  • 16Toads Interactive Designs – 16Toads Interactive Designs experiences with brands and user interface. It outlines the entire creation process so that you’re not left in the dark.
  • 352 – 352 is a digital agency focused on inspiring software, design, and digital marketing. The team is constantly growing, at the forefront of creativity, and agile enough to respond to advances in web technology.
  • 45royale – 45royale is an experienced web design studio that believes in quality design, dedicated work, and communication. Whether you need a high quality site or a short-term marketing campaign, 45royale’s team has you covered.
  • Airtight Design – Airtight Design builds powerful web design for growing companies. Search optimization, ecommerce, and custom web development add significant value to its product offering.
  • Atlanta Web Design Shop – Atlanta Web Design Shop has customers from all over the US asking for its services. Redesign your website, create a new one, or boost your presence with search engine optimization the firm provides.
  • AtlantaSky Creative Solutions – AtlantaSky provides service in web design that is clean, fast, and affordable! There are no limits to the talent this firm possesses, and no doubt all of that talent goes into every project they undertake.
  • Atlanta Top SEO – Atlanta Top SEO provides unique SEO services and web design for its customers. The firm guarantees no payment until your site reaches the number one spot in the Google search engines for your keywords.
  • Beers Design – Beers Design delivers brilliant web design that gets results for its clients. Have the team implement easy-to-use content management and custom blog themes for your site.
  • Bella Web Design – All of your internet marketing needs are in one place at Bella Web Design. Search engine optimization, web hosting, and much more awaits when you hire the team to construct your web experience.
  • Black Bear Design – Black Bear Design creates remarkable online experiences and leads in web development, pay-per-click marketing, and search optimization. Website redesigns are its specialty!
  • Boxkite Media – Bring your physical store to the virtual world! Boxkite Media strives to bring you cost-effective design solutions to exceed your business needs.
  • Breen Smith Advertising – Breen Smith Advertising welcomes you to a new way of thinking. This company creates immersive digital, content, and mobile experiences you’ve never seen before.
  • Brightfire – Brightfire is a creative digital agency dedicated to doing their best work for every client they work with. Print, website, and marketing excellence is only a click away!
  • Cadre – What do you get when you add design, development, and passion all together? You get Cadre, an agency that specializes in design, development, and web marketing.
  • Cool Blue Interactive – Cool Blue Interactive is a small agency that produces big results for your brand. With more than 17 years of experience in the space, Cool Blue operates through a large range of industries, knowing when and how to optimize your presence.
  • Creative Edge – The Creative Edge helps small businesses invest their marketing dollars into creative design. Craft logos, send social media, and promote your business via email through this tenacious company.
  • Creative Momentum – Call up the Creative Momentum team to find more sales, leads, and traffic for your business. Its websites are engaging and engrossing enough to have your visitors racing to learn more about your service.
  • Denmark – For more than 25 years, Denmark (the agency) has helped clients attain victory in design and creative web development. Branding, advertising, and digital marketing is what Denmark does best!
  • Dynamix Web Design – Make your website look great on every screen, and on every resolution with Dynamix Web Design. The firm demonstrates skills in web development, creativity, and so much more!
  • EBB Web Design – EBB Web Design cultivates immersive user experiences and mobile app development. The company also has an amazing reputation, with more than 10 years of experience in the design and development industry.
  • Eclipse Web Media – Eclipse Web Media offers cutting-edge SEO and web design services for its clients. Everyone on the team possesses an incredible work ethic and expertise, giving you the right answers whenever you need them.
  • Freebairn and Company – Strategic planning, web design and development, and much, much more are available to you with Freebairn and Company. From the get-go, the team is relentless in creating great ideas to meet the specific needs of any client, big or small!
  • Good, Clean Design – Good, clean design is surprisingly hard to integrate into your online presence. It takes a skilled firm like Good, Clean Design to show you the ropes, and make your brand more enticing.
  • Grey Umbrella Marketing – Grey Umbrella Marketing gets you in front of your customers, keeps them coming back, and grows your business exponentially. This is all done through breakthrough web design, target advertising, SEO, and more!
  • Hot Sauce Studios – Raise up delicious and interactive websites with Hot Sauce Studios! Don’t worry about the creativity, ideas, or technology involved; just sit back, and watch the creators do their work.
