As Google’s algorithm changes continue to favor small businesses, being aware of Local SEO best practices has never been more important. Facebook is testing new features to help its users express different emotions and contents marketing’s role in SEO continues to rise for small businesses. Learn how these developments and others affect your digital marketing from this week’s updates. Read on!

Content Marketing:

  • Content marketing adds significant value to your agency’s clients, right from brand awareness to conversion ratio. Learn how to create content marketing strategies for your clients to promote their businesses from Tiffany’s blog.
  • Today, Content marketing has become one of the key activities to promote a business. Read Mark Roberts’ blog to understand the best practices, trends and important updates to do well in this space.
  • Titles used in content are powerful messages that drive conversions. Robert Hoekman Jr.’s blog explains smart ways to write content titles that draw attention without becoming link bait.
  • Facebook’s Newsfeed serves as a great tool to curate content. David Boutin’s blog explains the importance of this feature that goes unnoticed, along with tips to use them effectively.
  • Whether you are creating content yourself, developing it in-house, or outsourcing it to freelance writers, you will need a steady flow of blog post ideas to keep your publishing schedule steady. In this post, Kristi Hines shares her favorite sources of content inspiration so you never run out of content ideas again.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Learn Conversion Optimization in the true sense, from Adel Askarian’s blog. The blog gives a succinct overview of CRO elements, explains the impact of CRO on revenue and the benefits of using Single-Sign-On Solutions to increase conversion rate.
  • There are reasons to why people that visit your site do not purchase your product. Every site has its own individual problems. Get helpful tips to optimize conversions for your website, from Matt McCorry’s blog.

Email Marketing:

  • Though email marketing is a popular form of marketing, it is still obscure to many. Read Tom DiScipio’s blog that presents facts and useful insights to improve your email marketing strategy.
  • Using emails is a very effective way to promote sales. Andrew Tate’s blog offers useful tips and techniques that help boost sales through emails.
  • Email marketing can be extremely helpful for small businesses. Read Rohit Roy’s blog to understand how critical email marketing is when running a small business.
  • Email is one of the best lead generation tools for small and medium sized businesses. Get smart tips from Kim McNeil’s blog to make your email marketing strategy successful.

Local Optimization:

  • Are you trying to improve your local SEO performance? If so, Kathryn Good’s blog is a must read for you. The blog provides you with useful tops to make your local SEO optimization more effective.
  • There were changes to Google’s algorithm that have made things challenging for SEOs. Julia Spence-McCoy’s blog explains how the updates have made Local SEO more important for small businesses.
  • The benefits of local SEO for small businesses are beyond question. Oliver Neely’s blog presents statistics that a small business must know – along with ways to use it – to enhance Local SEO efforts.
  • Does your small business rank well in Google? Tyler Thorsby’s blog offers essential Local SEO tips with a minimalistic approach for small businesses to optimize websites.
  • The importance of Local SEO continues to grow with Google favoring personalized search results and a heavier emphasis on smartphones. Learn how to get the most from Local SEO and how to maximize your visibility in local searches from Alex Harbour’s blog.

Reputation Management:

  • A proactive stance is really important to save your business from any possible damage. Carol Roth’s blog presents the action steps to ensure that your business is well protected and safe.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Backlinks undoubtedly signify a website’s importance. Brian Dean’s blog explains multiple ways to optimize websites on Search Engines using backlinks.
  • Membership Websites are very useful as they help members solve a problem and teach people new skills. Joe Fylan’s blog presents simple SEO strategies that work best for membership websites.
  • In order to be successful, it is necessary to stay informed about the latest trends or changes. Dateme Tubotamuno’s blog explains the significant changes on Google’s SERP that need to be considered when developing an effective SEO strategy.
  • Google Reviews are important to SEO for many reasons. Learn smart ways to encourage customers to write reviews for your business and get noticed online, from Anna Zeck’s blog.
  • An optimized website follows a set of on-page practices to be more search engine friendly. Shane Barker’s blog stresses on the importance of user experience for SEO and the way it can create an impact.

Social Media:

  • Are you using Instagram to market your business? Learn how to use Instagram to generate quality traffic to your website, from Kate Talbot’s blog.
  • Engaging customers on social media sites is a great way to bring customers to retail stores. Charles Crawford offers professional tips to help retail stores capitalize on their social media audiences.
  • Non-Google search engines can also be avenues to optimize your business. Neil Patel’s blog explains how Social Media presents a huge opportunity for businesses to get great results.
  • Patricio Robles’s blog talks about Facebook’s proposed “Dislike” button, as the company is working on a way to help Facebook users express different emotions. Learn more about this feature.