Unless you’ve been living under an SEO rock, you’ve probably heard about the PANDA 2.0 update, as it was unofficially referred among the SEO thought leaders. And if you’ve used some old-school SEO tricks, you might be sweating it a little bit. Whether you saw your rankings slip slightly, dramatically, or even improve, PANDA’s latest hit means business—but don’t think you’ve seen the last of the PANDA’s counterpart, PENGUIN. There’s actually a spam-report form you can fill out to let Google know about spammy sites that the latest PENGUIN update missed.

In light of Google’s latest black-and-white animal attack, we’ve rounded up some valuable expert commentary for you on the subject. And of course, plenty of expert commentary on all your favorite inbound marketing topics. Enjoy!

Search Optimization

  1. Blackstone Media discusses the PANDA update, and what it may mean for SEO professionals.
  2. TheGrizasOnline.com shares five ways to fortify your site in defense of the recently rolled-out PANDA update.
  3. Confused about the differences between PANDA and PENGUIN? Chan Myay Aung explains the key differences in a simple chart.

Social Optimization

  1. How do you use social media to create a basic B2B marketing strategy? Chris Warden has the answer at Social Media Optimization.
  2. If you’re not Twitter-izing your social media strategy, now’s the time to start. Check out yesterday’s post on how to use #hashtags to grow your business—and, get some useful SEO tips for the Twitterverse at Search Pro Systems.
  3. 4th Generation Communication shares in-depth advice for applying social media marketing to your advertising campaign.

Local Optimization

  1. Small businesses stand to reap the biggest benefits of local search optimization. Fat Atom Marketing tells small businesses exactly how to master those local results.
  2. Think local SEO is simply adding your city name to your keyword choices? Wrong. It’s so much more than that—Performance Marketing Insider explains.
  3. Using Google Maps as part of your local SEO efforts? You may have noticed some changes to the user interface and your admin panel. My Local Leads shares some advice for tackling these recent changes, and making them work to your advantage, at Virtual Strategy Magazine.

Email Marketing

  1. MailChimp has some insights on Twitter’s new lead generation cards, and how to tie them to your MailChimp account. We’re all for integration!
  2. Not all bloggers are natural email marketers—in fact, some of them make some pretty common mistakes when it comes to engaging their audience via emails. Check out GetResponse’s five mistakes bloggers make when it comes to email marketing. It’s okay, you don’t have to admit if you’re guilty—just make it better!
  3. Carbonated Interactive shares their top 10 tips for email marketing. Think timing, shareability, spam and analytics. Great stuff.
  4. Bronto talks about some common reasons for sending emails, such as loyalty, an apology (oops), launches and of course all that other stuff, alongside some great, real-world examples.

Mobile Optimization

  1. Page Ladder has an easy tutorial on optimizing your mobile website.
  2. It’s time to hop aboard the mobile train! The Innovative Marketer’s Blog reveals some convincing statistics why you should be hopping on—and soon.
  3. Face it: We’re living in a multi-device world. Fortunately, Nethority has some valuable tips for success, coupled with some fantastic data visualizations.

Content Marketing

  1. Did content kill…um, content marketing? Content marketing experience takes a cold, hard look at the way we embrace new marketing tactics, then kill them dead with endless chit-chat. Have we done the same to content marketing? Or has it evolved into something you just do? Get the scoop at Content Marketing Experience.
  2. On the other hand, content marketing still matters. A lot. Shoutlet reveals six statistics and six reasons why.
  3. A content marketing success checklist? Yes, please! Find out how to create one yourself at CompuKol Connection.

Conversion Optimization

  1. Chris Goward, author of You Should Test That, sits down with Get Elastic to answer 10 tough conversion testing questions.
  2. Laura Lake, About.com’s guide to marketing, shares eight conversion optimization tips to help you get results.
  3. When you’re talking conversion rates, landing pages are usually a part of the conversation. ClickTale has some killer tips for nailing your landing page conversions.

Reputation Management

  1. DuncanKudosBlog touches Justin Bieber’s boo-fest at the Billboard Music Awards, and what that tells us about reputation management. Hint: It’s all about authenticity.
  2. As you know, if you’ve been following our weekly roundups, Forbes weighed in on reputation management just a couple weeks ago. This week, Reputation Tiger shares some analysis based on Cheryl Connor’s piece.
  3. Evans on Marketing shares a highly detailed, informative reputation management report prepared by Jacob Warren. If you have burning questions about the world of reputation management and the strategies and tactics available to you, this is your must-have reading material for your upcoming three-day weekend.


The always-in-the-know Heidi Cohen reveals 33 blogging tips to maximize your social media reach.

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Yeah, it’s been an infographic-filled kinda week. And nothing could make us happier. Check out this impressive graphic covering online reputation management for Fortune 500 companies at Trackur.

And with that, we’ll leave you to your three-day weekend. Make it a great one!