  • Idea Associates – Idea Associates has more than 25 years of experience in real estate as a full service marketing company. No matter what the medium, its team of experts provides an immersive experience for your business.
  • Intown Web Design – Intown Web Design creates powerful websites for small businesses. Get ready to improve your rankings, website code, and messaging.
  • IQuest Web Design – Does your web presence need optimizing? IQuest Web Design does graphic and web design, in addition to convenient access to their services to ensure that you are a satisfied customer.
  • Jenkins Creative – Jenkins Creative is more than a team of visual strategists that are passionate about elegant design. Collaborate with the team and establish concrete goals so both parties achieve the highest level of quality for your website.
  • LNP Studios – LNP Studios provides web development, social media marketing, and more. You’ll be that much closer to achieving your traffic goals when you work with a company determined to help you succeed!
  • M16 Marketing – Are you looking for a results-driven firm that provides web analytics, design, and SEO? M16 Marketing is what you’re looking for; it jumpstarts growth for the companies it works with.
  • MaxMedia – Receive a unified brand experience from an integrated marketing agency like MaxMedia. This firm provides you with the tools to foster real human engagement with your audience through digital design.
  • Mr. Technique – Get more leads, establish top notch SEO, and consistent website maintenance under the aid of Mr. Technique! Save on your web spend while getting the site of your dreams at the same time!
  • Nathan Currin – Nathan Currin heads up his own web design company. He spends his days creating beautiful website interfaces, elegant print pieces, and more!
  • Nebo Agency – Nebo Agency is a talented group of individuals that strive to make the web more awesome! The company takes a human-centered approach to design and marketing unlike any other.
  • Nichelabs – Nichelabs produces marketing solutions so your company can take its efforts to the next level. Custom websites, social networking, and more the staple offerings Nichelabs can give you.
  • Nurun – Nurun shares human-centered design solutions to help businesses thrive in a connected landscape. Watch the team create next-generation funnel for leads, make use of the firm’s design research capabilities, and use new interfaces and functionality.
  • O’Neill Communications – Since 1987, O’Neill Communications is a full service marketing agency that has services in content devlopment, custom design, and lead generation. Expect to get exceptional results from working with this company.
  • Red Clay Interactive – Red Clay Interactive provides web design and internet marketing at your fingertips. Its team assists in making a website that customers will find easy on the eyes and simple to navigate.
  • Southern Web – Agile web development. Responsive web design. Grade-A site configuration. Get all this and more when you work with Southern Web, one of the top firms in Georgia helping you achieve a revolutionary web presence!
  • SparxStudios – SparxStudios gets you where you want to go online. Consulting, design, and development is only just a fraction of what this firm can do for your company.
  • Sojo Inc. – Sojo Inc. (soon-to-be-named Vivo 360) does astounding web design work for its clients. Work with this company, and you’ll see the powerful innovation at work here.
  • SolDesign Company – SolDesign Company specializes in brand, web, and database design and effectively takes your online presence to new heights. Let this experienced team bolster your brand’s position, graphic design, and online interface.
  • Stone Soup – Celebrating more than 10 years of awesome clientele, Stone Soup is an internationally-focused agency well-versed in all things digital marketing. Hire them for work in web design, mobile development, and custom software.
  • The Propel Agency – The Propel Agency helps display to your audience who you are and makes it matter to them. They effectively combine strategy and creative ability to administer brand building conducive to growth for you business.
  • Third Wave Advertising – Third Wave Advertising has creative solutions, web deisgn, and interactive presentations. It helps businesses searching for an improved way of communication to its market.
  • Ultimate Design Solutions – Ultimate Design Solutions is an independent, full-service design firm that services customers both locally and on the national stage. Get lifetime support, mobile optimization, and a free quote when you start today!
  • Webco Interactive – Webco Interactive marks marketing and web design as its highest priority. Let this firm take advantage of modern technology to create the most visually engaging designs in your market!
  • Webdisart – Webdisart pinpoints the art of webpages in order to craft great designs. Web strategy, mobile design, and company projects are its top specialities.

We definitely enjoyed taking a look at this diverse abundance of talent from Atlanta. Can you think of any other design firms that we overlooked on our visit to Atlanta that deliver great web marketing? Keep us informed in the comments section below!

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