Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, search optimization, social media, and much more.

Today, we’re back to our weekly roundup. The inbound marketing world never ceases to march onward into new territories. In this week’s news, Facebook introduces new video metrics, Amazon allows you to purchase items through Twitter, and LinkedIn adds language targeting and personalized page feeds.

These are just some of the most notable news in our feeds. For this week’s top picks, go down our list of the top 25 inbound marketing articles!

Enjoy the list!

Search Optimization

Keyword research requires the right tools for useful results. If you’re making videos and writing content, you may need to use distinct platforms to find keywords. Greg Jarboe highlights the differences between Google and YouTube Keyword Research.

Google’ s Keyword Tool is out of commission in favor of Google Keyword Planner; we all know that. However, many of us are finding this tool to be inefficient in keyword generation. Faisal Rehman offers 21 of the best alternatives to the tool, in a post.

Are you struggling to get to the top of the SERPs? Google might just be unfairly ranking popular information above your own. To get more detail on this assertion, read Carson Word’s interesting write up.

We would all like to spend more time optimizing for search. What if there was a way to do it for four hours a week, and still reap the rewards? James Agate proposes a new way to manage your SEO process.

Social Optimization

Promoting yourself on Facebook has been a mixed bag lately. Thankfully, we’ve found users who still have a proper strategy for expanding reach on the social network. The Eventify team shows us how to promote a conference through Facebook!

Content marketing is coming into its own every day, by the second. Nonetheless, there persists marketers and business owners who don’t have a content marketing plan. Jessica Edmondson identifies her way to plan your content strategy.

Getting more exposure for your business is a terrific way to increase profits. How are you going to get that level of publicity? Anil Valvi shares a piece on social media strategy for your learning.

While we sing the praises of social media here at UpCity, not everyone is fit for social media. You may need to reevaluate your company voice several times before you jump in the deep end. Shane Barker points out how your attitude can ruin you on social media.

Local Optimization

You can never learn too much about local marketing. There’s always new insights to acquire on local advertising and trends for your business. Nicole Hess posts a detailed guide to local ranking and optimization.

The local landscape is definitely shifting. How is this affecting your business? John Heggestuen writes an article on bridging the gap between online and offline retail through local marketing.

Email Marketing

If you want to improve your email open rates, you have to write headlines that attract readers. Are you ready to convert some subscribers? Janelle Estes gives us five top tips to get readers into your email messages.

More email marketing tips are here to save the day! With a plethora of emails hitting your visitor’s point-of-view, you have to take extra steps to stand out. Eyemails writes a solid post on industrial email marketing.

Ever wondered how to get those GIFs into your email marketing campaigns? The wait is over, as we’ve linked to an excellent piece on animated imaging! Ed Hallen puts together the guide.

Email can be used for more than just promoting your services; it can be used to understand your audience as well. It’s time to take your list to the next level! Lorenzo Grandi teaches us how to leverage surveys and our emails to our advantage.

Mobile Optimization

If you aren’t converting a lot of mobile users, figure out where in your funnel they’re dropping off. Stanfy outlines a replicable funnel analysis for us to learn from.

Everyone is trying to get on mobile these days, but getting on mobile may not be the best idea if you don’t know your purpose for doing it. Many mobile apps end up being failures, from a business perspective. Jawad Khan shares six reasons why this could potentially be the case with your app.

It should come as no surprise that millennials are latching onto mobile marketing like crazy. However, you have to engage them in a meaningful way to capture their attention. Lucy of Mobile Commerce Press shares the rest of the story in a blog post.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has proved itself valuable in a variety of industries, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. While there are many constraints to overcome before maximizing content capabilities, it’s beneficial to do so. Arnie Kuenn polls eight content marketing experts on going “all -in” with your strategy.

Can you craft a base by which content marketing is king? Sharing your content requires skill in all platforms before you can really call yourself a content marketer. Manish Dudharejia demonstrates this through examples in a smart article.

The biggest reason why content is an excellent strategy for growing your traffic is that it has the potential to gain a massive number of links just by doing dedicated research. It’s a lot of work, but the return is well worth it. Grant Draper provides an extensive rundown on a winning content strategy.

Infographics are all the rage these days, but what makes them so special? Is it the vibrant colors, bold text, and intricate data? Find out the answers from Rose of NowSourcing.

Conversion Optimization

A/B testing isn’t the easiest skill to pick up right off the bat. It’s not just in setting up the tests, its in the process of how you run them. Phil Sharp posts his advice on conversion tests.

Converting visitors is the name of the game for ecommerce sites. While you’ve probably been running quite a bit of tests, we’re certain you haven’t completely optimized just yet. Kriti Sarda lists 11 ways to generate more conversions.

While you may think your product is perfect, 9 times out of 10, it’s guaranteed not to be. Utilize customer input to verify or upgrade your product’s usability. Grigoriy Kogan shows us the ease of usability testing in a case study.

Reputation Management

How do you keep track of your reputation? Chances are you’re using some sort of tool for a high-level overview of your mentions. Ann Smarty provides three free search domain tools to keep you and your rep in check.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.

We really hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s posts. We always try to provide some of the best content out there on the web. Keep us posted if there’s anything you want to read more of on the blog!

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