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Managing a small business is a colossal undertaking. As a quality leader, you are often required to keep in mind the efficiency and use of resources in finance, marketing, product, and labor. Veer too far off into inefficiency within any one of these areas, and you can sometimes endure a grueling uphill battle to get your business back on track.

This is why it is critical to learn as much as you can about small business management. Ideally, your marketing tactics should always be improving (we created a list of small business marketing blogs to help you with this). Stay abreast of local trends, take advantage of beneficial iterations in technology, make sure your SEO is at its best, and, most importantly, pay attention to what your competitors are doing.

That being said, we know it is difficult to find the time to search for resources that will help you to better oversee your small business. We composed a list of 20 trusted bloggers below, who present the most valuable information about small business management.

  1. Alex Bellinger – Alex Bellinger is the founder and editor of SmallBizPod. He helped curate the illuminating podcasts, which concentrate on business planning, female entrepreneurship, and startups. In addition, the written blog focuses primarily on finance, social media, and technology. A potent combination of different mediums earns Alex’s blog to be among the best resources for business owners.
  2. Alyssa Gregory – Looking for a supportive network of small business owners succeeding in their respective niches? Read the comprehensive blog of Alyssa Gregory and her team of rockstar business owners. Covering finance, live events, marketing, and social media, this blog answers many questions that business owners often come across.
  3. Andrew Patricio – Andrew is the owner of one of the largest small business training companies in the world. Packed with extensive articles and webinars on managing and growing a small business, the BizLaunch blog is a well-rounded resource..
  4. Barbara Weltman – As a trusted small business advocate, Barbara Weltman’s blog expands upon current events and finance for small business. You will view detailed information about taxes, so those of you who are not as knowledgeable on this subject may want to mark this blog a priority to read.
  5. Barry Moltz – Barry Moltz’s platform delivers podcasts, videos, and written content to his audience. As an experienced business owner for more than 20 years, Barry also provides consultations and training for small business owners to help grow their business.

  1. Becky McCray – This blog is actually quite different from the rest because it zeroes in on rural and small town businesses. Becky McCray focuses largely on local business marketing and connecting with the community. Becky’s blog is a top-notch resource for discovering better ways to connect with the people within your neighborhood.
  2. Big Ideas Blog – Ever wonder about marketing and sales strategies, ranging from generating leads to effectively using social media? The Big Ideas Blog is the right place to start learning. The content is a collaborative effort, bringing clarity and focus to business owners who are unsure where to begin.
  3. Carol Roth – Carol is a long-time business owner and entrepreneur who enlisted a team of writers to write about the realities of running a business. Common questions and answers are discussed, as well as the ever-changing landscape of the small business terrain.
  4. Deluxe Small Biz Blog – This blog offers a variety of knowledge from seasoned small business owners. This team of bloggers  tackles case studies and current events happening in the small business world.
  5. Dom Celentano – Dom Celentano specializes in small family businesses and has over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship. A lot of his posts deal with current events in small business and marketing, as well opinions on practical business thinking.

  1. Dr. Greg Chapman – Even though his blog concentrates on Australian small businesses, Dr. Greg Chapman publishes material that is applicable to small businesses located throughout the world. If you’re interested in expert SMB commentary and advertising case studies, give this blog a read.
  2. Eric Cornelison – Eric is the blogger at Yellowstone Capital who lays down the basic methodology for business owners. This is a great resource if you are new to small business ownership, or if you are simply looking for a solid read on the subject.
  3. Gary Barzel – Gary Barzel is the main contributor to the Fastupfront blog. With more than ten years of experience in business finance, he writes informative articles about business growth trends, advertising, and social media.
  4. Heather Clancy – Heather Clancy discusses the latest small business management trends through her column on ZDNet. You might not understand if cloud migration, social media, or mobile development makes sense for your business, but Heather will let you know if it is worth taking the plunge.
  5. Heather Rast – Heather Rast is the content strategist behind the Insights and Ingenuity Blog. When you read her guides, interviews, and tips on marketing strategy, you will see why this blog is a winning recipe for small business owners looking to find inbound marketing expertise.

  1. Jay Bauer – If you want to dive in and absorb content management for your business, Jay’s blog may become your most visited blog. He teaches how to operate those social media tools and prepare for the future of social business.
  2. Laura Roeder – Laura Roeder expresses a passion for helping SMBs leverage social media and marketing to land the right customers. From inventing content ideas to social platform-specific tips and tweaks, Laura’s blog transports quality information that all small business owners interested in social media need to know.
  3. Lisa Barone – Not only is Lisa Barone the Vice President of Strategy at OverIt, she is a trusted blogger on the topics of content distribution, marketing, and social media. Lisa and other blog contributors offer their advice to help businesses attract customers by optimizing their website design and analytics.
  4.  Mark Hayward – Mark Hayward is a brick-and-mortar small business owner who spent years learning how to leverage digital marketing and social media to acquire dedicated customers. Mark presents the proper steps to using social media as a small business.
  5. Paul Singh – Paul Singh is a serial startup entrepreneur with a passion for helping small businesses. His writing can help you understand how to give value to the end user, as well as how to achieve rapid growth.

  1. Melinda Emerson – If you’re not familiar with Melinda Emerson, you will be surprised after reading about her successful background. Previously, she has given lectures at the Wharton School of Business and MIT as well as worked with companies as large as Facebook.
  2. Naomi Dunford – Naomi Dunford is the owner of the company, IttyBiz. Her blog posts center primarily on the road to online business success. Additionally, if Naomi’s outstanding free material does not help your business progress, you will be able to utilize her consulting services.
  3. Steve Strauss – Steve Strauss is a top small business commentator for many of the world’s largest brands (CNN, CNBC, etc.). This blog covers everything – insurance law, marketing, technology, and more.
  4. Stephan Topfer – Stephan’s blog encapsulates small business trends and projections since 2006. With a team of content writers at his back, Stephan provides the latest information on economic, social, and technical aspects of small business management.
  5. WorkingPoint Team – The WorkingPoint team created a phenomenal asset for small business owners to peruse. Focusing mostly on financial management, blog topics range from business management to expense tracking. (Line not needed? This is a goldmine for business owners still wet behind the ears).

Do you know of any other trusted bloggers well versed in the art of small business management? Suggest some great value creators, and we will add them to the list.