This week, we’re taking a closer look at how Google’s development of the “local pack” affects local SEO strategies, reevaluating old linkbuilding tactics, and new guidelines around brand partnership and vlogging from the Advertising Standards Authority. As usual, we’ve also found plenty of helpful resources, tips, and how-to’s.


Search Engine Optimization

  • Many of us are aware of previous and current linkbuilding tactics: what worked, what didn’t, and what’s currently best practice. But what about the future? What have we learned this year about linkbuilding strategies that we can build off of moving beyond 2015? At Your Escape From 9 to 5, there’s a great infographic covering the “30 SEO link building tactics from the pros for 2015 and beyond.”
  • If you’ve ever found yourself at a loss when it comes to SEO strategy for ecommerce, then Shabbir Nooruddin‘s complete guide to ecommerce SEO at Bootstrapping Ecommerce is a must-read for you this week.
  • Successful digital marketers know how to watch technology and trends and gauge when it’s time to get rid of outdated tactics. At the Lead Up blog this week, learn which SEO activities to stop wasting your time on.


Social Optimization

  • An interesting example of social, ecommerce, and local advertising strategies comes to us from a Taobao-Uber partnership this week. The two companies teamed up to run mobile dressing rooms in minibuses roaming Guangdong, Chengdu, and Hangzhou. Heather Sallee has the full story at socialbrandwatch.
  • Did you know that there are updated guidelines for brands from the Advertising Standards authority? At, Louise Goulden has a thorough breakdown of the rules, and a closer look at the implications for brands advertising on social media.
  • In the digital space, we can’t play up the importance of user experience enough: it applies to every aspect of digital marketing. At the massplanner blog, Usman Anwar makes a compelling case for integrating social media and web design, which ultimately results in content and social strategy driven by user needs.
  • Did you know that Snapchat has the largest millennial user base of all the major social networks? Tai Tran takes a closer look at why Snapchat is such an integral part of this generation’s social media mix on LinkedIn this week.
  • Asking users to interact with your content on social media can be a delicate venture—you don’t want to pester them, but you do want them to share your content. At Submitedge SEO, Govind Agarwal has eight ways to get your followers to share without driving them away.
  • When Twitter removed the 140-character limit on direct messages in July, we all wondered how direct messages could allow marketers and brands to connect with users one-on-one. At Emarketing and Commerce, Bernard Perrine has six tips for utilizing direct messages to their full potential.


Reputation Management

  • Customer experience is a huge piece of reputation management that some may overlook, since many businesses have the majority of their customer interactions offline. At Adonis Media this week, Derek Buntin discusses the importance of customer experience and the impact it can have on your online brand.


Content Marketing

  • It’s an infographic about infographics! At the VennGage blog, Nadya Khoja has a summary of a recent Hubspot ebook collaboration: a guide to creating effective infographics for content marketing.
  • In the age of endless information, it’s our duty as content marketers and online publishers to be the gatekeepers and do our due diligence to avoid ‘bad’ information. Catrinel Bartolomeu makes the case for utilizing technology tools to ensure content quality and accuracy at the Oz Content blog.
  • Content marketing requires some significant investments in terms of time and resources to get it right. So it’s incredibly frustrating when a campaign or a piece of content doesn’t perform the way you needed (or expected) it to. At Marketing Land this week, Quinn Whissen has four strategies to get your content marketing back on track.
  • How can old-school copywriting techniques make you a better content marketer? Neil Patel has the answers at Quicksprout this week in his post highlighting key lessons from four well-known and well-loved books on advertising.


Local Optimization

  • As we all know, the Google “snack pack” of local results in search has seen a few different iterations in recent months. How have the updates changed how we optimize for local exposure? At the Big Leap blog, Rachel Peters has three steps for local promotion in light of Google’s experimentations.
  • Local businesses that wish to give online users a closer look at their premises can do so via Google Street View Trusted—a tactic that could go a long way to building trust and compelling customers to visit. At Econsultancy, Farooq Bhatti has some tips for using the feature in online marketing.
  • How do you know which local directories are worth your time? At Moz this week, Kristi Hines shows us how to sort through your many options and focus on the sites and networks that will provide the most value.


Email Marketing

  • Content curation has its place in email marketing, too. At Quantifire, Will Lam gives us a step-by-step guide to setting up curated newsletters to build your email list.
  • Sending the right email at the right time requires a close knowledge of the content your contacts want to see. Janet Choi at makes an important distinction this week between product-driven and purpose-driven emails, and when one is more appropriate to send than the other.
  • If you’re grasping at straws for strategies to build your email list, Robbie Richards‘ post this week on list building strategies might be the inspiration you’re looking for.


Mobile Optimization

  • What’s the best mobile ad strategy for your business? Rewarded ads offer users something they want (an extra life in a mobile game, for example) in exchange for engagement. At Hupa Mobile, Michelle Muller explains how reward ads work, and how they can supplement your mobile strategy.
  • Mobile ecommerce is a rapidly growing field, and in order to drive sales in the space marketers must stay up to date on the latest mobile marketing tools and trends. At Business 2 Community, Jomer Gregorio posted an infographic summarizing ten intriguing mobile ecommerce statistics that’s worth a read.


Conversion Optimization

  • Client education is a duty many digital marketers are very familiar with. When your best bet for meeting a client’s marketing needs is building landing pages, it’s important that you have the tools to clearly explain and convince your client of the project’s benefits. At Unbounce, Mark John Hiemstra has a useful guide to sell the value of landing pages to your clients.
  • If you’re anything like us (and if you’re here, reading this, you might be!) then you have a list of trusted marketing blogs you read for tips, tools, and trends. If that’s you, you’ll enjoy Justin Rondeau’s list of the top eight conversion rate optimization-focused blogs, a great resource posted at Digital Marketer this week.
  • Efficiency and accuracy are crucial in conversion testing and optimization. At the UserTesting blog this week, Spencer Lanoue has seven steps you can follow to make your A/B tests more effective.