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It’s the first week of September, and we’re getting ready to enter the fourth and final quarter of the year! Some of the best news in the inbound marketing world are right here in our roundup! Here are several of the most interesting social media news stories you can read right now:

  • Facebook Introduces New Tools For Page Owners To Promote Their Events – SearchEngineJournal

We hope you’re ready for this week’s inbound marketing roundup! Here are our top 25 inbound marketing articles of the week:

Search Optimization

Google Authorship is no more! Learn why Google scrapped the feature from this article by Barry Schwartz.

In other news, it looks like Google is testing a new search box. This could be a game changer for finding more accurate information through search engines. Here’s Amy Gesenhues with the full post.

Make your website page speed one of the fastest out there! Mark Gavalda (and the Kinsta Team) put together a massive digital resource on how you can increase your page speed time.

You can use social bookmarking sites for SEO, but take some aspects into consideration. Lewis Crutch shows us how social bookmarking fits into an SEO strategy.

Social Optimization

Mallory Scudder posts some quick tips on how we can use social media to increase our newsletter subscriber count.

Kevin Tate posts four ways your business can benefit from combining Facebook brand and direct marketing.

As social media becomes more visual in nature through videos and images, marketers have to find ways for their content to compete. Ian Cleary shares his expertise once again by showing up how to make simple animations.

Your social media platform informs the rest of the world on your marketing messaging. Jomer Gregorio writes up a post on 8 steps to using social media for branding your online business.

Local Optimization

In many cases, businesses fail to claim their listing before a competitor with the same name does. This can create confusion between you and your customers. Read up and take action on claiming these sites with Jenny Klimisch’s posts.

Local business listings are being reverse engineered by spammers who want to get top rankings. Here’s the full story right here by Bill Slawski.

Email Marketing

Nobody’s email list is perfect, but if yours are bouncing from your list at an astonishing rate, there’s a reason for that. Ankita Sharma shows us the top reasons why people unsubscribe from your list.

Design your email setup the right way! Jason Rodriguez View the of email process in this smart post.

When considering open rates, one of the first things you should consider are the subject lines we’re testing. The folks at Email Monks writes how you can make your email convert much better.

Mobile Optimization

Are you on a mission to get to millennials through mobile ecommerce? Akshay Vyas points out some optimization pieces to focus on when targeting this fruitful demographic.

The mobile landscape is constantly changing. Can you and your marketing division keep up? Mark Irvine talks about the state of mobile pay-per-click, the past, present, and future.

You might be your business’s biggest cheerleader, but your number one advocate are your customers. Make customers share their love for your product with the help of Rahul Varshneya and his experience.

Content Marketing

Your content marketing strategy requires you to be creative, intelligent, and intuitive to gain traffic. Ann Gynn puts together an overview on how you should conduct your inbound marketing efforts!

Content isn’t one-size-fits-all. You have to customize and differentiate in order to build out your customer base. John Hall shows us how to tailor content to specific buyer personas.

When you run a startup, don’t expect your first content hires to be complete masters at their craft. However, it may be wise to take a chance on unproven talent so you can mold them into the professionals you want them to be! Jay Acunzo advises us to scrap our using hiring approach.

As we all know, good content takes time to create. How can you scale content creation more effectively? Joe Cardillo puts emphasis on the importance of having a content strategy.

Conversion Optimization

Andy Nathan lays out a complete conversion optimization tutorial for you to follow!

Double your retention rates by acting as if your product exists in isolation and under polarization with your customer. Hadley Thompson explains the concepts in great detail in a blog post.

Joanna Wiebe busts some copywriting best practices in order to ensure our conversion rates aren’t affected simply imitating tests from the experts.

Reputation Management

As a business, your reputation is just as important as every other aspect to your business. As you can probably tell, poor reputation repels customers. Joe Chierotti talks about how to defend your reputation.

Make sure you’re proactive with your online reputation management. Francois Muscat gives us a couple of ideas on how to do it!

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.

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