Top 25 Inbound Marketing Articles of the Week: August 7th, 2015This week, there’s been plenty to catch up on in the digital marketing world. We’re reading about Google’s introduction of new rich snippet offerings and SERP formats, some changes in local packs in search results, and plenty of pointers for evaluating social media campaign performance and learning from our mistakes.


Search Engine Optimization

  • At Flying Point Digital, Elizabeth Choi has a good reminder this week of why SEO pros must have a solid background in the technical aspect of optimizing websites, search engines, and search behavior.
  • Did you know that Google has an in-house philosopher? We didn’t, either. Fanqiao Wang’s article on the “morality” of search at Quartz is an intriguing read on a search-related topic that most of us likely don’t think about during our day-to-day.
  • Every once in a while it’s helpful to take a step back from client work and catch up on trends in the SEO industry. Jyoti Wadhwa has a good summary over at VentureBurn this week.
  • We’ve seen a lot of interesting rich snippets and new formats showing up in Google SERPs lately. At The SEM Post, Jennifer Slegg explores one of the most recent: betting odds.
  • Movie reviews are now also enjoying rich snippet treatment. Barry Schwartz’s write-up on Search Engine Land delves into the latest addition to the Knowledge Graph this week.


Conversion Optimization

  • How can you make sure your signups turn into valuable conversions? At the buildblog by Thinkapps, Katelan Cunningham has some tips.
  • We all know that social engagement is a powerful force for driving sales. But did you know that with a few minor tweaks to your landing pages, you can use social proof to increase conversion rates? Amanda Leclair shows you how at the iMPACT blog this week.
  • The worlds of sales and conversion optimization are closely aligned, and indeed they often overlap. Head over to the LeadOp blog for five ways you can utilize lead generation tactics to increase conversions.
  • If you work with a conversion optimization specialist or find yourself looking for ways to explain what you’re doing to clients or colleagues, Nitin Deshdeep’s list of 100 conversion optimization terms at the VWO blog might help.
  • Content marketing and conversion optimization often work well together, but if you don’t have a full understanding of how one or the other works, your strategy may suffer. At the SingleGrain blog this week, Eric Siu has the ten content marketing myths that could be hurting your conversion rates.


Mobile Optimization

  • Once you’ve launched your mobile app and done your app store optimization, how do you know that your app is successful? Aside from sales, what metrics should you measure? Just Total Tech has some tips at their blog this week.


Social Optimization 

  • Social media ad budgets are now a reality of utilizing social networks to reach consumers. But that doesn’t mean that organic tactics should necessarily be abandoned. Roy Povarchik has some good points to consider for increasing your Fans without paid ads at Social Media Examiner.
  • Divya Seghal at Socialbro has some good insights this week on how Twitter data can be used to strengthen social media campaign performance.
  • Have you ever run a social media campaign that fell flat? We all experience subpar results at some point, and it’s important to take these failures as the opportunities that they are—to learn and improve for next time. At Business 2 Community, Taylor Tomita has some helpful ways to analyze a failed social media campaign.
  • Once you’ve identified where a social media campaign went wrong, the next step is to make the necessary changes. Kristel Cuenta has some pointers at the Kairay Media blog this week.
  • How can social media marketers make the best of Google and Twitter’s new partnership? At Kissmetrics, Neil Patel has five tactics to boost your clients’ campaigns and increase their visibility in search.


Content Marketing

  • When launching a brand new blog, there’s a lot of work that must happen behind the scenes before the first post is ever even published. Mary Ellen Ellis has some tips for developing a solid content marketing strategy for your new blog at LeadPath.
  • Want more eyeballs on your content? Social marketing and PR tactics may be the answer. Jodie Harris tells us how to get people sharing and talking about your content at the State of Digital blog.
  • One essential skill for any digital marketer to possess is the ability to turn around quality work in a short amount of time. Things move fast in our industry, and we have to be able to keep up. At Simplilearn, Josue Valles has some great ideas for constructing an effective content strategy when time is limited.
  • Everyone loves visual content. If you needed persuading (or simply wanted to see some stats proving it) then DesignHill’s post covering seven compelling reasons that visual content will run the show in 2015 is a must-read for you.


Local Optimization

  • If you’ve noticed some changes in the local pack in Google web SERPs recently, you’re not alone. At SEO Round Table, Barry Schwartz takes a closer look at local pack activity and what it could mean for the search engine.


Email Marketing

  • To get your newsletter off the ground and help it grow, your choice of email marketing software is crucial. At the CloudPeeps blog, Shannon Byrne walks us through what you need to know to pick the right one.
  • If you aren’t getting the email signups you need, then maybe it’s time to revamp your current strategy. On the Get Elastic blog this week, Linda Bustos’s post on 18 Do’s and Don’ts of email signups may be a good place for you to start.
  • LinkedIn recently decreased its email send frequency by 40%. Could less frequent emails be the key to more effective email marketing? At ClickZ Jeanne Jennings has some food for thought.