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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, social media, and much more.

Welcome to this week’s episodic installment of the top inbound marketing articles of the week. A new Android app lets you manage Google Page Listings on the go, Twitter prepares for its IPO, and Facebook experiments with new button types. Some good news, some questionable, but it’s all inbound improvements on our watch! Check out these news stories later, but first, here are our latest and greatest 25 inbound marketing articles!

Search Optimization

As with life, traffic going to and from your site can be unpredictable. However, unlike random life events, most, if not all, metrics are traceable. Michael Cottam guest posts on 3Q Digital on how to diagnose your site’s traffic drop.

Have you ever had your site negatively affected by a Google search engine update? According to Matt Cutts, around 1% of search queries have been affected by Penguin 2.1. Watch Aka Sam fight his way back up the SERPs.

How do you find keywords to track? There are a lot of choices, and some don’t even rank that well. The Young Entrepreneur Council posts on Noobpreneur 10 different ways to choose keywords.

Do Google+ directly impact the rankings of your website? There’s only one way to find out! Rae Hoffman writes an article on several findings Google+ may have on your search engine status.

Social Optimization

How much impact does social conversation have on spreading content online? Awe.sm has a detailed blog post highlighting the single conversation thread of a great blog, Both Sides of the Table. See how the connections are tracked in this intriguing post.

Instagram may be easy enough to use on its own, but incorporating it into a business model is another story. Interested in learning to apply a new kind of social media into your marketing funnel? Read this post on Steve Welsh’s blog.

Believe it or not, it’s easy to get Twitter followers if you’re looking just at follower count. However, if you’re looking for targeted followers, that’s another story. Austin Malloy posts on Impact Branding & Design to introduce three ways to generate high-quality followers.

Our friends at MonetizePros know how to monetize social media so entrepreneurs make more money. Read Kristi Hines‘s smart post on 101 ways to generate a profit on Facebook!

Local Optimization

Local search has its truths as well as its myths. Wondering what you can take as fact and fiction in local SEO? Sarah Beth posts six local visibility myths that you should know on Content Equals Money.

A lot of small businesses will pay top dollar for powerful local SEO. However, there are plenty of DIY solutions that cost only your time to implement. Clayton Nichols gives us five local tips that you should do yourself.

Did you know that you can specialize your efforts in content marketing to boost your local SEO? James Perrin shares an insightful video on how you can coordinate your content marketing and local optimization to get more visibility in local search.

Email Marketing

Though email has been around for over a decade now, very few are masters at it. For the beginners, we recommend this article by People Management Consulting. Cecil Wampler provides four email habits to take out of your email regimen.

Now matter how good your conversion rate, your business can always improve its email marketing. Luckily we have experts in the industry who can help us with that. Chloe Thomas offers four tips to improving your email marketing campaigns.

Despite the reverence of email marketing in the inbound marketing world, there are still skeptics turning up their noses at the concept. The truth is that email marketing is as effective as ever, and Jerry Kidd from RealityTechBytes.com has the full story.

Mobile Optimization

Optimizing your web presence for Google Hummingbird is one thing, but what about your mobile presence. Lee Jackson teaches us with a simple tip guide to updating our mobile status.

Do you think mobile users are too “in a hurry” to read their emails? Think again. One in three consumers said they were accessing their mobile email more than ever. Get the rundown of the rest of the stats in William Wallace’s splendid infographic.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been around for many decades. In fact, the earliest publishing houses were established in the early 1890s. Come witness the evolution of content marketing on the Interact blog.

If you want to set up your content so that it is timeless, don’t expect to stumble upon an idea and believe it will automatically stand the test of time. In most cases, you have to create it to be immortal. Ben Cook puts together this epic Slideshare presentation to bring the point home.

Sometimes the well runs dry in our efforts to bring in an audience. Nonetheless, when you have a content strategy laid out, it is rare that you find yourself without ideas. David McSweeney lays out a tight strategy for you to follow.

Although we love the written word, the Internet is a just a place for visual media as it is for long articles. Danielle Cherrick publishes a post on distinct types of graphic design integrations with content.

Conversion Optimization

As we always say here on UpCity, generating traffic and a lasting audience is a long-term game. That being said, your website can see massive gains if you just the consistency to test and optimize in your journey to an increased online presence. Carrie Albright guest posts on PPC Hero on doubling her conversion rates in 90 days.

Facebook Ads can yield enlightening results if you are tracking your data correctly. Jon Loomer sets up some terrific examples of Facebook Conversion Tracking on his blog. Definitely give this a good long read if you’re a Facebook ad person.

Data can be both a blessing and a curse. Marketers can accrue large amounts of information, but be accidentally misled by it. Scott Yacko of Leve.rs takes you inside the right data and demonstrates the proper statisitcal process to control il.

Reputation Management

Google hasn’t targeted online reputation management for sneaky link building tactics… until now. Watch this video and telling analysis of Matt Cutts’s video by Carmen Hudson on Search Engine Journal.

Online negativity will always exist, especially in the form of reviews. They are typed in permanent digital ink. The most effective treatment is to fight fire with fire! Kimberly Reynolds of SteamFeed has six rep management techniques to protect your brand.

These were some of the most interesting articles we found this week. If you have any other great inbound marketing news to share, let us know below in the comments!