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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, search optimization, social media, and much more.

Happy Friday, everyone, and happy Spring! Inbound marketing is cooking up something fierce for us marketers. This week’s most gripping stories include mobile search queries surpassing PC search this year, Facebook displaying more information on individual users on mobile, and Twitter hinting at removing “@” replies from its service.

Let’s not keep you waiting! Here are our top 25 selections from the inbound marketing news this week:

Search Optimization

Guest blogging is officially under fire! The fight against spam continues as Matt Cutts’ team takes down one of the largest guest blog networks on the web. Read this article by Daniel Bailey for more details.

Are you looking for your best chance to find links from your competitors? Well, look no further; for the software exists to aid you in your link hunt. Felix goes in-depth with competitor analysis in a smart post.

To keep in line with taking down a massive guest blog network, Google has taken manual action against smaller websites. Among these sites is Portent. Ian Lurie, the Chairman and Principal Consultant describes the situation on the blog.

There is much more to Google Plus Authorship than meets the eye. Google Agent Page Rank is the template on which Author Rank is built and the relationship between the two has much more interesting implications. If you want to learn how this applies to your website, read this remarkable article by Joshua Berg.

Social Optimization

Head for the hills, millennials are leaving Facebook… or are they? Recent conclusions in social media research might have you changing your tune in your social strategy. We welcome Patricia Redsicker to share the full story.

Do you want to promote your business or website to an ample social market? It’s time to get on the bandwagon and set up Facebook Ads! Elizabeth Harper provides a brief, but detailed rundown on this cost-effective marketing tool.

Google Plus continues to evolve in its ways of allowing webmasters to communicate with their followers. Today is the day you learn to get the most out of the platform! Kasia Piekut displays examples of terrific ways to engage your consumers through Google Plus.

Local Optimization

Are you ready to receive more customers for your business? You have to get your local optimization at an optimal level first. Eugen Opera offers 10 steps you can take today to improve your local SEO.

The PubCon event is happening right now! Are you curious about what’s happening at the forefront of local search? Read this live blog post by Virginia Nussey for more knowledge you can apply to your business.

Business owners can sometimes forget that while online visibility is important, you need to get your physical location in tip-top shape. Patrick Sexton writes on other points of focus for local businesses.

Email Optimization

If you’re reluctant to start your first email list, you’re not alone. Getting email subscribers isn’t even the most important part for your business; you have to start building your list first and let the subscription rate worry come later. Rob Walling proposes his steps to start a list.

Where does your email list stand in comparison to the rest? If you’re offering the same or similar content, probably not very much. Sabel Harris posts an interesting report on the state of email marketing for you to learn from.

On the topic of standing out… how exactly do you do that? We have some insights that will aid you in augmenting your approach to email. Katrina Manning teaches us superb ways of optimizing our email marketing in an article.

Mobile Optimization

It’s no question that mobile has changed the way we communicate and interact with each other online. This is where affiliate marketers and businesses face a new issue: how to get returning customers on a platform that promotes speed and consumption from many sources. Kevin Edwards writes an excellent piece on mobile marketing and m-commerce.

To get to your audience, understand its mindset and context. Mobile users are constantly switching between mobile and desktop platforms, and marketers need to adapt to this landscape if they want success. Millennial Media’s Julienne Thompson shares some interesting statistics on mobile advertising in a video.

Content Marketing

If you’re a salesperson, content marketing puts you at a huge advantage over your competition. You won’t be just another sales rep to your potential customers with content knowledge on your side. Annie Murphy publishes a powerful infographic to demonstrate the benefits of content.

One of the most pressing issues marketers face in crafting content is the matter of time. However, marketers should instead be figuring out how content fits in their strategy. Read this post to view how David Williams shares specific learnings on adding content to your business.

Are you stuck on blogging ideas for your content? We’ve got you covered in that area, and more! Nikhil dishes out more than 50 blogging tips you can get started with today.

What content marketing lessons lead the way for how you write to your audience? Everyone has different steps to go about crafting a content experience. Adrienne Holland lists 13 content marketing insights “from your mother” in an engaging read.

Conversion Optimization

Ecommerce merchants are all about increasing conversions. To excel, test multiple versions of your conversion funnel to get top results. Perception System delves into six patterns of behavior customers exhibit during the purchase process, and how you can use them to grow conversions.

No one piece of advice is going to completely correct conversion problems. Conversely, there are a bevy of things you can do to maximize your conversion rate. Ben Norman releases 24 actionable tips for your landing page.

It’s not enough to put up a site and hope it converts. A large part of your site configuration should be geared towards conversion. Learn the seven principles of conversion-centered design from Julia Fayre.

Reputation Management

Reputation isn’t just about reviews. You have to build a community in order to multiply the effects of your marketing efforts. Natalie of MageWorx interviews Sherrie Rohde on the significance of brand reputation and community building.

Tightening up your customer service goes a long way towards building a pristine reputation. How efficient are your business’s customer relationship skills? Jordy Leiser presents five practices you should never do.

If you’ve waited on building up your local reviews, it’s time to get moving! Yahoo is now bringing in Yelp reviews for its local search infrastructure. Phil Davis elaborates on how this affects your business in a post.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.