top 25 seo articles october 23This week’s round up provides you with guidance on using long-tail keywords to gain a strategic advantage in SEO. Learn email marketing techniques and ways to optimize conversions using cohort analysis. It’s important to protect the reputation of a brand – get professional guidance to manage a business’ Facebook page from an online reputation management perspective. Read on for the latest in the digital marketing world!


Search Engine Optimization:

  • Johnson Peterson’s blog gives an overview of expected changes in SEO in the year 2016. It helps search engine optimizers understand what to logically anticipate for the coming year.
  • Do you want to improve your SEO rankings in a very short time? If yes, then Alex’s blog is a must read for you. It offers smart tips for professionals to boost SEO rankings in just 30 minutes.
  • Using long tail keywords can be a cost effective and credible SEO strategy for businesses. Learn how to optimize long tail keywords and gain a strategic SEO advantage from Derek Buntin’s blog.
  • Do you feel like you’re not ranking high enough on search engines? Get help from Jon Henshaw’s blog and understand which on-page issues are holding your website back.
  • A site audit is imperative for any SEO campaign, as it looks at the site through Google’s eyes and picks apart every problem that prevents it from ranking. Barry Dyke helps you understand why an SEO campaign must start with a site audit.
  • There are many things that can be tweaked on product landing pages. Jason Lancaster’s blog offers helpful product landing page tips to create a positive impact on the performance.

Social Optimization:

  • Facebook is the most important content and amplification channel with its posts driving 25% of all traffic to websites. Steve Rayson’s blog explains strategic ways to increase engagement on Facebook and improve traffic to your site.
  • Are you trying to enhance your business using SlideShare and LinkedIn? If yes, Johnny’s blog is a must read for you. It outlines ways to use these two platforms to grow your business.
  • Drazen Prastalo’s blog presents the merits of using Pinterest and also helps marketers to come up with a great strategy to use Pinterest marketing to enhance their businesses.
  • Advertising on Instagram is now available to everyone. Read Yuval Maoz’s blog to understand how brands can make use of this platform as it serves as another avenue to market their businesses.

Email Marketing:

  • Make your Email Marketing efforts successful by avoiding mistakes. Karol Król’s blog explains the mistakes that most people are inclined to do while marketing their business.
  • Building an optimized email list holds the key to success in Email Marketing. Jacob McMillen’s blog offers professional tips to come up with email list building strategies that enhance the business.
  • Your Email Marketing techniques matter the most for success. Learn ways to bolster your Email Marketing techniques with Susan Wade’s blog.
  • Double your conversion rate and greatly increase the number of email subscribers with content upgrades. Learn more about the process from Robbie’s blog.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Google Analytics is one of the finest tools to track website performance. Nitin Deshdeep’s blog helps you identify the important metrics and dimensions that are relevant to your website goals and offers tips to use them effectively in your CRO strategy.
  • Are you looking for new methods to optimize conversions? If yes, Alex Birkett’s blog is a must read for you. It introduces the concept of cohort analysis and explains ways to improve performance.

 Content Marketing:

  • Brands must not get hyper focused while comparing their content program with that of their competitors. Ashley Taylor Anderson’s blog explains the best strategic marketing practices to optimize content programs.
  • Rain Man’s blog helps marketers build brand strategy through Content Definition, with insights on technologies to gain outside interest in your market verticals.
  • What does it take to become a successful sales professional today? KC Claveria’s blog explains how to gain competitive advantage using Content Marketing to boost sales.
  • Dorien Morin-Van Dam’s blog emphasizes on the importance of having visuals in Content Marketing and offers actionable tips to improve the quality of visual content.
  • The more personalized the mobile interaction is, the higher the possibility of customers liking it. Get smart tips to create good mobile marketing strategies that make use of email programs, from Gangadhar Kulkarni’s blog.

Reputation Management:

  • Facebook is an important part of your Reputation Management strategy. Jean Dion’s blog presents useful tips to manage the Facebook page of a business from an online Reputation Management perspective.
  • Reputation Management is extremely important for any business. Learn how to build and maintain your reputation online from Kurt Tasche’s blog.
  • The degree to which negative reviews or updates affect brands are different. Kristi Kellogg’s blog outlines the ins and outs of online Reputation Management along with helpful tips.
  • Reputation Management is one of those things that a lot of individuals and businesses do not think about investing in, until something bad happens. Learn how to use Content, Social Media, and SEO to manage the reputation of a business from Kristi Hines’s blog.