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This week’s roundup, includes tips to design a Mobile friendly website, boost your Organic traffic, and implement a local Content Marketing strategy.

Learn how to promote a small business on Social Media and determine the best Email frequency to elicit maximum response from customers. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

Content Marketing:

  • Learn how to create B2B personas can be included in your Content Marketing strategy from Ardath Albee’s blog.
  • Amir Noghani offers guidance to implement a local Content Marketing strategy.
  • Doug Milnor highlights how strategies such as using a Content creation calendar and improving Content delivery platforms can enhance your Content Marketing efforts.
  • Sakshi Anand discusses how website Content can change your business strategies and make them more result oriented.
  • Tara St.John offers helpful tips to implement Content Marketing into your marketing strategy for reaching new audiences.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Ruth Peters offers guidance to transform a collection of intelligence tools into a successful CRO strategy.
  • Ted Vrountas presents user experience principles to boost Conversions.
  • Udit Khanna outlines techniques such as using tailor made landing pages for customized campaigns and offering help to customers, for improving Conversions from landing pages.
  • Joel Waggener highlights how strategies such as blogging and optimizing Conversion forms can improve your website’s Conversion rate.
  • Ann Smarty emphasizes the need to analyze keywords by intent for improving your Conversion rate.

Email Marketing:

  • Karen Repoli outlines techniques such as checking your competitor’s Email Marketing list and building real relationships with your list members, to enhance your Email Marketing efforts.
  • Dave Chaffey emphasizes the need to evaluate your current Email frequency, to determine the best Email frequency for eliciting maximum response from customers.
  • Learn how to use Emails to improve your digital marketing strategy from Gaurav Jain’s blog.
  • Larisa Bedgood discusses how personalization and social sharing can have an impact on your Email Marketing efforts in the year 2017.

Local Optimization:

  • Jason Bayless discusses how strategies such as creating a good content development strategy and encouraging real reviews from customers can help businesses from a Local SEO standpoint.

Mobile Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Kuldeep Ghodasara discusses practical ways for increasing your website’s domain authority to rank higher in search results.
  • Follow the valuable tips from Janice Wald to boost your Organic traffic.
  • Manu Mahajan highlights how techniques such as updating website content regularly and avoiding duplicate content, can influence Search Engines to increase the crawl rate.
  • Junaid Ali Qureshi outlines the SEO mistakes that marketers must avoid in the year 2017, to achieve favorable results.

Social Optimization:

  • Ashley Zeckman presents a comparative overview of the Social Media endeavours of B2B and B2C brands.
  • Learn how to promote a small business on Social Media from Alla Bogdan’s blog.
  • Follow the tips from Erin Romine to boost Social Engagement.
  • Katrina Stewart draws special attention to Social Media strategies such as sharing infographics and posting customer testimonials, that can create a foundation for long term growth.
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