Businesses are starting to pick up the pieces and analyze the shiz out of what Penguin 2.0 was really targeting and evaluating the rankings aftermath, Google launches nutrition data for more than 1,000 products, SEOmoz is now Moz, and all kinds of crazy stuff goin’ on in the world of inbound marketing this week.

Oh, and if you noticed some issues getting images and article blurbs to show up in your Facebook updates, you’re not alone. If you use a URL shortener, you can navigate around this seeming glitch. Now that we’ve covered all the essential pressing issues, let’s move on to the Top 25 rocking inbound marketing articles for this week!

Search Optimization

  1. Uh, is Google ignoring your backlinks? Well, that could be a good or a bad thing, depending on whether you’re still in a state of Panda 2.0 anxiety. Regardless if you want credit for those links or you’re praying to the Google Gods that some spammy links have fallen to oblivion, PC Tech Authority has some insights on Google’s link detection, and getting credit when you want it.
  2. Web Designer Depot’s third installment of a three-part SEO series covering black, grey and white-hat SEO techniques wraps up with one compelling conclusion: White hats always win. It’s true. They always do. Take heed. Weigh the benefits against the potential risks. And as you know, Google unleashes the fury of a massive black-and-white animal every so often with unprecedented consequences for unsuspecting publishers. One they haven’t covered? The Orca whale. We theorize that the hypothetical Orca update would be a killer.
  3. Is it time to conduct an SEO audit? Does that question make you break out in hives? RightMix Marketing has the antidote, with an easy-to-follow guide for conducting an SEO audit using FREE tools. Awesomeness.
  4. Orbit Media Studios shares some top-secret tips for creating a link magnet (a.k.a. the ultimate glory for inbound marketers).

Social Optimization

  1. 2013 is the year Google+ makes a permanent mark on the world of SEO. And eBuzzNet has 10 tips for capitalizing on the Google+ domination.
  2. Is content marketing the new SEO? Or is it social media that’s the new SEO? Seems someone is always dubbing some other inbound marketing tactic as such, but we think IntenseBlog is definitely onto something. They say the new SEO is social engagement optimization…we like-y.
  3. Can social media save you from the wrath of Penguin 2.0? Submit Edge reveals how, and some tips for evaluating your status post-Penguin.

Local Optimization

  1. They say cats have nine lives, but penguins must have hundreds. The Penguin just won’t die. It won’t. It’s even plaguing the world of local SEO. Web Page FX reports on how Penguin 2.0 has impacted the way local results show up in SERPs. Check it out.
  2. Search Engine Guide reveals some expert tips on citations and linking for local SEO.
  3. We already know that pretty much anything Google lays its hands on is basically bound to change the world. Well, almost. Facebook is quickly catching up—in fact, experts are still talking about the far-reaching impacts of Facebook’s recently introduced Graph Search. Find out what EBriks has to say.

Email Marketing

  1. Copyblogger points out that email marketing is still a widely discussed and utilized tactic, despite many believing it’s a lost art. Beth Hayden shares three tips for perking up your email marketing efforts.
  2. Jango Mail shares some interesting findings from a recent article about a comedian’s success with email marketing and the importance of staying true to your audience.
  3. Constant Contact has some great data on the state of email marketing and the increasing importance of relevance.

Mobile Optimization

  1. We weren’t kidding when we said everything Google does has far-reaching impacts. Mobile marketing is no exception. Urban Shuffle weighs in on how G-plus is impacting mobile.
  2. Marketers, how can you make mobile more attractive to SMBs? Street Fight Mag has the answers. Seven of them, in fact.
  3. Maynas Eric shares some advice on achieving the ultimate goal with mobile marketing: Increasing profits.

Content Marketing

  1. A few years back, you’d find a ton of info on automating your SEO efforts. But content marketing has never been something that really lended itself to automation…until now. Digiday talks about automation in the content marketing world.
  2. If you read fiction for fun, you could be gaining some valuable content marketing insights at the same time. Convince and Convert reveals seven things content marketers can learn from fiction writers.
  3. Jasmine Henry talks user-generated content marketing at Social Media Today.

Conversion Optimization

  1. Conversion optimization is so complex. There are so many variables, and all must be tested. And tested. And tested again. But Zero Gravity breaks it down into eight simple steps you can take to boost CRO.
  2. Unbounce never disappoints, and their recent roundup of 10 great posts on conversions and design hits the mark as always.
  3. In the spirit of spreading a little roundup love, check out Lander Blog’s 10 must-read blogs for conversion optimizers and content marketers.
  4. Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization. Brought to you by eCommerce Insiders.

Reputation Management

  1. You kind of have an idea of where reputation management falls on the grid of important things to focus on…but maybe you’re not sure where it’s headed. Zen Haven has some specific ideas on where online reputation management is going.
  2. Goalline Solutions also has some specific ideas—on what NOT to do when it comes to your online rep. This “high-profile hack job” story is a must-read.
  3. Engaging in guest blogging? Branding and reputation management can help you get some exposure for your work. Find out how at Guest Blogging Tactics.


  • Does PPC qualify as inbound marketing? WordStream says yes. Find out what they have to say, as well as some comments on the Moz rebrand.
  • If you’re curious how users really interact with mobile marketing campaigns, this infographic at breaks it down. Courtesy of the social marketing platform Wishpond.

What’s been going on in your world this week? Have you been hit by Penguin 2.0? What do you think of the Moz rebrand? Having issues with your Facebook updates? Hit us up with some comments, questions and feedback…we love it!