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The Instagram vs. Vine debate is lighting up the Wi-Fi networks this week, as experts weigh in with their opinions on whether Instagram is a viable competitor—and whether there’s even a debate at all. If you didn’t catch our post this week on common misconceptions about Vine and micro-video platforms, check it out now.

Among all that buzz is the major reaction spreading across the social web about SCOTUS. It’s always intriguing to watch the widespread reactions that hit the social media waves after ground-breaking Supreme Court decisions and other major world events. To round it all out, we have some excellent advice for simplifying SEO, social media and more, along with a look at the SEO landscape down the road. Enjoy!

Search Optimization

  1. Is SEO getting easier for “normal” people? Christine DeGraff, Partner at Websketching Web Design, says SEO hasn’t truly changed at all and, in fact, is becoming far simpler than it once was. Read more at Search Engine People.
  2. Want some top-notch on-page SEO techniques? Check out this list of the Top 15 for 2013 at DonCaprio.com.
  3. What does new-age SEO mean for the PR industry? March Communications has the scoop.

Social Optimization

  1. VolumeSEO shares a guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile for SEO.
  2. With all the news surrounding Instagram’s new Video feature, debates abound on whether Instagram Video will beat out Vine as the premier micro-video service. But should that even be a consideration? Ann Handley weighs in with her thoughts on why the Instagram vs. Vine debate is the wrong conversation.
  3. Want to succeed on social media without even really trying? Sounds good to us! Eleven Warriors has some expert tips for streamlining social media efforts.
  4. Do you know your Klout score? Klout, if you’re not familiar, is essentially a grade of your thought leadership status among your social circles, or how influential you are. It’s a good general metric to measure how much your followers are engaging with your social media content. SEO Rush Now brings up an interesting Klout question to ponder: Should the quality of a social interaction should be a key Klout influencer?

Local Optimization

  1. SEO Haus has an impressive analysis of Panda 2.0 local impacts on the top 20 websites, along with some tips for future-proofing your local SEO strategy.
  2. Google Maps is now personalized to each individual user, according to a report by RevLocal. There were also some changes to paid Google Maps advertisements rolled out at Google’s annual developers’ conference in San Francisco.
  3. Firmology discusses the importance of Google+ and Google Local to your Local SEO success.

Email Marketing

  1. Email marketing may not be shiny and new, but it is tried and tested. AdPulp points out the value of a long-standing strategy that’s more than proven its worth if done correctly.
  2. So what does it take, exactly, to create an effective email marketing campaign? The Content Authority reveals the secrets to a highly successful email campaign.
  3. Time for a little email marketing refresher? Jill Tempe shares what it takes to breathe some life into your email campaigns at BillyOjai.com.

Mobile Optimization

  1. Ready for some mind-blowing statistics? Convince and Convert has seven mobile marketing stats that will do just that.
  2. If you’re just getting started with mobile and location-based marketing, this webinar recap from WCGWorld.com provides you with everything you need to know to get started running.
  3. At first, mobile marketing seems like a tough-to-manage and tough-to-target marketing effort. But SEO Item has some tips for better managing your mobile campaign for more precision—and better results.

Content Marketing

  1. Elle’s former SEO manager reveals the single biggest rookie blogger mistake you could be making. Check it out at Independent Fashion Bloggers.
  2. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you make an attempt at content marketing. Actually, you can re-use much of the content you’ve already created and re-purpose it through other marketing channels. Boomerang reveals 10 ways to re-purpose your content.
  3. What are the two most powerful words in the world of content marketing? Visit The Sales Lion for the reveal—and some incredibly thought-provoking insights on the conversations happening online and why many marketers make content marketing much harder than it really needs to be.

Conversion Optimization

  1. Your content can have a major impact on your conversion rates. Steamfeed shares seven secrets for boosting conversion rates using compelling content.
  2. Are you struggling with how to focus your landing page content? The Search Guru has a step-by-step guide to point you in precisely the right direction—by asking yourself the right questions.
  3. Dr. Debra Zahay-Blatz and Brian Massey gave a talk on CRO principles and how they relate to direct marketing response principles at the Conversion Conference in Chicago, and Dr. Zahay-Blatz is revealing some of those insights at New Interactive Marketing Updates. Oh, and you can also snag the presentation slides and audio.

Reputation Management

  1. The Big Ideas Blog by Infusionsoft weighs in on Warren Buffet’s philosophy on reputation management, and getting famous from a small biz perspective.
  2. Even teens are becoming more aware of online reputation management. Reputable.com shares some recent statistics.
  3. “Fixing” your online reputation might be the wrong approach. Find out what PCG Digital Marketing has to say about the right way to go about reputation management.


  • Want the bare truth about social media marketing? Chris Brogan shares the real deal from his perspective.
  • When something as major as SCOTUS goes down, the social sphere is quick to respond. NBC has a nice roundup of the reactions that sounded around the social media world.
  • The Content Marketing Institute reveals five types of content marketing that will continuously bring in prospects.
  • What better way to end a week than a look at what’s ahead? Search Engine Journal takes a look at where search engine optimization is going in 2013, 2014 and beyond.