Tumblr has more than 185 million blogs on its platform. Looking at the massive community of users sharing photos, memes, reviews, and videos, it comes as no surprise the microblogging platform has come this far. For much of the Internet’s existence, we’ve received purely long-form content. With the advent of Tumblr, and similar services, we’re able to absorb and share information faster than ever before!

The inbound marketing world is a huge place, and we think that collecting the best Tumblr blogs on the subject will do wonders for our audience. For this reason, we’ve collected the top 25 Tumblr marketing blogs for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s our list. Enjoy the read!

  • 360 Photo – 360 Photo is another curated tumblog on current marketing news. You’re guaranteed to learn a lot about the trade and small business!
  • Amy Yamazaki – Amy Yamazaki is a PR expert providing her Tumblr blog as a resource for personal and business branding. Read her shared infographics and blog posts for a greater understanding of the landscape.
  • Ay Digital – Ay Digital boosts a spectacle of in-depth articles written by the dedicated agency team. Learn all things social media and Internet in this wonderfully crafted Tumblr blog.
  • Constantine McKool – Constantine McKool grants you an interesting perspective into the social web with his blog. Check out the neat statistics, infographics, and slideshows when you get a chance!
  • Craig Riley – Craig Riley oversees this blog, dropping all sorts of knowledge on web design, business promotion, and marketing. You’re in luck if you enjoy top articles in these fields of interest!
  • DigMar – DigMar delivers all of the best marketing and social media news around the web. Everything from blogging to dirt on the social media powerhouses are linked here!
  • Fiber.net Fiber.net has a company Tumblr page complete with blogs and posts on everything social media and career based. Of course, there are funny pictures to accompany them!
  • Foglyte – Are you ready to unleash the power of SEO? Jonathan Barrick is the Marketing Manager and Strategic Director of Foglyte, producing social media and search marketing information for smart readers.
  • Inbound Marketing Dude – This Inbound Marketing Dude provides interesting thoughts on the marketing and SEO landscapes. While he’ll share the occasional food image, we do enjoy his unique commentary.
  • Internet Marketing Blog – Are you’re looking for your daily marketing fix (as well as some of the best eye-catching headlines in the business) point your focus to the Internet Marketing Blog! Receive some of the best stories straight to your Tumblr feed.
  • Jay Mug – Jay Mug is an entrepreneur and marketing professional interested in design, marketing, advertising, and tech. His posts include a variety of interesting pictures and illustrative advertising pieces.
  • Kate Brockhurst – Funny cartoons on inbound marketing? Check. Immersive infographics? Check. Kate Brockhurst curates with the best of them in her intriguingly insightful blog.
  • Kenny Fillingerus – This blog by Kenny Fillingerus streams posts from his main blog back to Tumblr. We hope you enjoy the variety of creative social media tactics to gaining more visitors.
  • Marketing Land – Marketing Land has a new blog in town… a tumblog, that is! Monica Wright provides updates on social media, tech, and more with this fantastic curation of posts.
  • Marketing Maven PR Blog – This high quality blog contains tips on copywriting, social media, and SEO. The Marketing Maven PR team also shares neat links and resources for you to learn from.
  • Marketing Nerds – Maggie Lu is leader of the Marketing Nerds, a place where the best news on marketing and media gets shared! Everyone is welcome to gain insights into the industry through her phenomenal microblog.
  • MarketingStream.io – MarketingStream.io is an inbound marketing agency that helps companies increase growth through content marketing and social networking. Their blog is definitely worth the read!
  • Marketr – Check out Marketr! As the official feed for Tumblr’s Sales and Brand Strategy team, this blog serves as the platform to share insights on Tumblr’s marketing strategy, marketing news, and more!
  • Mastering Marketing – Mastering Marketing is another Tumblr blog that shares blogs on social media and marketing news. Read it’s posts for more information in this space.
  • Search Engine Journal – We knew Search Engine Journal had a terrific blog, but apparently their Tumblr profile is just as impressive. Get bite-sized excerpts of full articles as soon as you follow them!
  • Social Media Desk – The NPR crew knocked it out of the park with this Tumblr blog. Mel and Wright’s Social Media Desk blog shares what they’ve been reading in the digital space, in order to inform and enlighten readers.
  • The Social Business – The Social Business is a tumblog created by IBM Global Business Services. If you’re interested in how digital strategy is affecting the business landscape, you’re in luck!
  • The Very Best of the Marketingblog – This marketing blog is curated by Will Corry, sharing industry news and trends from the UK. If you’re looking for a new perspective on marketing news, you’ve found the blog for you!
  • The Social Media Dynamo – The Social Media Dynamo reports all the best news and marketing lessons in one sweet blog. Ricardo Guerrero incites conversation with terrific story selection in a smart collection of posts.
  • Thomas Jedelhauser – Do you want all of the best inbound marketing news in one place? Thomas Jedelhauser puts his best foot forward in sharing the latest inbound marketing updates!

We hope you enjoyed our post! What are some of your favorite Tumblr marketing blogs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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