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Hope you all had an excellent first week of June! Lots of interesting things have happened this week, and we want to fill you in! Facebook buys a mobile data company, more Google Panda 4.0 findings come to light, and Bing turns five!

Without further ado, here are our top 25 inbound marketing articles of the week!

Search Optimization

Short, implicit keywords are on the rise, with more people searching for information that’s directly relevant to them. How will this change search? James Gibbons writes a post on this occurrence.

The crusade for Google Plus continues on! The platform still has plenty of juice left, as evidenced by John Boitnott’s nine ways it is crucial to your SEO right now.

Still making link building mistakes with your content? Value Writers offers eight link building mistakes you didn’t know you were making.

Do you know DuckDuckGo? It’s an up-and-coming search engine focused on privacy. Drew Hendricks shares five SEO tips in case you want to get started with a top rank!

Social Optimization

I’m sure you’ve seen UTM tracking parameters before while copying and pasting a link. Michael Cropper explores the significance of UTM in a smart article.

There’s more to Twitter than meets the eye. Use the top statistics on the platform as a reference for your management, ideas, and creative in social media. Amged Osman authors this post.

There are a plethora of options for Facebook Advertising that you can use for your business. Sarah Bradley presents five reasons to try it out for yourself.

Local Optimization

Get your local SEO optimized for your website. Here are seven local SEO mistakes you should avoid by Rudy Labordus.

Google Plus now allows Brand Pages to become Local Pages! Read the full story from Mike Blumenthal along with his analysis.

Looking for some quick tips to improve your search experiment? Jonathan Long puts together five solid tips for improving your local search presence.

Local data is running amuck! Get up to speed on how the government is planning on addressing local privacy in this article by Kate Kaye.

Email Marketing

Your email subscriber count need not remain stagnate! James Scherer lists five great ways to increase your email marketing potential on your site.

Abandoned carts are pretty common in the world of ecommerce. Use this as an opportunity to add value to the customer through funny emails. Andrew Bialecki is here to explain.

Here are three classic tips to optimize your email marketing for the better by James Critchley.

Mobile Optimization

How much are your customers into mobile? Barry Levine shows how Forrester measures your customers’ interest to help you make an informed decision about jumping into the mobile landscape.

Responsive design is all well and good, but what effect does it have on SEO? Chintan Bhavsar presents the findings here.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is certainly benefiting the companies that invest the time and effort to produce quality results… but can it be improved? Robb Bailey shares three things your content marketing can’t live without.

Check out some of the best tools you can use for content curation, straight from the folks at What She Said Marketing.

How does linkless content, get ranked? Here’s Matt Cutts’s answer, as presented by Barry Schwartz in a video.

Conversion Optimization

Use your landing pages to draw in customers to click your call-to-action! Meeta Sharma points out six little known hacks to page optimization.

While you can easily augment your page layout for conversions, keep in mind how much information the visitor needs to make a decision as well as the clarity of your offer. Neil Patel writes what marketers should know about CRO.

Increase revenue while decreasing churn in this post by Asher Elran. If you are a SaaS company, this walkthrough is for you!

Consider the journey consumers take to get to a purchase, sign up, or whatever action you ultimately want them to perform. Pierre Lechelle reveals the pivotal moments in the consumer’s journey in this detailed blog post.

Reputation Management

If you want customers to return to your service, ask yourself what you’ve been doing to keep them. Marta from Userlike gives us to a rundown of creating loyal customers.

To top off our roundup, here’s an excellent post by the marketing genius Seth Godin on shame as the brand killer.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.

We really hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s posts. We always try to provide some of the best content out there on the web. Keep us posted if there’s anything you want to read more of on the blog!