man working on computerThis week’s round-up includes a blog citing a McKinsey study that argues email marketing is better than Facebook and Twitter combined. Also, learn why SEO has an edge over PPC, how you can use Google Analytics add-ons to generate leads and improve customer relationships, how you can manage your personal and professional reputation online, and more. Read on for the latest in the digital marketing world.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Today, on-Page optimization is not limited to a few technical tasks. It requires deep expertise and a thorough approach. Gael Breton lists the important page aspects that must not be overlooked and should be on any On-Page SEO checklist.
  • It’s truly a challenge for online businesses to be visible in the competitive space of search engines. Peter Richards stresses the need to have a proper SEO approach and offers tips to help developers improve site visibility.
  • The popularity of digital marketing, especially SEO and PPC, is increasing. Mehul Bavishi provides readers an accurate understanding of the differences between the two and highlights the reasons why SEO has an edge over PPC.
  • Learn how Google Analytics Add-Ons can help small businesses improve customer relationships and generate leads without huge financial investments or time commitment, from Casey Rowland’s blog. He explains how to get started now with powerful and easy to use add-ons

Content Marketing:

  • Ever wondered how content curation can increase traffic to your blog or website? Nick Huang presents easy-to-follow tips to leverage content to increase website traffic.
  • Are readers turning away because they don’t find engaging or authentic content on your website? Then Jonathan John’s blog is a must read for you. He discusses the importance of having brand-centric content, along with practical strategies to boost brand engagement.
  • Though the use of content marketing has proven beneficial to small businesses, a live session can make things clearer. Emma Featherstone’s blog presents facts and details of the Q & A session that offers help on content marketing.
  • Content marketing certainly helps to generate leads. Kristen MacDonald’s blog offers credible tips to leverage content marketing efforts to maximize leads in the most effective ways.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Conversion Optimization is the process of making website changes that encourage visitors to take a desired action. But how do you go about it? Daniel Reed’s blog provides guidance on the elements that you need to tweak to convert visitors into customers.
  • Did you fail to get expected results from your CRO strategy? If so, read Sharon Hurley’s blog, as she highlights the potential reasons for failures, while helping you troubleshoot your CRO strategy.

Email Marketing:

  • A McKinsey Study reveals that email is a more powerful tool to acquire new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined – but marketers are finding it really difficult to get visitors to sign up. Aaron Orendorff’s blog shares proven strategies to build your email list and double email sign-ups.
  • Though email marketing is an effective method to reach potential customers, it may not produce the desired outcome. Jacob Firuta’s blog explains how tagged links and custom greetings can boost the performance of email campaigns.
  • Email marketing is still an obscure thing for many. Michaela Bernard clears the fog about email marketing and presents candid reasons to use email marketing.
  • Do you want to improve the success rate of email marketing? Kathleen Collins explains the best practices to make this inexpensive form of marketing effective and successful.

Local Optimization:

  • A few recent search engine updates have created confusion on whether to stick with local SEO or focus your SEO efforts elsewhere. Al Gomez presents the facts that make it evident that Local SEO is still as critical as before and continues to help local businesses grow.
  • Local SEO is a very smart, strategic and effective form of small business marketing. Catherine Schutten’s blog offers credible tips to simplify the daunting task of optimizing local search listings to improve rankings.
  • Marketing for local businesses is different from marketing for digital ones. Learn how to effectively boost your local marketing efforts by making your Google My Business page stand out and attract new customers, from Pam Neely’s blog.
  • Local SEO techniques help small businesses perform better in local search. Learn smart Local SEO techniques from Jean Dion’s blog to help your business stand out from the competition.

Mobile Optimization:

  • B2B companies must focus on mobile marketing, as 42% of B2B buyers do research using their mobile phones. Read Wendy Marx’s blog to effectively use mobile marketing to attract customers for your business.

Reputation Management:

  • Reputation management has become a crucial aspect of marketing as it protects your business from damage. Read James A. Martin’s blog to get expert tips and information about tools to manage your company’s online reputation.
  • Its important for businesses to learn how to protect their company’s brand image in the online world. Lee Odden’s blog presents the fundamental concepts to master while working on reputation management.
  • Managing your reputation is imperative if you wish to stay ahead of things, both as a person and as a professional. Kurt Tasche’s blog offers you great tips and advice to exercise control on the reputation of your business.

Social Optimization:

  • Tim Robitaille’s blog talks about effectively integrating Social Media and SEO to your Search Engine Marketing plan. Learn how your business can profit from a smart approach.
  • The world of social media and digital marketing is a continuously evolving one. Read Sherman Standberry’s blog to know the social media trends that are on the rise, helping you to stay ahead in your career or business.
  • Native videos on well-known social media channels are gaining in popularity. Learn about the trend and how brands today are shifting from YouTube to native videos on Twitter, from Martin Beck’s blog.
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