Another Friday is upon us, and it’s time to reveal the top 25 inbound marketing articles that graced the SERPs and social networks this week. This week, we have tips gleaned from SMX West 2013, some useful tools for SEO, interesting developments with Facebook’s Open Graph Search and the introduction of hashtags. Oh, and you have the opportunity to find out how your body mass index (BMI) relates to your email marketing strategy.

We know we can’t possibly include every single stellar resource to hit the Web each week in a mere 25, so don’t forget to share your favorite articles, tools, tidbits and resources from the week with us in the comments!

And because we just can’t help ourselves, we’ve added a couple of freebie resources at the end of today’s roundup–check out the BONUSES for an infographic, a white paper and some extra tips from Forbes and Constant Contact!

Search Optimization

  1. Bill Hartzer talks about why fresh content is vitally important to SEO, now more than ever.
  2. If you’re into inbound marketing or SEO, you’re always on the lookout for new tools and apps to improve your efficiency. Kikolani rounds up 10 free or cheap tools you can use to boost SEO.
  3. If you didn’t get to SMX West 2013, aimClear has plenty of info to share with you. In fact, they’re revealing 852 supreme performance metrics tips gleaned from SMX West, including SERP analytics, call tracking for local business, backlinks and more.

Social Optimization

  1. Small business owners are spending more on social media marketing, as well as online review management and web design. ReviewTrackers reveals some informative research from Adology Research on the latest trends in small business marketing spending.
  2. Looking for the latest social media tips from savvy marketers? 60 Second Marketer shares 25 top social media tips from its community members.
  3. Are you suffering from a common social media ailment? Find out what the 10 most common social media maladies are—and how you can recover—at Web Marketing Today. It’s a two-part series, so be sure to check out Part 1 as well.
  4. Attention: Hastags are coming to a Facebook status update near you. Wait a minute—aren’t they already? While users have been including hashtags in their posts for awhile now, especially when they’re posting to Twitter simultaneously, hashtags are soon to become a legit tool within the Facebook network. Get the details at Social Media SEO.

Local Optimization

  1. Kersten Kloss of BusDev Weekly interviews Chris Hamilton of, who reveals his strategies for ranking first on local search using none other than Google+.
  2. If you’re a local retailer and you’re not yet using Open Graph markup, you must read Paul Bruemmer’s latest article at Search Engine Land. Bruemmer reveals the bigger picture and what he believes Facebook has in mind behind-the-scenes with Open Graph.
  3. David Boozer shares his thoughts on getting the most from online marketing if you’re a local business, including which marketing platforms local businesses should use for online marketing. If you’re not sure where to begin or how to get the most bang for your buck, this article is a must-read.

Email Marketing

  1. Spam Traps are cleverly disguised emails designed to attract and identify spammers—and if you inadvertently send an email to a spam trap, you’ll most certainly be blacklisted. Find out how to detect Spam Traps and what to do if you are blacklisted with these tips from SEO Journalist.
  2. What does your Body Mass Index (BMI) have to do with your email marketing strategy? We’re not telling. Check out the emailvision blog for the answer.
  3. Heidi Cohen has quickly become one of our all-time favorite bloggers. She hits the mark yet again with one of her recent posts, revealing 10 actionable content marketing tactics, with an emphasis on email marketing.

Mobile Optimization

  1. How soon do mobile search-driven conversations happen? According to new research, 55 percent of these conversations happen within an hour of the initial search. Greg Sterling discusses these findings at Search Engine Land.
  2. YouTube is bringing adaptive streaming to mobile devices and TVs. That means the player will switch automatically to the best quality setting based on your Internet connection and other factors. And this spells good news for video marketers, enabling them to reach a broader audience without worrying about buffering and other quality issues. Get the full details at
  3. Electric Pulp talks about mobile optimization in e-commerce, with some real data comparing no mobile optimization to typical responsive design (RWD) patterns. Find out how it affected mobile conversions at Electric Pulp’s blog.

Content Marketing

  1. How do you move from branded content to a content brand? Michael Brenner interviews Andrew Davis, author of “Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships” (you can get more info from Andrew at Monumental Shift), to get his views on the shifts occurring within the content marketing industry.
  2. Who—or what—is the best judge of how effective your content marketing is? Think Google, your target audience and mobile users, among others. Patrick Murphy reveals the top five judges of your content at Social Media Today.
  3.’s Matthew McKenzie reveals why video content marketing is the new SEO secret weapon.

Conversion Optimization

  1. If you’ve spent any time on conversion optimization, you know that your call to action is critical to your success. QuickSprout shares 11 ways you can improve your CTAs and boost your conversion rates.
  2. Time scarcity is one tactic you can use to increase conversion rates, but it’s often underutilized by marketers. Conversion Conference offers some tips on using time scarcity to your advantage, and when it’s appropriate to use this strategy.
  3. Where are you losing visitors on your landing pages? If you’re looking to boost conversions, you need to know where your visitors are dropping off. Check out what Marketing Pilgrim has to say about the common places you could be losing your visitors—and how to fix it.

Reputation Management

  1. Building brand trust and focusing on corporate social responsibility are critical factors for sustainability. Triple Pundit talks about some recent research and why businesses should be mindful of their brand reputation and responsibility.
  2. Didn’t your mama ever tell you not to hang out with kids with a bad reputation? Well, that motherly advice still rings true into adulthood, as consumers steer clear of businesses that have a reputation for poor service or shady business practices. Tech Sling shares a few ways you can be proactive about your online reputation, so you don’t get labeled as the “bad kid from across the tracks.”
  3. Mozo Marketing shares the top five online rep management techniques that every business should start using immediately.


  • Forbes reveals six simple steps to managing your online reputation for both businesses and individuals. If you’re looking for a simple, non-technical way to keep tabs on your online rep, check out this article.
  • We can’t let another week pass by without sharing at least one infographic. Codegent features an infographic detailing how your sales messaging impacts your conversion rates.
  • offers an online reputatation management playbook (in the form of a white paper) targeted to real estate agents and brokers—but we’re betting you’ll find at least a few takeaways to apply to any industry.
  • You already know it’s important for your email marketing campaign to be mobile-friendly, but you might not be sure how to achieve that without a massive overhaul of your design and strategies. Good news: It might not be that complex. Check out Constant Contact’s five simple tips for creating mobile-friendly emails.