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Now, onto our top 25 inbound marketing articles of the week! Enjoy the read.

Search Optimization

Having trouble migrating your website protocol from HTTP to HTTPS? Andrea Pernici shows you how to do it for free! Just a heads up, this walkthrough require some technical knowledge and patience to carry out.

There are more to Google’s AdWords campaigns than just sending out. Learn how to keep your cost-per-acquisition(CPA) as low as possible as we read into this post written by Sarvesh Bagla.

Do you just set and forget your ad campaigns? You might be doing yourself a disservice if that’s the case. Kieran Wilson shows us how to use custom alerts to inform us of issues and and opportunities in our campaigns.

Let’s say you’re not as well-versed in SEO as you would like. How do you steer clear of getting a penalty from Google Search? Megan Pritts enlightens us to some favorable options when crafting content.

Social Optimization

What can you say on social media as a business owner? Take a quick course in the social etiquette of the top social networks in this post walkthrough by Dave Landry.

Pinterest continues to grow at a rapid pace, bringing webmasters a healthy stream of traffic. If you’re looking for more, Jeff Bullas introduces five marketing tactics on the platform.

Twitter and ecommerce are officially integrating. Learn more about this potential business opportunity from Elizabeth Rosales.

Social media marketing is generally perceived as quite simple. However there are mistakes that even the best can fall into sometimes. Erik Emanuelli makes a terrific statement on his article.

Local Optimization

The marketing local landscape is changing rapidly. You should constantly be iterating on your strategy in order to stay relevant and competitive. In this podcast by Lorraine Bell, you’ll learn exactly how to do this.

What local SEO tools do you focus on for maximum results to your marketing? Anisul Islam shares more than 40 local tools for you to experiment with. Happy optimizing!

When signing up for your local listing in Google Search, you’re bound to run into some technical issues. Praveen Sharma posts what you should do if you fail to receive your verification code?

Email Marketing

Increase your email list by implementing more opt-in screens and pop ups into your website. The thought seems like a no-brainer, right? Sarah Trafford shares eight places to place these pop ups in this article.

It’s very likely right now that your email campaigns haven’t been tested or optimized. Let’s change that today! To help you create an email strategy that converts, Nicolas Finet teaches us six aspects to consider.

Autosend posts a list of more than 350 email marketing resources. Read them all and you’ll be getting subscribers and growing your lists like it’s nothing!

Mobile Optimization

Is your blog mobile-optimized for mobile users? If you have a WordPress blog, here are five plugins listed by Alex Ivanovs.

Mobile traffic is growing to even greater heights as the year goes on so its only natural to design with mobile in mind. Gordon Plutsky continues the discussion by explaining mobile’s significance.

Content Marketing

Your content marketing toolkit’s quality determines how successful you are in optimizing your strategy. Jon Dunn shares the complete list of tools to choose from!

If your blog isn’t getting much traffic, it’s time to change things up! James Scaggs discusses how the team fixed the entire company blog in one day.

Lee Jackson gives us some news on Google Authorship as well as tips to improve your content marketing in the midst of its termination by the company.

Hannah Atkins posts this fantastic step-by-step guide to implementing a content marketing strategy. This is very good stuff, and anyone struggling with a solid strategy should read this piece.

Conversion Optimization

Optimizing clickthrough-rate (CTR) doesn’t automatically correlate to optimizing revenue. Make sure you understand the exact results you want with Idan Michaeli’s overview of this dilemma.

Any one the tips we’re about to share with you will do wonders for increasing your conversion rate. Marco Massaro lists 33 ways to get more clients knocking down your ecommerce store.

Segment your visitors and track microconversions for a more meaningful look at increasing your revenue. Ben Jacobson tells us how to use these microconversions in this post.

Reputation Management

You shouldn’t have to market your startup all on your own. You have something much greater at your disposal; your customers. Mark Evans posts why this is useful in this writeup.

Are you still considering the ROI of using a referral program for your business? Brandon Gains teaches us how billion dollar companies use customer referral programs (with examples!).

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