rsz_top_seo_articles_of_the_week_november_20This week’s round up includes helpful tips to optimize landing pages of B2B websites and ways to master the basics of online reputation management.

Learn how to boost online sales, improve ROI using Social Media, and optimize your Email Marketing strategy. Read on for the latest in the digital marketing world!


Search Engine Optimization:

  • It is a challenge for marketers to get traffic through SEO today. Nick Eubanks’s blog explains the key aspects that impact traffic to websites.
  • Robert Ramirez’s blog talks about Google’s next Penguin update and its possible implications. The blog also highlights the problems that had to be addressed by Penguin penalty and gives an understanding about the working of the new algorithm.
  • John Vuong’s blog discusses the advantages of using social bookmarking to enhance your SEO efforts. It also explains what a webmaster must do in order to get optimal results.
  • As B2B companies do not get a lot of traffic, their landing pages have a direct impact on revenues and conversions. Get helpful tips to optimize landing pages of B2B websites from Netta Gal-Oz’s blog.

Social Optimization:

  • Do you want to drive leads and sales from Social Media? If yes, Gail Gardner’s blog is a must read for you. The blog offers guidance to get Social Media followers and use them to generate leads.
  • Committing many Social Media mistakes can lead to a disaster. Johnny’s blog highlights the mistakes that folks usually make on Social Media and explains ways to correct them.
  • Social Media has a huge potential for branding and marketing. Lalit Sharma’s blog focusses on the right strategies to build your brand, as it helps generate more traffic and improve rankings on Search Engines.
  • Social Media helps win over the tough competition that the eCommerce industry offers. Learn how to boost online sales and improve your ROI using Social Media from James Hein’s blog.
  • Small businesses have to make the most from every opportunity to succeed. Team Edgar’s blog helps marketers understand how Social Media helps from the perspective of a small business.

Email Marketing:

  • It’s a really a good idea to have Email Marketing programs for holiday seasons. Ryan Pinkham’s blog explains how Email Marketing programs of small businesses can fit into holiday marketing plans.
  • Email Marketing is a priceless tool to enhance conversions and also the business. Samantha Owens Pyle’s blog offers succinct tips to optimize your Email Marketing strategy.
  • Many businesses are using Email Marketing because of the benefits it gives them. Learn how to make the best use of Email Marketing budget and achieve success from Bethany Jurns’s blog.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Conversion Optimization is a crucial part of any business. Ben Davis’s blog explains the methods used by companies in 2015 to improve conversion rate and easy ways to implement them.
  • Khalid Saleh’s blog explains the importance of competitive analysis and offers guidance to help businesses conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis for their Conversion Optimization programs.

Content Marketing:

  • Today, as many B2B businesses are into Content Marketing, success is difficult to achieve in a crowded space. Carter Hostelley’s blog offers guidance to help B2B marketers enhance their Content Marketing efforts.
  • Startups today face many challenges, which includes new verticals like Content Marketing. Derek Miller’s blog offers guidance to help Start-ups to come with a content strategy and get the right direction.
  • Content Marketing endeavors are not successful at all times. Steve Rayson’s blog explains the reasons for this failure and offers helpful tips to improve performance.
  • If your company is struggling to find time to produce content, then Marcus Sheridan’s blog is a must read for you. The blog offers suggestions to help you find more time for Content Marketing efforts and increase efficiency.
  • Content Marketing is an important platform to market businesses. Terri Seymour’s blog presents ideas to help marketers increase productivity of their Content Marketing efforts and enhance performance.

Local Optimization:

  • Pat Ahern’s blog explains the importance of Local SEO for small businesses and explains how to conduct an audit to improve Local Search ranking and increase website traffic.
  • Do you want to improve the ranking of your business on Local Search? If yes, Maciej Fita’s blog is a must read for you. The blog offers useful tips and guidance to help businesses rank well in local search results.
  • A trend observed on Google is that many search terms on mobile devices include the words “nearby” or “near me”. Paul Chaney’s blog explains how businesses can make use of this trend and take advantage of it.

Reputation Management:

  • 62% of consumers change their minds about buying a product or service after reading negative reviews. James A. Martin’s blog explains how to master the basics of online reputation management, to protect the company’s reputation from damage.
  • Reputation management is very important as it helps you protect the reputation of a brand or business. Mindset Coach’s blog offers valuable tips to improve the reputation of your business and also guidance to deal with specific situations.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Holiday seasons can be perfect storms of stress and competition for business owners. Emily Adams explains how to create a marketing strategy for the holiday season and get more mobile traffic for your website.
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