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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, social media, and much more.

Today marks the beginning of November! While we think it is sure to be an exciting month, UpCity takes the time to look back on some amazing happenings this week. Google announces the Google Plus platform’s explosive growth and upgraded several new features for users. Google Glass gets an upgrade, accompanied by a new accessory store. Facebook commences an experiment to collect data from cursor movement on its website.

Really exciting stuff happened this past week, and we have the rest of the stories to prove it! Read on for the top 25 inbound marketing articles of this week.

Search Optimization

When crafting a powerful search engine strategy, do you have the objectives in mind? While jumping right into the fray may seem like a smart course of action, “winging it” will not lead to the best results. Syed Noman Ali guest posts the goals of SEO.

Keyword research can be slow goings if you don’t have the right tools to back it up. With the help of sufficient web tools, this shouldn’t be a problem. Paul Shapiro puts Bing Ads Intelligence to good use and shows you how in his latest blog post.

2014 seems so far away but also right around the corner! The time is now to start thinking long-term in getting your SEO optimized. In this article, Prosperity Media administers 40 tips to audit your search engine plan.

Link building sometimes gets a bad rap and, in effect, this hurts the industry. We agree and think it’s time to put these myths to rest. Michael Martinez skillfully breaks these myths down for you to gain the proper teachings.

Social Optimization

How prominent are you within your niche, and how do you adequately become an Jeff Palmer gives on the meaning of authority marketing and delivers some guidelines to utilize it.

Google finally allows custom URLs for your Google+ account! Curious about how to get one for your business page? Tuan Do of Techwalls writes up a short guide so you can follow through and claim your name!

Retweets, shares, likes, and +1’s: These metrics provide a lot to focus on for your business. Business owners spend time looking at the surface level metrics instead of what the significance concludes. Brian Solis asks readers to break down social media and get back to understanding its value in a post.

Do you think that Facebook cover photos only serve your business in attracting attention? Think again! Aaron Lee comes up with 17 great social strategies to use your cover photo as an effective marketing tool.

Local Optimization

Google keeps on upgrading… no surprise there. Google changes up its local search results, and Mike Blumenthal provides the complete rundown of changes he perceived right on his blog. Give it a read!

The mobile era is already underway. All types of smartphones recently hit the market, and the audience they serve loves them. However, who will be the spark that ignites the local movement? Howard Lerman. the co-founder and CEO of Yext shares his thoughts.

Email Marketing

Thinking of doubling your email subscribers? Michael Chibuzor provides several solid tips you should definitely try in order to jumpstart your email list.

There are several ways you can boost your mailing list. A common initiative is at the bottom of a blog post. For a range of email marketing methods, check out Max Greenflame’s post that discusses free promotion for your subscriber list.

While social media continues to get most of the buzz, there’s no question email is the king of conversions. Don’t believe us? Shea Bennett references an interesting study that solidifies our claims to the superiority of email in an article.

Mobile Optimization

Collecting correct search data from mobile devices was difficult. With mobile software updates to provide more accurate referral data, SEOs have to be on their toes to see where the data capture doesn’t line up. Check out a detailed post from Shahzad Abbas in his case study.

Mobile SEO isn’t as straightforward as the qualifier “SEO” would have you think. It is becoming increasingly apparent that mobile and local are converging, and words carry much more context than before. Wes Walls has his eye on the ball in this terrific post highlighting mobile search queries.

Content Marketing

Content marketing holds a huge amount of potential for an audience that digests… well, content! How deep are you willing to take your content strategy? Kevin Gibbons provides a framework on what to consider when planning content.

Publishing content is more than simply writing words. Daniel Threlfall creates a list of the world’s best content marketers and points out ten killer tips that make their marketing successful.

Millions of content pieces are created in one day. Thankfully, there are significant ways to move through the noise and into the minds of your audience. Gary Hyman curates an excellent post on content curation and how to use it to capture your visitors’ attention.

What makes content strong? It’s not only the individual content that counts but also who is in line to see it. Rick Sloboda designates the four successful pillars of content. Don’t forget to take some notes!

Conversion Optimization

If you think banner ads set off your “spam senses” now, think about how the first banner ads were originally perceived. Were they viewed as bright, flashy, or obnoxious? Dan Barker tests the very first banner ad and documents how it performs today.

Ever wonder what creativity is inspired within SEOs with only a budget of $100 for ads? We find out in the $100 Link Building Challenge! Matthew Barby shares the viewpoints of the selected SEOs and the thoughts from the challenge.

A/B testing is critically important for any website trying to increase conversions. Optimizely serves as a top resource for augmentation tests. Go to this blog by Robin Johnson and download the breakdown of Guardian’s 46% increase in dating site signups.

Looking to optimize the most out of your ecommerce site? Check out these 21 tips to maximize your conversions by Mohita Nagpal. Experiment with these tactics, but beware of using them all at once.

Reputation Management

The experts know exactly how to build a solid reputation for your brand. Murray Newlands interviews Zac Johnson of Brand.com discusses this process in a video interview. It gets the key points, and teaches you how to use them on your brand.

Reputation goes beyond individual actions you take. Most importantly, it relies heavily on the independent authorities who know you and your brand. Andrew Hennigan presents a post on deep reputation management and what that means for businesses.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you have any other great inbound marketing news to share, let us know below in the comments!