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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, social media, and much more.

Another week has passed and that means more inbound marketing articles! The biggest news this holiday week is Google Places getting customer review inboxes. This update should be a mighty big help for small businesses!

Let’s move on to the biggest inbound marketing news of the week listed below. Enjoy!

Search Optimization

No matter how skilled of a marketer you are, it is difficult to rank highly in Google. Careful planning, including top quality links from authority sites, is needed to make an impact. So how long does it actually take to rank? Steve Toth gives us a full rundown of getting placed in the SERPs.

Link building takes a lot of dedication to yield fruitful results. This is why using systems and proper management can help you through the linking process. Jason Acidre posts a detailed article to help with managing this project.

Lots of clients need proper guidance from SEO companies to improve their SEO status. Joseph Cruz writes about competitive ways to deliver strong SEO strategy.

Thanksgiving was a glorious time for us all, and we would like to take the time to be thankful for what makes inbound marketing so tremendous! Casie Gillette lists 10 things she’s thankful for in her “Linksgiving” post!

Social Optimization

Despite Google Plus’s remarkable social infrastructure, many people still struggle to incorporate it into their marketing strategy. We believe that if you go through the features, using Google Plus will be much simpler. Radoslav Chakarov publishes some beginner tips to get started with the platform.

Have you ever tried marketing on Reddit? We want you to know that it is certainly possible to market your wares on a site for the primarily anonymous. Jesse Aaron provides seven successful examples of Reddit marketing.

Influence marketing can certainly boost online sales for your business, given that you can cross promote properly. If you want the full story on how influence marketing to help your marketing strategy, read Ron Sela’s assessment of this rising practice.

You may find it common that some business owners ask, “What is the ROI of social media?” Unfortunately for them, the answer is irrelevant (or at least will not be one they would like to hear). Tara Hunt gives us the entire point of social media for your company.

Local Optimization

People are diving further into the use of Pinterest Place Pins with its release last week. Looking for more information to this latest feature addition? Lisa Buben posts smart learnings on the Place Pins.

Local businesses can now keep track of their reviews thanks to a massive update for Google Places. Mike Blumenthal offers his wisdom in another rich article for SMBs. Don’t miss this post if you’re a small biz!

Email Marketing

Looking at email metrics from a surface-level view may provide some immediate insights, but it is always beneficial to examine deeper for improved accuracy. How engaged are your email subscribers? Cass Petrus helps us answer that question in a post.

Everyone is looking for better conversion rates on their emails. One of the best ways to attain that is to improve your email design. Alan Smith highlights some key points that result from updating the look of your email.

Email can be used for more than selling products to a list. It is also used to communicate with your customers (funny, huh?) and understand their pain points at a much more integral level. Debra Ellis posts an enlightening article on the best practices of email marketing.

Mobile Optimization

After all the talking we’ve done about the importance of crafting a mobile website, some small businesses taking the plunge! However, there may be a bit more configuration to complete once you create a mobile optimized site, especially if it is an M-Dot domain. Barry Schwartz writes some quick news about the matter.

Mobile marketing grew dramatically this year! As 2013 slowly comes to a close, we are excited to see the innovations that will occur as we enter 2014. Denise Gervais posts several predictions on what is to come for mobile.

If you decided to travel mobile with your company, you made an excellent decision. Now comes the hard part: which mobile device do you optimize the most? Marcus Fergusson breaks down the Android, iPad, and iPhone platforms for the best results.

Content Marketing

This is another post for those people looking ahead into 2014. The article talks about the digital marketing strategy of the future. Will we need to invest more time to content creation, and are there any significant trends in search marketing worth keeping an eye on? Simon Penson asks tough questions to industry experts.

Content marketing is not only changing the small business landscape but the corporate one as well. Watch how the Coca Cola corporation uses content marketing in this example by Mark Evans.

To take your business’s content to the next level, make sure to take a look at content amplification. For information on how to utilize this tactic, watch Heidi Sullivan describe it in great detail during this can’t miss video.

Media coverage is difficult to acquire for the average blogger and inbound marketer. Thankfully, we found a massive post that teaches everything you need to know from successful digital marketer, Derek Halperin. Maneesh Sethi provides the entire write up for you to digest.

Conversion Optimization

Google Analytics becomes more analytical this past week! With more than 14 new features available for inbound marketers and growth hackers, where do you start? Eugen Oprea writes guidelines to demonstrate how you can use Analytics to make the most of your business.

Acquiring users is a common thread of interest among startups and established business owners alike. See how Benjamin Dell of Updatey and Raw Jam acquired 3,000 signups in less than a month inside this informative guest post.

Looking for more tricks of the trade to use Google Analytics? The more your business deciphers its metrics, the better your business leverages its platform! Sayf Sharif presents five power tips for SMBs.

Increasing leads not only occurs through copywriting tweaks and site design (although they are still VERY imperative) but can also be completed by effectively integrating calls-to-action. Nick Gottlieb shares advice to SaaS companies on how to raise conversions through this method.

Reputation Management

Do you think your reputation is spotless? If so, you might need a professional company to score it for you. Jean Dion shows why a company called Lenddo may change how we categorize our reputation marketing health.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments. Happy Holidays!