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If we only access information from one country or state, the quality of this information might be incredibly stifled. We could be missing out on different cultural insights and lessons people have learned throughout time. Thankfully for us, the Internet is a global network that allows fluid communication between anyone, no matter where you are in the world.

This worldwide transition of ideas is especially relevant when your business targets international markets for consumption of a product. It is difficult to know how to treat different target audiences in your marketing efforts without the proper knowledge. The optimal way to go about focusing on effective global marketing strategies is by reading international marketing blogs. Through this free vehicle, you will learn and explore how global audiences communicate and respond to diverse prospects.

Take cues from these top 25 international marketing blogs, and you’ll learn a great deal on how to tighten up your marketing practices overseas!

1. Alicia Cowan – Alicia Cowan offers up social media mentorship and training for small businesses. She regularly includes tips for your business’s social profiles, all while teaching creative ways to sell and best your competition.

2. B2B Marketing Insider – Another marketer focused on big brands, Michael Brenner offers much in the way of value regarding social media and business marketing. We highly recommend browsing the variety of blog posts to get interesting tidbits!

3. Carvill Creative  – If you want guides and walkthroughs for all of your favorite social media platforms, look no further than the U.K.’s Carvill Creative blog! In addition to creative advice for your business, gives you the intelligence to be socially optimized and increase traffic.

4. Chris Ducker Blog – Another expert in the marketing and business industry, outsourcing expert Chris Ducker lists the tools and tips you’ll need to increase your sales and jumpstart your profits! His innumerable posts and podcasts should be more than enough to learn from.

5. Danny Brown Blog – Danny Brown’s expertise in this blog centers on the power of influence marketing, a tool that many businesses should cultivate in their marketing arsenal. He tackles several interesting topics and profiles individual social media platforms and other inbound marketing lessons.

6. David Naylor Blog – David Naylor is a director at Bronco, a digital marketing agency based in the U.K. He posts his conclusions and optimization tips on SEO, website configuration, and social media in excellent blog posts.

7. dotMailer Blog – Keep a wide eye on email marketing with the dotMailer blog! This global  agency is targeted worldwide from Edinburgh to New York, so definitely expect its email strategy advice to be tested among a large variety of consumers.

8. Econsultancy – Econsultancy is a digital marketing blog community for marketing and e-commerce professionals. With its wide range of material, and large consumer base to grab insights from (more than 200,000 registered users in 2013), you can trust the quality of its blog posts.

9. ExactTarget – ExactTarget is a division of the SalesForce brand, so you can expect its content to be top notch. Reputation management, customer loyalty, and social media are covered in-depth in this smart blog.

10. Global Marketing Blog – Pam Didner’s global marketing blog provides geographical context for her marketing learnings. If you love business and marketing content, this blog is surely one to read.

11. Global Small Business Blog – As a small business owner, are you interested in going global? Head on over to Chicago’s Global Small Business Blog by Laurel Delaney, complete with an archive filled to the brim with e-commerce and digital marketing tactics to improve your reach around the world!

12. Graham Jones Blog – Are you looking for articles on content marketing and current events on social media? Graham Jones, the Internet psychologist, publishes weekly web advice for his U.K. and beyond audience.

13. Koozai – Koozai displays some of the most intelligent marketing chops this side of the Internet. With its superb videos and magnificent infographics, the U.K. company’s blog keeps you informed and knowledgeable of digital media in a timely manner.

14. Marketing Blog – Marketing gives its regular U.K. readers the some of the best inbound news in the industry, delivering top analysis from industry experts. Big brands are this blog’s focus, but small business owners can gain knowledge here nonetheless.

15. Matthew Woodward Blog – Matthew Woodward’s UK blog is an award-winning, top 100 content portal, with loads of info on digital marketing. He goes into detail about digital media and entrepreneurship for his vast readership.

16. One Too Many Mornings – Gavin Llewellyn crafts the One Too Many Mornings blog in the U.K., chock-full of wisdom on inbound marketing and digital communications. Updates on SEO and Google search are also highlighted on the blog.

17. PushON – The PushON blog is more targeted towards event updates in the European marketing world, while still providing quality content. There are still several posts on SEO and PPC, but this is of most value to marketers planning on attending the events highlighted in the blog.

18. Sarkemedia Blog by Sarah Arrow – Welcome to the blog of Sarah Arrow, a site focusing on content planning, e-commerce, and digital marketing. Your business stands to supremely benefit from a quick trip down the blog’s archives.

19. SEOGadget – When you read SEOGadget’s blog, you’ll overhaul your business from the ground up. Not only do the writers present SEO strategy, but they also show business and conversion advice as well.

20. Smart Insights Blog – Time to call in the digital marketing experts! The Smart Insights blog gathers a whole host of marketing authorities to provide actionable industry advice. The blog content is free for all, although you will have to pay for Expert Membership for more valuable data.

21. The Wall Blog – Take your brand and boost it to the next level with the Wall Blog. The blog specializes in social media advertising, mobile marketing, and other significant aspects of agency marketing.

22. The Engaging Brand – The Engaging Brand is a wonderful blog crafted by Anna Farmery, full of articles and podcasts on business marketing. She emphasizes the importance of social media and social leadership to business growth.

23. Target Internet – Your digital marketing may need work, but the Target Internet blog can grant you the help you need! The blog contains enough podcasts and articles that will get your business on the right track!

24. We Are Social – We Are Social is a global conversation agency with offices all over the world, including London, Singapore, and São Paulo. The blog centers around advertising, social media marketing, and more for big brands.

25. WooRank – More than 20,000 companies rely on WooRank’s software for SEO review and optimization advice. The Belgium company blog’s bag of tricks includes startup investments, conversions, content marketing, and inbound marketing.

We hope you enjoyed our list of top international marketing web blogs! However, we know there are so many more that we’re missing. Feel free to contribute grade-A international blogs in the comments section below.

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