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Welcome to the month of May! It seems like just yesterday it was April. Now though, we can’t wait for what’s in store! Here are some interesting stories that’s popped up in our feeds: Facebook announces an anonymous login app, the Pinterest cofounder Evan Sharp talks about the new Guided Search, and Google Plus plans to stay here for good.

Those were just a few notable announcements! For more of the top inbound marketing stories, check out our list of our favorite 25 below.

Enjoy the read!

Search Optimization

Take care in knowing that Google is on the case when detecting spam. Do you want to know how you can avoid getting caught in its filters? PJ Fusco lists 32 ways your site can get tripped up.

Lots of webmasters break their backs (and their banks) trying to rank for the most competitive search terms. Little do they know that ranking in Google is a very simple process… if you have a plan. Jason Acidre shares his nontraditional ways of ranking for a specific search term.

It’s simpler to hire an SEO, and leave the search optimization up to them to figure out. However, it’s important to know what an SEO does in order to evaluate his or her work. Lisa Sills presents the SEO’s job description in a smart post!

We’ve been hearing about semantic search since the day Google announced it would no longer be publicizing search data. What is the true meaning of the semantic web, and how do we move forward? Brent Rangen gives us a clearer picture of how semantic web operates.

Social Optimization

Even Google Plus has gotten some less than ideal press lately, it remains one of the most optimal ways of influencing your audience and getting traffic. How do you grow your page? Kevan Lee explains in a prolific post.

Twitter is better than ever with its new profile page! Care to give it a spin? See Twitter’s new look and features in this article by Carra Manahan.

Jelly’s been out for a while now, and we want to know what marketers stand to gain from its use. While it still has a long way to go, there are definitely some notable upsides. Learn this and more after reading Ben Norman’s post on the app.

Is anyone in the mood for social lead generation? We sure are, with LinkedIn at the top of the list for one of the simplest ways to access connections. Darren Nix highlights a tip on using LinkedIn to your advantage in a brief writeup.

Local Optimization

Every good local strategy requires a deep understanding of the landscape. What do you need to acquire, how will you get it, and what tools should you use? Joe Kelly puts together the importance of implementing categories for local SEO in a blog!

Jump right into local marketing if you want to improve your local SEO. If you’re new, this post will certainly give you a boost! Andy Kelly provides some basic tips for your local business.

Before you get into the local SEO game, it’s best to know your audience. Know what they expect so that you can optimize your marketing around it. Edward KunDahl shares a creative pdf for us to learn from.

The number one rule of the modern local industry: pay attention to phone users. More than 97 percent of shoppers use their phones in stores. Local SEO Sites drops some wisdom on connecting with smartphone shoppers!

Email Marketing

One of the most underutilized techniques is the art of the follow up. You’d be surprised how easily people can forget about your service if you don’t remind them. Here’s Max Al Farakh on the resourcefulness of this skill.

If someone falls out of your sales funnel, don’t count yourself out just yet! There’s a prime opportunity to get your customer to return, more engaged than ever! Vitaly Gonkov helps us pull of the perfect remarketing message.

Treating all of your customers the same is a big mistake. You’ll be missing out on opportunities to convert users who signed on for free and to provide more services to those who want them. Ivana Taylor shares how segmenting email marketing is beneficial to your business.

Mobile Optimization

Are you stumped on where to begin to build a top notch mobile site? Thankfully, other people have the knowhow on mobile configuration. Mark Wilson presents Google’s 25 rules to building a better mobile site.

Facebook’s reign of advertising is far from over. The company recently announced Facebook Audience Network, and it’s going to change the mobile ad landscape forever. Jennifer Wise gives us the rundown on developers and publishers’ capability right here.

Mobile marketing is now the norm for businesses both big and small. What’s easy to forget, however, is how you should market to mobile users. Joseph Neusu explains this in more detail in his post.

Content Marketing

Believe it or not, you don’t always have to write content to build traffic. You can either curate or crowdsource content to save time. Lewis Crutch provides a helpful alternative with tips on interviewing for content.

Your content is enthralling, no doubt about it! However, if you’re still looking for the extra edge in your copy, try the tips Will Tan has on engaging readers.

How do you know if your content is adequate enough to grab attention? You know when you’re properly utilizing the art of persuasion. On his blog, Gene Eugenio tells us his perspective.

Conversion Optimization

When you want to increase conversions, you have to have the right tools for the job. We guarantee that if you test out each of these tools for a month, you’ll find the one that will boost your CRO! James Rhodes shares 21 optimization tools to get you started.

Getting more subscribers isn’t all that difficult. It can be especially easy when you make use of this ace-in-the-hole: the promotional giveaway. Jacek Blaut jots down 12 proven steps to a successful giveaway campaign!

Reputation Management

For many businesses, reputation management is relatively simple. For others, its a way to freely express themselves — something you may not necessarily want to do. Lynn Cooper indulges us with five mistakes we should avoid on social media.

Last, but not least, we all know about the Clippers scandal by now. Still, there’s a lesson to be learned here when confronted with a crisis. Rob Ashgar demonstrates the keys to crisis management, and a certain someone who skillfully pulled it off.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.

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