For content marketers, discovering new and engaging content is always a challenge. There’s a wealth of tools, apps, and websites devoted to discovering content, but not all of them actually make the process any easier than simply googling the topic you’re looking to target.

With these 5 tools, you’ll be able to reduce your content discovery time significantly and get back to spending your time managing the other important aspects of your clients’ content marketing campaigns.


It’ll come as no surprise to content marketing professionals that BuzzSumo is included in this list. It’s widely acknowledged that BuzzSumo is one of the best content discovery sources, especially when it comes to finding quality content whose engagement is already proven via social media. Their site allows you to search a topic and view the top performing links and articles based on their social share count. In addition, BuzzSumo also helps you find influencers within your industry to even further ramp up your content marketing efforts.


Flipboard is my personal favorite content discovery and content curation app. I’ve been using it since it first launched and they’ve grown their app from a simple, yet beautiful RSS feed reader into a buzzing community of content curators that share all kinds of content, not just blog posts and articles. Users create their own collections of links, articles, videos, and photos (called “magazines”) or follow professionally curated magazines. They can then “flip” articles into their magazines to help collect their favorite pieces of content. Not only is it great for discovering fresh new content, it’s also great for growing your audience and driving traffic to your blog.


Nuzzel is a nifty little tool/app that many of you may not have heard of. The idea is simple: you connect your Twitter account and Nuzzel will scan your feed for links. It will then send you a daily “newsletter” of the top links shared by the people you’re following. For those of you that heavily use Twitter, this can greatly cut down on the amount of time you’ll need to spend digging through the weeds and allow you to focus more on the content that actually matters.


Reddit is known as “the front page of the Internet” for a reason. It’s large user base, vast number of communities (called “subreddits”) and simple user interface make it an extremely powerful tool for content discovery. Redditors submit links which are then either upvoted or downvoted by the community. The most upvoted links float to the top, while the most downvoted posts slowly fade away. Subscribe to subreddits related to the topics you’re interested in and start discovering!


Any list of content discovery tools that doesn’t include Twitter is simply incomplete. Twitter has become the go-to news source for people across the globe. Whether you’re looking for the latest articles about a particular topic by searching a given hashtag, using lists to keep track of the latest posts from influencers in your industry, or simply finding great memes, Twitter is the place to be.

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