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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, social media, and much more.

The inbound marketing day of the week has arrived! Penguin 2.1 is released, Facebook rolls out new Page Insights for all pages admins, and Pinterest puts out Promoted Pins. All this and more has happened this week. Care for a little more content?

Let’s jump right into this week’s marketing news!

Search Optimization

As an SEO marketer, you get so many tools to work with to optimize your web traffic. Sanket Patel brings together 101 SEO experts to ask them their top plugins and extensions. Catch the entire insightful list on BlurbPoint.

Penguin 2.1 is Google’s latest but small search engine update. This incremental improvement goes after spammy, low-quality directories and blogrolls created by link exchange. Adam Mason at Zazzle Media has the full story.

While link building is still an important SEO strategy, some are seeing their influence slightly decline. There are other ranking factors slowly replacing Google’s prior emphasis on link acquirement. Joe Hall of Internet Marketing Ninjas puts down four aspects of SEO that are becoming increasingly more relevant.

Do you think SEO is only worth learning for experienced marketers? People of any age or skill level can take to the skies learning search marketing! Patrick Coombe interviews a 15-year-old SEO mogul on his blog.

Social Optimization

Facebook Posts come in many forms throughout your Facebook marketing strategy. How are they useful from a marketing perspective and how do they benefit your business? Sven Hamberg of Qwaya breakdown Facebook Posts for his audience.

Before you get started on your social media strategy, there are few things you take into consideration. What exactly do you know about the audience you’re targeting? What are their wants? Jessica Jensen at Wallaroo Media gives the lowdown on how to figure this out.

Your work on a blog post doesn’t end when you hit “Publish”. At that point, you have to start marketing, and simple tweet or Facebook share won’t cut it. Gaël Breton provides 10 tips to driving traffic to your articles.

As simple as Twitter can be to use, it oftentimes confuses people on how to utilize it effectively. There are many deep intricacies to positively using Twitter for your business. Marianne Ross guests posts on powerful Twitter strategies to use right now.

Local Optimization

Making it big with local search is crucial to customers finding your company. There are are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Antonio Coleman lays out a quick seven-point checklist to maximizing your local visibility.

Many local small business are jump on the bandwagon and rebuilding their local strategy from the ground up. However, there are still quite a few that are making small missteps in ranking locally. Adam Dorfman relays four mistakes in local marketing.

PayPal has released an app to allow for in-store payments rather than cash or credit. Unfortunately, it is a much more complex process than customers feel is necessary. How is PayPal going to successfully incentivize shoppers to use it? Jason Del Rey of AllThingsD has the scoop.

Email Marketing

In email marketing, when you’re emailing busy people, sometimes you have to get creative. While most people use the same introductory tactics, Iris Shoor suggests taking an entirely different route. Read her post on how to write specific cold emails and get results.

Uncertain how your email marketing strategy is faring? The Buffer blog can certainly help you there, especially with its highly detailed posts. On the Buffer blog, Kevan Lee highlights eight email tactics supported by scientific research.

If you’re new to email marketing, understand that sending out emails takes methodical testing and tight curation in order to receive smart results. Sherry Lamoreaux publishes a step-by-step guide to carry out your email campaign.

Mobile Optimization

Despite the claim of experts that mobile is where the future is heading, many businesses still neglect it. Get ahead of the curve by optimizing your site today! Bridget Randolph gives you a complete mobile strategy your business can use.

Once you have submitted your application to the App Store, make sure you continue optimizing! Keep your nose in front of you by constantly iterating on your listing. Seema Nayek showcases her thoughts on proper application marketing.

Content Marketing

Are you a beginner in content marketing? We’ve got the best resource to learn from right here for the taking. Sean Smith accumulates a bevy of links and articles to get your content marketing toolbox going. Click through to see the resource.

When you write your content, consider all aspects of the page copy. Is there a clear call-to-action? What other metrics are you tracking on the page? The BunchCast Team releases its guidelines to tracking metrics with your content.

There are an endless list of content ideas inherent in the articles you’ve already written. The key to having an unending editorial calendar is repurposing your content. Jonathan Crowe keeps the best ways to repurpose in his article at OpenView Labs.

Logically, it would seem that bigger companies are better at content marketing than small companies. While it is true they get many of the pageviews, that doesn’t mean you cannot excel in other ways. ReefDigital cites five key ways the little guy can overcome the larger publishers.

Conversion Optimization

With video, there is only so much you can do depending on the content, description, and screen display frame. Nonetheless, if you tweak the right parts, you will see a drastic change in performance. Check out the CopyHacker’s enlightening blog post written by Lance Jones.

Simply put, conversion matter. Unless the site’s sole business is in selling advertising, conversion rates are king, not clicks. Tom Martin declares the significance of this difference in a Copyblogger guest post.

Once you put up your website, don’t think that it can’t be modified for maximum conversions. There exist several ways to boost your landing pages. Suttida Yang draws up a lovely infographic listing five ways to ramp up your pages.

Reputation Management

The future of reputation management lies in the connection to the digital funneling process customers go through with individual businesses. Soon customer loyalty will be more than discounts and online reviews; it will transform through the integration of product and customer service. Charlie Isaacs presents how connected machines will change the game on the Innovation Insights blog.

Online reviews are a critical component of any local business. E-Marketing Associates teaches you the optimal lessons to improving your online reviews.

These were some of the most interesting articles we found this week. If you have any other great inbound marketing news to share, let us know below in the comments!