New SEO tacticsThis week’s round up provides you with guidance on ways to optimize content for Google’s ever-changing search algorithm. Get mobile optimization tips and learn how to create a perfect holiday plan for your email marketing programs. It’s important to convert visitors to customers – learn to effectively use Call-to-Action buttons to enhance your business’ lead generation efforts and conversion results. Read on for the latest in the digital marketing world!

Content Marketing:

  • Content has to be engaging to gain the visitor’s attention. Sid Bharath’s blog guides you with effective ways to create engaging and compelling content.
  • Though Content Marketing has gained prominence in recent years, there’s little clarity on how to remove thin content. Jennifer Slegg’s blog explains ways to remove low quality content in a way that optimizes the performance.
  • Do you find it challenging to make your content stand out without allowing your message to be lost? Warren Knight offers first rate ideas to create quality content that is relevant, suitable and shareable to any audience.
  • Content Marketing is a constantly evolving practice. Elena Nicosia’s blog presents the Content Marketing trends for 2016 to help companies stay ahead of the curve by keeping their content relevant and effective.
  • Blogging errors can derail your entire inbound marketing content strategy. Learn how to avoid crucial mistakes for a successful Content Marketing strategy, from Daniel Reed’s blog.

 Conversion Optimization:

  • If you aren’t using a “Call-to-Action” button, then you need to rethink your Conversion Optimization strategy. Mike Templeman’s blog emphasizes the difference a Call-to-Action button can make to a business’ lead generation efforts and conversion results.
  • How can you make customers perform the desired action with your Call to Action messages? Get helpful tips to optimize CTA messages from Jacob Firuta’s blog and make your CRO strategy a success.

Email Marketing:

  • Sending relevant content to the right people at the right time decreases the chances of messages getting filtered into spam. Ashley Herter offers professional Email Marketing tips to ensure that messages are more inclined to be opened and read by subscribers.
  • There are chances that Email Marketing may not be high on your list if you’re planning to develop your brand on your website or social media. Jessa Baron’s blog offers a quick refresher to Email Marketing that helps beginners make use of this effective marketing channel to promote their business.
  • Email Marketing can be extremely helpful for small businesses. Read Keela Greenlee’s blog for smart tips to help businesses grow their Email Marketing lists.
  • Handling holiday seasons can be really challenging for business owners. Lauren Sullivan offers a credible holiday Email Marketing plan to ensure that holiday messages drive your audience to perform the desired actions.

Local Optimization:

  • Execution of local search engine strategies requires good organization and continual effort. Edwin Dearborn’s blog offers great tips to leverage Local SEO tactics that help your site rank higher in all the major search engines.
  • Local SEO has the potential to help local businesses stand out in search engines and get found by potential customers. Learn how to harness this potential with smart business tips from Mike Gingerich.

 Mobile Optimization:

  • As mobile friendly sites have become very important for online businesses, the site must be optimized to avoid duplicate content. Get smart tips to optimize your mobile website and improve performance from Bonnie Herman’s blog.
  • Images can enhance your mobile SEO efforts by increasing user engagement and boosting your search engine presence. Learn, from Alicia Kan’s blog, how a few simple steps can make your images mobile compatible and deliver better results.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Do you want to drive more traffic to your website from search engines? Tommy McDonald’s blog offers guidance and explains smart ways to achieve this objective.
  • Despite changes in Google’s Search Engine algorithm, professionals must strike a balance between the new updates and old practices. Virginia Nussey’s blog presents the new elements of modern SEO and guidance to take advantage of the changes.
  • As SEO and the Internet are continuously evolving, it is important to know what exactly search engines want, the ways to optimize content, and ways to improve the user experience. Esha Verma’s blog presents easy-to-understand SEO techniques that can improve your keyword ranking in search engines.
  • Website health is vital for success on search engines. Lee Wilson shares practical findings and actionable insights from a billion site audits, to nurture the true potential of a website.
  • “Hire Me” pages typically help people get clients as they let them know the services offered in exchange for some payment. Karol K’s blog offers helpful tips to optimize elements of a “Hire Me” page from the SEO perspective.

Social Media:

  • In today’s landscape, it’s not possible to separate Social Media and SEO. Daria Voronina’s blog helps to unambiguously understand the relationship between Social Media and SEO, while also evaluating the impact Social Media has on SEO.
  • Social Media is a great tool to create awareness of your brand or product and increase web traffic, but small businesses often wonder where to begin. Tony Corsini offers helpful tips for small businesses to develop and implement Social Media strategies.
  • Though Social Media platforms have tremendous potential to enhance a business, they are underrated because many small businesses do not capitalize on them. Henry Williams’s blog presents interesting statistics about this aspect.
  • Tracking ROI from Social Media can really be a daunting task. Stephanie Nissen’s blog succinctly presents the ways to track ROI from Social Media, along with tips to increase ROI.
  • How is Social Media actually perceived by people across the globe? Dave Chaffey’s blog presents the prevailing facts and trends about social network usage by different demographic groups.
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