Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared on June 3, 2014. It has been updated to include the most relevant and up-to-date Youtube channels.

If you’re used to looking at a macro view of your business’s marketing, you know how important social media is. If you’re new to social media marketing — or if the thought of adding yet another obligation to your workday fills you with dread — following along on YouTube can be a quick and easy way to learn the ropes.

The information here updates faster, thanks to a shorter lead time than a magazine article or book. It’s also good for multitasking, since you can let the audio play in the background while you’re working on something else.

Of course, separating the wheat from the chaff poses its own set of challenges. With that in mind, we’ve compiled our top YouTube channels for social media marketing. The right resources make it easier to take your online presence to the next level.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, getting back up to speed, or taking your social media marketing to the next level in pursuit of the next viral marketing hit, there’s something here for you.

500 Social Media Tips – This is the YouTube presence of author and social media guru Andrew Macarthy. In addition to his own useful tips and tutorials, he’s quick to aggregate and share others’ insights, making his channel must-see viewing.

American Marketing Association – The AMA covers all aspects of marketing, which comes in handy if your concerns go beyond the social media angle and on to the same fundamentals that have informed marketing for the organization’s eighty-year history.

BeyondSocialMedia – We like the approach of Beyond Social Media, which combines smart and snarky takes on the intersection of pop culture, branding, and social media. You can learn a lot about what not to do based on their takedowns of social media gone wrong, but there’s also plenty of information to help you get it right the first time.

Gary Vaynerchuk – Fast-talking, funny, and profane, Gary Vaynerchuk has plenty to say about entrepreneurship, social media, marketing, and branding… much of it very insightful.

HootSuite – HootSuite is one of the most popular social media management platforms. The information presented here goes beyond making good use of HootSuite to encompass a broader view of social media and social selling.

Hot Blog Tips – Forget the debate over whether or not blogging works. It’s still vital because it still works, so you’d might as well learn to do it right. This channel helps you do just that, while also addressing the ways that blogging comes together with other forms of social media.

Jay Baer – One of the minds behind the Social Pros Podcast, Baer puts a heavy emphasis on the “social” in “social media,” reminding businesses to put their customers front and center.

John Haydon – John Haydon updates infrequently, but belongs on this list for one simple reason. The rules for social media marketing are a bit different for nonprofits than they are for the average business, and Haydon brings his experience in the trenches to bear on an informative YouTube presence.

Likeable Media – Started by, and for, women in business, Likeable Media is a social media agency whose channel covers a bit of everything involved in running a business, including staffing, work-life balance, and —yes — social media. What makes them different is the willingness to view social media from both a business and consumer angle.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a haven for thought leaders, recruiters, and other industry movers and shakers. Their YouTube presence combines all of the above facets with other informative nuggets, which is invaluable if you’re looking for new ways to broaden your reach and your network.

Mark Schaefer – If you need a dose of inspiration alongside practical advice, Mark Schaefer — host of the Marketing Companion podcast — offers plenty of both.

Shelley Roth – Her areas of expertise include social media, entrepreneurship, email marketing, and transgender advocacy. They pull it all together through a YouTube channel that’s essential not only for understanding social media, but also reaching diverse audiences with sensitivity.

Social Media Delivered – If you’re too busy for long-form content, Social Media Delivered should be your go-to. Their videos cut straight to the point, giving you vital information on social media updates, best practices, and input from thought leaders, all delivered in an easily digestible form.

Social Media Examiner – Founded in 2009, Social Media Examiner was one of the first publications to grasp the potential of social media for business. That experience informs a YouTube presence that consists of events, live interviews, tips, techniques, and best practices, all delivered in a way that’s easy for even neophytes to understand.

Social Media Week – Even though it updates infrequently, this channel — the YouTube presence for an annual conference that covers the latest trends in social media — is still essential viewing. Beyond the business aspect it also looks at the economic and cultural impact of social media, giving you a glimpse at the big picture.

Socialbakers – Socialbakers weds analytics to social media so your business can do more where your customers are. In addition to pushing their own product, they also cover the trends that impact the present and future of social media.

SocialFresh – A companion conference to the Social Toolkit podcast, SocialFresh covers the latest tools and methods in social media marketing. While the video channel isn’t as freewheeling as the podcast, it’s revealing and helpful nonetheless.

Smart Social Media 4Biz – Bright Spark Media helps photographers and other creatives find new ways to find and connect with their audiences via social media. Despite the company’s niche focus, there’s useful information here for other verticals as well.

Stone Temple – If you’re involved in marketing, odds are better than even that your concerns and your efforts go beyond social media. Stone Temple, run by marketer Eric Enge, addresses mobile marketing, SEO, and even IoT in this far-ranging collection of videos.

Think Media– Looking to grow your business presence on Youtube? Sean Cannell posts weekly tech, video gear, lighting, and audio gear reviews and tutorials. His channel is also a useful resource for email marketing tips and provides guides to creating podcasts and other digital content.

VRTube – Like other aspects of marketing, social media is all about addressing the details. Vertical Response’s YouTube channel addresses fundamentals like email campaigns, linking and posting, and marketing automation.

Wade Harman – We get so wrapped up in the mechanics of social media that it’s easy to forget that it’s about relationship building. Wade Harman uses techniques drawn from psychology to show how to make those engagements more productive and meaningful. That approach keeps these videos seeming fresh even though his channel can go a long time between updates. 

Honorable Mentions: If you read business magazines in your spare time, don’t forget to check their YouTube channels. Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Inc., each have their own YouTube presences which can give you information and business insights that cover more than just social media.

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